United Flight Change Policy: What You Need To Know?


United Airlines: An airline that reaches the pinnacle of customer satisfaction by delivering worthwhile services for air travel. The name itself defines prestigious history, services, and innovations to elevate the comfort of travel. United flight change policy offers an excellent amount of convenience and flexibility to enhance the customers' travel experience in every way.

This airline values every segment of preparing a travel plan, from booking, cancellation, flight change, name change, destination change, boarding, inflight comfort, safety, and disembarking. This airline fulfills the robust duty to make every inch of travel experience stress-free. 

The policy of United Airlines change flight offers user-friendly service and process for altering your reservations seamlessly. In this comprehensive guide, learn to experience the freedom to confidently adjust your travel itinerary by understanding every aspect of flight change policy and process. Join us on this journey and catch every flight with ease. 

What is United Flight Change Policy?

United Airlines understands that people’s travel plans can be unpredictable and may require changes, so they have designed a flight change policy that gives travelers the adaptability they need to adjust their flights. The policy permits passengers to change their flight details within specified guidelines and conditions, such as the flight date, time, or destination. 

Whether due to unexpected events or personal preferences, this airline assists passengers by altering needs while assuring a breezy flight experience. The airline seeks to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention while providing seat availability options and functional efficiency.
United Airlines change flight policy strives to put passengers first by providing well-organized and reliable airline service to fly anytime and every time seamlessly. 

Different Segments: United Airlines Flight Change

Most of the travelers have such questions linked with changing destinations, dates, times, and stopovers. To make it easier to understand, here are the different segments of United Airlines flight changes listed below:

  1. United Airlines Destination / Route Change: United Airlines destination change policy lets its passengers alter their destination or route, presenting flexibility when travel plans change. The airlines strive to retain passenger satisfaction while meeting diverse travel needs by making destination changes.
  2. United Airlines Date Change: The airline’s date change allows passengers to change their flight's departure date for changing travel schedules. If you change the date of the reservation within 24 hours, it will cost approximately $75 per person. If you hold a non-refundable ticket, it can cost up to $200 per person. Date change allows passengers to enjoy flying without worrying about unforeseen events. 
  3. United Airlines Flight Time Change: Do you want to make United reschedule flight for another time? This airline makes it easier by offering a 24-hour cost-free policy without including any fees for changing flight time. If you make a rescheduled flight time after 24 hours of reservation, you will be requested to pay approximately $200 per person ticket. By creating changes in flight time, you can be carefree to travel. 
  4. United Airlines Stopover/Open Jaw: This policy allows passengers to change their itinerary to include stopovers or open-jaw features. This flexibility enables travelers to explore multiple destinations within a single reservation. However, detailed conditions and fees may be involved based on the fare rules and ticket type. 

24 Hours Flexible United Flight Change Policy

United Airlines offers a 24-hour customer-friendly flight change policy, allowing passengers to adjust their travel plans within 24 hours of reservation. This flexible feature allows travelers to alter their itineraries without including any charges, regardless of the ticket type. 

It's reliably useful for those who encounter unexpected schedule conflicts or change their minds. United 24 hours flexible flight change policy also expands to same-day flight changes, allowing passengers to swap to an earlier or later flight for no extra charge and space allowance.

This policy elevates the overall travel experience and comforts travelers seeking changes in their journeys. United change flight policy presents a steadfast solution for quick same-day flight changes. Use the "My Trips" section to easily modify the reservations, including features like upgrading seats and more. 

  1. Go to the "My Trips" link on the main menu. 
  2. Once the link opens to a new webpage, provide your confirmation code and last name to access the form. 
  3. Once the sign-in process is done, select the flight you wish to change. 
  4. Click on "Make a Change." 

Pick your ticket type and follow the process correctly for making changes.  Review every change and detail twice to dodge any future issues related to flight bookings. 

Guidelines For Online Reservation Changes of United Airlines

United Airlines allows passengers to create any changes to their flight bookings within 24 hours of departure date, including $200 fees per person for domestic and international flights. However, we recommend you visit the official website or contact United Airlines customer service to get total assistance for making changes in booking before departure and associated fees required. Plus, you can visit the nearest office of the airline and a dedicated airport check-in counter with United Staff. 

