Understanding the Frontier Check in Guidelines


Are you planning to go on a family vacation or business trip very soon? Make your travel experience seamless and pleasant wherever you plan to go by booking Frontier Airlines flight tickets. Traveling with an airline can be truly amusing and low-cost. This airline flies to 100+ destinations at low cost, making travel experience better for all. Even if you talk about the Frontier check in process and guidelines, it’s smoother and more effortless than expected. The check-in process comes with compelling guidelines and important details which are essential to know. 

To be a smart traveler it is necessary to stay updated with policy guidelines and airline’s check-in rules to avoid any issue. And, this detailed guide will provide you with all the important details to make your travel journey seamless and easier. Therefore, let’s get started and know more:

Overview of Frontier Airlines Check-In


Before boarding your flight, every traveler must verify their required travel information and get their boarding passes by airport staff through check-in. This process can be done at the airport's self-service kiosks or the check-in counter by getting the assistance of a professional Frontier Airlines agent. You can even rely on online mode via the official Frontier's website or mobile app. 

For domestic flights, travelers must check in at least 45 minutes before the flight's departure time. Passengers on international flights must check in 60 minutes before departure. Online check-in is available to allow travelers to arrive at the airport with ease and avoid the long queues. Similarly, passengers can pick their desired seats, buy upgrades, and add extra services like in-flight meals or baggage allowances during the Frontier Airlines check-in

You can also print the boarding passes and get your baggage scanned and checked at the airport. Alternatively, the staff will help you with the check-in process at the designated airport counter. It is essential to pick the best method of checking before and for airport check-in. You must get to the airport early enough to conclude the process and get through security before the flight departs. 

Check-in is compulsory for all travelers flying on Frontier Airlines or other airlines. All passengers must finish this, which can be done individually at the airport or online. To save more time, money, and extra effort, you can avoid long queues at the airport by opting for online check-in via the website or mobile app.

Frontier Airlines Check-In Procedure

Make your air travel journey easier by understanding the lucid Frontier Airlines flexible check-in procedure. The airline provides several fresh ways for every passenger to seamlessly check in for their flights: you can check in online through an official Frontier smartphone app. It lets you enjoy priority Frontier Flight check-in and check-in at the airport kiosks or airport ticket counters. Travelers must check in online with the flexibility of online and mobile check-in services, opening up to 60 minutes before the planned flight departure.

Self-service kiosks are super easy for travelers to check in and drop off their baggage at airports for those who select this seamless option. The airline recommends that travelers arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure time to ensure a smoother experience for those who have checked baggage. In addition, Frontier airlines baggage policy offers an applicable Baggage Drop service for special passengers who have checked in online or through a mobile app and only need to drop off their bags. This piece of check-in choices explains Frontier's loyalty to delivering travelers with ease and flexibility all along the way.

i) Procedure For Frontier Airlines Web Check-In

Proceeding with the super-easy website check-in process with Frontier Airlines is like a pleasant breeze. The official website has advanced features to offer the ultimate flexibility for traveling and dodging waiting in line at the airport check-in counter, which takes less than a minute to complete. For Frontier Airlines web check-in online, here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to the official Frontier Airlines website. 
  2. Tap on the “My Trip / Check-In” option.
  3. Fill all the required details, like your Last Name and Flight Confirmation Code (a 6-character combination of letters and numbers)
  4. Tap on the Search button to see all the essential flight details
  5. Pick the precise flight you wish to check in for travel 
  6. Finish the check-in procedure by obeying the onscreen questions. 