Steps To Make In-Person Flight Bookings Changes

To make in-person changes to your United Airlines flight booking, follow these steps:

  • Visit 30-40 minutes earlier at the airport's United Airlines ticketing or customer service counter.
  • Keep your booking reference or ticket number, along with identification, ready.
  • Speak to a United Airlines agent and describe the modifications you want to make.
  • The agent will help you make the required adjustments according to the availability of specific things.
  • Make sure to pay any United flight change fee for changes if required. 
  • Get your updated travel documents and confirmation of the changes. 

United Customer Care Support For Booking Changes

By contacting United Customer Care, you can get assistance with flight reservation changes by providing direction, responding to queries, and simplifying modifications. Passengers can contact them via call and make required adjustments, securing a seamless booking change procedure based on the flight change policies.


Speak To United’s Live Person For Quick Solution

  1. Go to the United Airlines official website to find the contact information. 
  2. Give a call to the United flight change phone number. (customer care)
  3. Be sure to have your booking reference number and relevant information ready.
  4. The Airline may have additional phone numbers for inquiries, such as reservations, MileagePlus, or baggage. Ensure you call the correct number to reduce wait times.
  5. When you call, you'll likely face an automated system. You can use this to input or verify your booking details. 
  6. You may need patience and wait for the available customer service representative. During peak times, wait times can be longer.
  7. Once the "live representative" attends the call, explain your queries and flight change issues. 
  8. The representative will assist throughout the process with ease. 

Vivid Ways To Contact Live Person Of United Airlines

  1. Social Media: This airline has customer service agents monitor the official social media accounts. You can send a message to their social media profiles for assistance.
  2. Email or Online Chat: Check the Airline website for available email support or online chat options. This may only connect you to a live person immediately, but it can be a helpful way to get assistance.
  3. Airport Assistance: If you are already at the airport, get quick assistance from the United Airlines customer service desk or kiosk. Airport staff can often help with a variety of subjects.
  4. United Airlines App: If you have the United app installed on your phone, you may find options for live chat or messaging within the app.

United Flight Change Fees According To Fare Class

United Airlines change flight policy usually charges a flight change fee based on the different fare types and routes.

  • The fees for any fare class: $75 approx. 
  • The fee for non-refundable fares for domestic flights is $200 approx.
  • The fee for non-refundable fares for international flights is $300 approx. 

Basic Economy Class Tickets Change Fees

United Basic Economy Class tickets typically have certain restrictions, including no seat selection and limited carry-on baggage. However, the basic economy ticket change fee is $200 if you need to change your travel plans. The price depends on several factors, such as the type of ticket, the destination, and the time of the change. It's essential to change the ticket 60 days before flight departure. 

Non-Refundable Tickets Change Fees

According to the official website, the United change fee for non-refundable tickets depends on the type of fare you bought and your destination. The change fee for domestic flights within the United States is $200 for most non-refundable fares. For international flights, the cost can range from $200 to $400, depending on the destination and fare type. Remember that additional fees may apply if the new ticket is more expensive than the original one.

Refundable Tickets Change Fees

United Airlines offers refundable tickets that allow customers to change their travel plans quickly. However, these tickets typically come with higher prices than non-refundable tickets. Regarding change fees, United Airlines charges a flat fee of $200 for domestic flights and up to $400 for international flights for travelers who wish to change or cancel their refundable tickets. It's important to note that customers who purchase refundable tickets are eligible for a full refund if they cancel their reservation within 24 hours of booking.

United Award Tickets Change Fees

United Award Tickets Change Fees refers to the fees for changing or modifying award tickets booked with United MileagePlus miles. These fees can vary depending on factors such as the type of award ticket, the origin and destination of the trip, and the time frame within which the changes are made.

You can be charged $75 for ticket change 21 days before flight departure. It's essential to check the terms and conditions of your specific award ticket to understand the change fees that may apply and any restrictions in place.

United Basic Economy Flight Change Policy

United Basic Economy tickets are classified as non-refundable and non-changeable. This indicates that any modifications to the united airlines manage booking are not permitted once the reservation is made. 