When checking in online, you acquire the power to:

  • You can review your itinerary
  • Easily  upgrade your desired seat
  • Download and print your boarding pass
  • You can buy additional baggage (it is important to note that airport purchases incur higher costs)

  • If passengers do not carry checked baggage, they can go through security and enter the boarding gate with their boarding pass and photo ID.
  • If passengers have checked baggage, ensure it is dropped at the Bag Drop counter before the check-in counters close.
  • Oversized and excess baggage costs can be paid at the airport.
  • Items exempt from baggage fees permit waivers only when checked in at the airport.

ii) Possible Restrictions on Online Check-in

Frontier check-in online may be restricted in the following scenarios:

a) Flying With A Pet

If a traveler is flying with a pet onboard, according to Frontier Airlines’ Pet Policy guidelines, check-in will be completed at the airport.

b) Special Services Assistance Requested at the Airport

Online check-in is unattainable if the traveler has requested these special services at the airport. This includes:

  1. Passenger requiring wheelchair assistance
  2. Cognitive/development disability-related service
  3. Hearing or sight-impaired related service
  4. Flying with emotional support or trained service animal
  5. Flying with medical supplies, such as a portable oxygen concentrator

For these specific cases, travelers are advised to follow airport check-in procedures according to the Frontier Airlines check-in rules and regulations. 

c) Frontier Airlines Mobile Check-in Process

Make your trip seamless by using the Frontier Airlines app on your phone. Here are the crucial steps that you can follow: 

  1. Click on the check-in option and log in.
  2. Fill in all the necessary information.
  3. Follow the onscreen questions to complete the check-in process.
  4. Save your boarding pass on your phone after successful check-in.

With the official Frontier Airlines mobile app, you can:

– Check-in for your flight

– Make Frontier flight bookings 

– Add baggage 

– Select/upgrade Frontier airline seating chart

– Check your flight status

– Cancel/change your flight details 

– Download your mobile boarding pass

Possible Restrictions on Mobile Check-in

You have requested special services assistance at the airport, but you'll not be allowed to use mobile check-in services under these circumstances:

  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Cognitive/development disability-related aid
  • Service for hearing or sight impairment
  • Flying with emotional support or trained service animal
  • Flying with medical gear advised by the doctor, such as a portable oxygen concentrator
  • Flying with a pet

d) Frontier Airlines Priority Check-in

Through Frontier Airlines’ Priority Check-In lanes, open at some notable airports, this airline allows a remarkable check-in experience for elite travelers with many perks or those with Elite-level membership in Frontier Miles. This fantastic service promises fast and comfortable travel by giving you priority passes to security checks and boarding.

Passengers can also utilize the user-friendly self-service touchscreen kiosks at specific airports for Frontier Kiosk Check-in. With this expansive self-service option, passengers can:

  1. Check themselves in.
  2. Function baggage check.
  3. View their flight itinerary.
  4. Decide or upgrade their seats.
  5. Print their boarding pass.

To successfully finish the check-in procedure at the kiosk, travelers will need:

– Flight confirmation code (a 6-character alphanumeric code, like FLY789 or C5CEKG, listed in the top right corner of the verification email).

– Confirmation email.

– Credit card and ID.

– Passport.

Once the boarding pass is received, travelers can seamlessly proceed to the Bag Drop counter for baggage check-in. This excellent and detailed check-in procedure is curated to cater to the myriad needs of Frontier passengers, assuring a fantastic and personalized travel experience.

e) Frontier Airlines Boarding Priority

To ensure a hassle-free, smooth boarding experience, travelers need to arrive at the gate thirty to thirty-five minutes before flight departure, as boarding usually begins within this period. It is fundamental to check the flight observations at the airport to avoid last-minute delays, as gate assignments are subject to frequent changes.

Frontier Airlines boarding process follows a specific boarding sequence:

Special Needs Passengers

This category comprises travelers requiring special wheelchairs or boarding assistance and unaccompanied minors. Given that the airline doesn’t declare any particular needs for boarding, travelers in this group should consult a Frontier Airlines representative at the gate for help.

Zone 1

This stage confines Miles Elite members of Frontier Airlines, passengers who have bought the WORKS or PERKS bundles, and those who have opted for the carry-on bag option.

Courtesy Boarding

Secured for families traveling with small children (below 3 years) and travelers requiring special boarding assistance.

Zones 2, 3, and 4

Travelers in Zones 2 – 4 are called sequentially, moving from the rear to the forward sections of the aircraft. This systematic approach ensures an organized and efficient boarding procedure for all travelers.

Frontier Airlines Airport Assistance Services

The review of Frontier Airlines Special Airport Assistance Services is clear and straightforward. It virtually displays the airline's adherence to sustaining diverse travelers with distinctive needs. The list wraps people with mobility issues, hearing or visual impairments, those flying with trained service animals, emotional support animals, and even travelers with pets. This information benefits travelers seeking special assistance and donates to Frontier's efforts to build an inclusive and helpful travel environment.The airport staff isb super-friendly and ensures to offer excellent assistance regarding every query and concern. Additionally, if your baggage is lost or damaged the ground staff will be there to assist you whenever you need. Also, they offer great services to unaccompanied minors and disabled people.To ensure that every traveler experiences a seamless journey the airport staff’s behavior and services will surely impress you to relax during your travel time.  

i) Online Check-In Timings Of Frontier Airlines 

Frontier Airlines Online Check-In Time Limitations and Baggage Guidelines include:

For Frontier International Routes:

– Online check-in is open 24 hours to 60 minutes before flight departure.

– Baggage check-in must be completed at least 1 hour before the flight.

For Frontier Domestic Routes:

– Online check-in is open from 24 hours to 45 minutes before flight departure.

– Baggage check-in must be finished at least 45 minutes before the flight departure.

Important Note: Printed boarding passes are demanded unless downloaded to your mobile device. You can present a downloaded virtual version of your flight ticket to enjoy a stress-free boarding experience. With online boarding passes the check-in process has become so much easier for the frequent and business travelers. 

ii) Frontier Airlines Mobile Check-In Time 

Frontier Airlines Mobile Check-In Guidelines and Baggage processes include:

For Frontier International Routes

– Mobile check-in is open for passengers from 24 hours to 1 hour before departure.

– Baggage check-in is required at least 60 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.

– Passengers must carry a printed boarding pass unless they opt for a mobile one.

For Frontier Domestic Routes

– Mobile check-in is open from 24 hours to 45 minutes before flight departure time.

– Baggage check-in is demanded at least 45 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.

– Travelers must carry a printed boarding pass unless they have a mobile downloaded one.

Make sure to stick to these precise guidelines for a seamless and efficient mobile check-in experience with Frontier Airlines. These are the crucial facts that you need to know for enjoying a worthwhile travel experience without any problem. 

iii)  Frontier Airlines Check-in Time At Airport Kiosk 

If you need to finish your online check-in, a substitute alternative is to check in at the airport’s kiosk. The Airport Kiosk offers self-service features for the travelers to make the individual travel experience better than your expectations. 

For travelers checking in baggage, reaching the airport a minimum of 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure time is recommended to permit adequate time for the check-in procedure.

For those not checking in baggage, reaching at the airport at least 1 hour before the scheduled flight departure time is suggested. This guarantees ample time for security checks and other pre-flight methods, simplifying a seamless boarding procedure.

Regarding these crucial guidelines to optimize your Frontier check-in experience, whether you have luggage to check or not.”

iv) Frontier Airlines Check-In Timing At Airport Counter 

Travelers Check-in at the full-service Frontier airport check-in counters provides another easy option if you are still required to complete the online check-in process.

Travelers are suggested to reach the airport at least two hours before the Frontier flight departure time to check in their luggage bags. This gives a quantity of time for pre-flight movements such as baggage check-in.

To ensure a smooth check-in procedure for travelers not checking in baggage, reaching the airport at least one hour before the organized departure time is recommended.

Make sure to take note of the following information:

Processing of the boarding pass and checked baggage is needed:

  – Frontier International Routes: Two hours before flight departure.

  – Frontier Domestic Routes: 45 minutes or more before flight departure.

– At the boarding gate, travelers need to arrive 30 minutes before flight departure.