The fee may vary on the fare class and route of the original key. It is crucial to remember that Basic Economy tickets have stricter guidelines than other fare classes. According, United's change flight policy for basic economy class, the airline charges $125 for domestic flights and $200 for international flights, and the cancellation charges start at $99 for a roundtrip flight journey. 

United Non-Refundable Tickets Flight Change Policy

United Airlines has a non-refundable ticket flight change policy that may vary depending on the fare type and route. In general, for domestic flights, you may be charged a fee of $200 for changing a non-refundable ticket and any difference in fare between the old and new flights.

The change fee for international flights can range from $200 to $400, depending on the route and fare type. However, United Airlines also presents flexible fare options for free changes or cancellations. It is always recommended to carefully review your ticket's specific terms and conditions before making any changes.

United Refundable Tickets Flight Change Policy

United Airlines is known to offer different ticket options to cater to the diverse needs of its passengers. United Refundable Tickets stand out among the general options, specifically for those demanding flexibility in their travel plans. Passengers with United Refundable Tickets can change or cancel their flight reservations without possessing additional fees.

However, United Airlines has specific policies for flight changes on refundable tickets. Passengers wishing to change their flights must do so before the flight's departure. Any modifications made after the scheduled departure will be treated as a cancellation of the original ticket, and the passenger must book a new flight. 

United Airlines does not charge a fee for changing the flight on refundable tickets, but if the new flight is more expensive than the original one, the passenger will have to pay the difference in fare. It is worth noting that the United refundable flight change policy provides passengers the flexibility they need to adjust their travel plans. 

United Award Tickets Flight Change Policy

United Airlines offers a helpful policy that permits passengers flexibility when adjusting their flight itineraries for award tickets. Passengers can modify their award tickets 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, subject to availability. A United change fees may be involved if changes are ordered within 24 hours of the initial departure time. 

It is essential to know that the change fee can be based on the type of award ticket and the passenger's status in the MileagePlus program. Besides, passengers can cancel their award ticket and rebook new bookings, though cancellation fees may be involved. Please note that any changes or cancellations are subject to the guidelines of the award ticket bought.

Easy Steps To Change United Flights Online

If you want to proceed with the United change my flight procedure, here you can check easy steps that can allow you to create changes easily and enjoy a hassle-free flight journey: 

  1. Go to the United Airlines website.
  2. Click on the "My Trips" or "Manage Reservations" tab.
  3. Enter your booking information: confirmation number and last name.
  4. Choose the flight you want to change.
  5. Follow the prompts to change your reservation, including selecting a new flight and paying relevant fees or fare differences.
  6. Make sure to review and confirm the changes before confirmation. 

Always double-check changes and other details like applicable fees and policy guidelines to experience a seamless travel experience. 

Things To Ensure Before Making Changes

If you've decided to make the changes. Here are a few things that you need to remember before you proceed with the flight change process: 

  1. Ensure to have the same arrival and departure airport for the journey. 
  2. Leave within 24 hours before or after your initial flight. 
  3. The flight needs to be operated by United or United Express. 
  4. No fees will be applied if your flight is 24 hours away. 
  5. Plus, you can choose to fly standby free of cost. 
  6. After creating the changes, the new itinerary will be updated within 24 hours.

Fare difference fees for domestic flights: $75-$200 per person (price may vary)
Fare difference fees for international flights: $100-$300 per person (price may vary)

Steps To Change United Flight Through Mobile App.

The United Airlines change flight process is more accessible, especially on the mobile application. The mobile application offers excellent features and services to impress customers with user-friendly services. So, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Download the App: Install the official United Airlines mobile app from the app store.
  2. Log In: Sign in with a United MileagePlus account or proceed as a guest.
  3. Access Your Reservation: Tap "My Trips" or "Manage Reservations" on the home screen.
  4. Enter Booking Info: Provide your confirmation number and last name to retrieve your bookings.
  5. Select the Flight: Choose the flight you want to change.
  6. Modify Reservation: Follow the process to create changes, such as selecting a new flight, altering dates, or editing passenger details.
  7. Review and Confirm: Double-check changes, fees, and fare differences. Verify the modifications.
  8. Payment: If applicable, provide payment details securely within the app.
  9. Confirmation: Receive a new e-ticket verification with updated flight details via email. Keep the app updated for any modifications in the process.

How To Change United Flight Through A Phone Call?

You can call the United airlines agent number if you require to change your United Airlines flight. You must have your booking number and flight information ready to modify your flight through a phone call at +1-855-738-4315.

Once you have reached the customer service number, you will be encouraged to input your reservation number. After that, you will be linked to a customer service agent to assist with the flight change. Check the airline's website for their change policy and fee guidelines, as there may be extra charges for altering your flight. 

The passengers have multiple options in case your preferred flight is unavailable is always a satisfactory idea. Overall, United flight change procedure through a phone call is a clear process that can save you time to travel seamlessly.

How To Contact A Live Person For United Flight Change?

There are different ways you can quickly get in touch with a live person from United Airlines for flight change:

  1. Phone: Give a call to the United customer care number and proceed the process to speak with an agent. 
  2. Live Chat: Go to the United Airlines website and use their live chat option to connect with a professional agent online. It's a suitable option for fixing issues quickly.
  3. Social Media: Contact United Airlines on platforms like Twitter or Facebook. They have committed customer service groups who reply to queries and support with flight changes.
  4. Airport: If you're at the airport, visit the United Airlines customer service desk or kiosk for in-person service.
  5. Mobile App: Use the mobile app to contact customer support. Some cases can be settled through the app's messaging option.
  6. Email: Email United customer service email describing your flight change request and await a reply.

Choose the best methods that suit your urgency for making the United change my flight process successful.

How To Change United Flight At The Airport?

United airlines change flight process at the airport can be the most straightforward option if you need to modify your air travel plans. To do so, you'll need to follow a few steps to ensure a seamless process. 

Go to the United ticket counter or customer service desk. You can find this counter usually near the check-in or boarding gates area. Approach an agent and tell them you must change your flight. Be sure to have your flight details and identification ready to provide to the agent. 

The representative will then ask questions to understand your situation and what modifications you need. They will then check the availability of flights that fit your new plan and preferences.  Remember that changing your flight may incur fees and additional charges, depending on the fare type and other factors. You should be prepared to pay these if necessary. Once the representative has found a new flight that fits your needs, they will confirm the details with you. 

You'll acquire a new boarding pass or ticket, which you should double-check to ensure accurate information. If you have any queries or concerns, now is the time to ask the representative for clarification. 

Take The Advantage Of United Airlines Social Media

Regarding modifying travel plans with United Airlines, social media can be a helpful tool. It allows for real-time updates, quick response to inquiries, and easy access to customer support. 

By tweeting or messaging the airline, passengers can receive assistance and check for flight alerts or schedule changes. Social media platforms provide a convenient and efficient means of communication for passengers.

1) Instagram Profile 
2) Facebook Profile
3) Twitter Profile

United Email-Service

United Airlines email services offer several benefits for flight changes. Passengers can conveniently request changes or modifications to their reservations through email, avoiding long phone waits. Additionally, email provides a written record of communication for reference, ensuring clarity and accuracy in the flight change process.

  1. United Flight Status Notification
  2. United MileagePlus Program 
  3. United MileagePlus Partner
  4. United MileagePlus Statement
  5. United Deals & News

What Is United Airlines Standby Policy?

If you're flying with United Airlines and must change your flight time on the same day, you can request standby status. You can do this at the airport kiosk, United app, or customer service counter. Please note that standby is not guaranteed, and it depends on United airlines seating chart on the flight you want to take. 

Basic economy ticket holders are not eligible for standby, and some fare classes may have restrictions or fees associated with standby requests. To avoid surprises, we recommend checking with customer service or going through
United Airlines Standby Policy fare rules before booking your flight, especially if standby is vital to your air travel plans.

The Functioning Of United Standby Policy

This airline ensures to make the air travel experience easier and smoother for every passenger. United Airlines offers a standby policy that allows passengers to check in online and secure a boarding pass before arriving at the airport. This policy facilitates the check-in process, delivering flexibility to travelers. To utilize this service, passengers can access United's website or mobile app, which is generally open 24 hours before their planned flight departure.