– 15 minutes before flight departure, the boarding gates close.

– Use the airport check-in kiosk to print a new Frontier boarding pass if you lost or forgot your original one.

– Set up sufficient time for a buffer to handle pre-flight activities such as security checks, baggage check-in, etc. This ensures a fuss-free and timely travel experience.

v) Frontier Airlines Live Chat Check-In 

The airline provides travelers a “Live Chat” option to maintain Frontier’s eminent status. Through this service, travelers can enjoy a fantastic check-in experience without complications. This advanced feature allows us to quickly solve all sorts of flight bookings, check-in, boarding, and other queries. For seamless Frontier Live Chat check-in, you can follow these crucial steps:

  1. Tap on the Frontier’s “Live chat” portal given on the official website. 
  2. Pick your desired language for the chat. 
  3. The chat box will present the available options. 
  4. Pick the “Flight check-in” option. 
  5. Keep following all the on-screen guidelines to complete the procedure without any complications. 

Frontier Airlines Seat Assignment: Necessary Purchase?

Frontier Airlines fares do not automatically indulge any seat assignment. If you've already got a Frontier flight ticket and need to get a desired seat for comfort travel, you can purchase the 'My Trips/Check-In' page online. Similarly, you can purchase the online check-in procedure, which begins within 24 hours before the flight departure. It's crucial to understand and note that if a traveler has opted for the WORKS or PERKS bundle, the seat assignment is already covered in the airfare, providing added flexibility and value to the air travel experience.

Perks Of Frontier Airlines Online Check-In Services

Frontier Airlines values the advancement coming with a growing future. This airline provides excellent flexibility, comfort, and the utmost services to make your travel experience better than your expectations and the price you pay for flying. The online check-in process has many perks to assist you smoothly on every journey. Here is a list of essential perks or facts you can say to enhance the travel journey. Let’s begin: 

  • The Frontier online check-in procedure is seamless and easy to follow. 
  • It saves time and money to allow you to enjoy a hassle-free process. 
  • The check-in window stays open 24 hours before the flight departure to ensure you can complete the process anytime. 
  • It helps to avoid getting in the crowd of airport counters. 
  • You can get virtually downloaded Frontier Airlines boarding passes with ease. 
  • You arrive at the airport without stress, knowing the check-in process is already fulfilled. 
  • Also, you can get assistance from a customer care agent to complete the check-in without complications. 
  • Whether at home or the office, check-in can be completed from anywhere using a website or mobile app. 

Final Thoughts

You need to know these essential factors and guidelines before flying on a Frontier Airlines flight. With this significant guide, you can stay alert and confident about flying. We hope you can easily enjoy every travel journey by making a Frontier Airlines booking. Follow the rules and guidelines to enjoy a stress-free Frontier Airlines check-in and boarding experience. Rely on the smooth website and mobile app online check-in modes to improve the process. Ready to get expert assistance for flight bookings? You can get expert support from the Airlines Help Desk crew to get solutions for every query and to enhance every travel experience without any stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I Have To check at Las Vegas Airport?

If you want to go for Frontier Airlines flight check-in, you can head to Terminal 3 at Las Vegas Airport. You can contact Airport staff for a valid answer to get more assistance. 

To complete online Frontier Airlines check-in, you can make it 24 hours before flight reservations. In case if you want to complete the process at the airport, you must arrive 2-3 hours before the flight departure. 


You can contact Frontier Airlines customer care agents by phone if you need online assistance. In case you need assistance at the airport, you can get in touch with the ground staff of the check-in counter. The professionals will be available to assist you in every situation to make your journey hassle-free. 


Frontier Airlines has precise guidelines for travelers flying with their pets. The airline restricts the Frontier online check-in process for them. To fly with a pet you need to check-in at the airport 2-3 hours before Frontier flight departure. Also, you can check other guidelines of the check-in process to get more clarity for air travel experience with Frontier Airlines. 

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