By checking in online, travelers can choose their preferred seats, update personal details, and even pay for any baggage fees in advance. This underrated wait times at the airport, allowing passengers to head straight to security, particularly if they need to check in bags. 

However, it's important to note that standby passengers may still be required to visit the airport's check-in counter if they need particular services or have distinct travel needs. United standby policy enables a smoother and more efficient airport experience for well-prepared passengers who choose to manage their check-in practices in advance.

Eligibility Requirements For United Standby Policy

United Airlines offers the option of standby travel for passengers who wish to take an earlier or later flight. However, passengers must meet specific eligibility requirements to qualify for this option. United MileagePlus and United MileagePlus Explorer members are eligible for meeting standby travel experience. Plus, travelers need to arrive 90 minutes before the airport before flight departure time. 

Also, eligibility includes having a ticket that allows standby travel, traveling on the same day as the scheduled flight, flying domestically within the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, not having any checked baggage, not traveling with any unaccompanied minors, and keeping the itinerary the same within 24 hours of the scheduled flight.

What is United Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy?

United same-day flight change policy permits passengers to change their travel plans efficiently. This policy will allow passengers to alter to an earlier or later flight on the same day as their original reservation, subject to availability and precise conditions.

Key points of the policy include:

  1. Eligibility: Passengers must have eligible tickets, generally non-refundable primary cabin tickets, MileagePlus Premier members, and customers touring on specific fare classes.
  2. Time Frame: Changes can be completed before 24 hours of the new flight's departure time.
  3. Fees: The airline charges a fee for this service, depending on the passenger's MileagePlus Premier status and fare class.
  4. Standby Option: If there are no available seats on the preferred flight, passengers may opt for standby status, giving them a chance to board if seats become available.
  5. Airport Check-In: Passengers using this policy must conclude the change at the airport.

Overall, United airlines same day flight change policy delivers a valuable option for passengers requiring flexibility in their travel schedules, improving their capability to modify plans on the same travel day while viewing fare class and eligibility criteria.

United Same Day Flight Change Rule For Premier Members

United Airlines offers Premier members the flexibility to change their flights on the same day of travel. Depending on their status (e.g., Premier Silver, Gold, Platinum, or 1K), Premier members enjoy various benefits. Generally, these members can make same-day flight changes for free or at a reduced fee. 

Rules may vary, but most Premier members can change flights within a 24-hour of their original departure time. Additionally, they must fly on a United- or United Express-operated flight with an eligible ticket. This perk provides Premier members with convenience and adaptability, enhancing their travel experience and accommodating unforeseen schedule changes.


Same Day Flight Change Fee Policy

If you need to change your flight and you're flying with United, you can take advantage of the United same day flight change fee Policy. This policy allows non-elite members to pay $75 per person, and elite members can enjoy no-cost United flight change service. 

Firstly, availability is limited, and you must check with United to see if any flights are available. Secondly, some rules and restrictions apply, and a fee varies depending on your fare type and loyalty status with the airline. Additionally, it's important to note that changes must be made before your originally scheduled flight departs. 

Not all flights are eligible for same-day changes, so check United's website or speak with a representative to get the full details on this policy.

Terms & Conditions Of United Same Day Flight Change

  1. Eligibility: This service is available for United flights within the US and selected international destinations, subject to availability and fare class eligibility.
  2. Time Limit: Changes can be requested on the same day as the original flight, up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  3. Fare Difference: Passengers may be required to pay any fare difference between the original and new flights.
  4. Standby: If no available flights match your request, you can be placed on standby for your desired flight.
  5. Non-Refundable Fees: The service fee for same-day flight changes is non-refundable, even if the difference is unsuccessful.
  6. Elite Status: MileagePlus elite members may receive fee waivers and priority for same-day flight changes.
  7. Restrictions: Specific fare classes, codeshare flights, and international routes may not be eligible for this service.
  8. Conditions Subject to Change: The airline holds the right to change or discontinue this service at its discretion.
  9. Additional Fees: Applicable taxes and fees may apply to same-day flight changes.
  10. Agreement: By using this service, travelers agree to abide by these guidelines.

How to Change United Flight Tickets Booked with Miles?

To change United flight tickets booked with miles via phone, call United Airlines' customer service. Provide your reservation details and request the desired changes. Verify your identity and mileage account information. Note that there may be a service fee for phone transactions, and the airline's agents will assist you with any relevant costs, mileage adjustments, and new flight choices.

What is United Rescheduling Flight Policy?

United Airlines covers you if you ever need to change your travel plans. The airline understands that plans can change and offers a smooth rescheduling policy for their passengers. You can alter your flight bookings online or by calling their customer service team if your flight was reserved. The airline does not charge a fee for changes or cancellations, but any fare difference will apply if you modify your itinerary details.

Additionally, the airline permits you to hold your flight reservation for 24 hours without making any payment or cancel it within 24 hours without a penalty. However, it's essential to understand that United rescheduling flight policy terms and conditions vary depending on the type of ticket purchased. 

How much does it Cost to change Reschedule a Flight in 2023?

The cost of rescheduling a flight can vary depending on several factors. United change fees range from $0 to $200 or more, counting on the fare type and destination. 

If the new flight is more pricey than the initial ticket, the passenger may be instructed to pay the fare difference. Some fare types may not allow modifications or have more restrictive change policies. Passengers should check the fare rules before reserving a flight ticket to fully understand the likely rescheduling fees.

Online Steps To Reschedule United Flights

To begin with, United rescheduling flight process online, follow these simple steps now:

  • Log In: Visit the official United website and log in to your MileagePlus account.
  • Access Reservations: Tap the "Manage Reservations" option on the main page.
  • Retrieve Booking: Fill in your booking reference details or ticket number and the passenger to access your bookings.
  • Select Flight: Pick the flight you want to reschedule and tap on the "Change Flight" or "Modify" tab.
  • Choose a New Date/Time: Choose a new date for departure and time that fits your travel schedule.
  • Review and Confirm: Cross-check the fare difference and any applicable fees. 
  • Payment: Pay any applicable fees using the provided payment choices.
  • Confirmation: Once payment is completed, get a confirmation email of the rescheduled flight.

Review policies, fees, and availability for rescheduling before moving, as they may vary based on fare type and destination.


United Airlines Flight Change Policy is a beacon of comfort for travelers, with abundant opportunities for altering bookings, accommodating unexpected events, and promoting hassle-free adjustments. The airline sets the elevated standard for customer-centric policies in the aviation industry.

Whether it's a shift in travel plans or a requirement for flexibility, passengers can guide their journey with comfort and peace. The airline's allegiance to delivering superior service expands to its Flight Change Policy and more, making it the ultimate choice for those desiring a stress-free travel experience.

Ready to experience hassle-free travel journeys? Explore and unlock a world of Airlines Help Desk services by giving a call on: +1-855-738-4315.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change your flight destination after booking?

Yes, you can change your flight destination after booking, depending on the fare class type and any related fees. Review the United Flight Change Policy for specific details to know more.

United flight ticket prices differ due to high demand, route popularity, and seat availability. They also provide various fare classes, top-notch amenities, and flexibility upgrades, influencing the cost. Booking in advance, being adaptable with flight dates, or utilizing frequent flier miles can assist in finding more reasonable options for air travel.

A fully refundable ticket allows passengers to cancel their flight reservations and receive a refund without penalties, generally up to a specific time before the departure. However, these flight tickets are usually more costly than non-refundable options and provide greater flexibility for modifications or cancellations.

United change flight policies differ based on fare type, destination, and ticket class. While some fare types allow free modifications within certain circumstances, many changes may incur costs. Review specific Flight Change Policy or reach their customer service for detailed information concerning your flight booking.

Yes, United Airlines allows changes for a group of people flying together, but it relies on many factors, such as availability and fare type. Contact United's customer service can offer professionally guided assistance with your group booking changes to allow the group to easily fly.

Yes, you can change a United domestic flight on the same day of departure. United offers this service for a fee. Contact customer service for assistance with your United same-day flight change request.

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