Spirit Airlines Change Flight

If you have booked a flight ticket and need to change your plans due to unforeseen issues, you are at the right place. Spirit Airlines understands that problems can arise at any time. So, the Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy has some conditions under which you can easily change your flight. For this reason, the company offers hassle-free flight changes and a quality travel experience. In this guide, you will learn about everything that is important for  Spirit Airlines Flight Change procedure


Highlights of Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy

You need to have precise information about the Spirit Airlines flight change policy to be able to request a change of ticket change. Therefore, you must know about the process in advance. 

Here are some terms and conditions by Spirit Airlines that are mentioned below:

  • Passengers can request to change their flight reservation if their family has an emergency situation. For this, you will need to provide supporting documents. You will not be charged a modification fee if you submit supporting documents.  
  • Customers will not be required to pay a change fee for changing to another Spirit Airlines flight. It is only possible if Spirit Airlines has changed the previous flight’s arrival and departure time.
  • If you book a ticket with a credit card, you will get trip change insurance.
  • Passengers can request a flight change within 24 hours of the original booking.
  • You can change the flight booking at least 60 days before departure. 
  • A customer can apply the change to the ticket on the same day of departure.

How to Change or Cancel Your Reservation with Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy?

  1. You can make changes to your flight reservation with Spirit Airlines. However, you need to understand and accept specific terms and conditions. Also, you must be aware of the reservation policies of Spirit Airlines. Therefore, Passengers who have booked flights with Spirit and want to make any changes in the same should change their flight reservation within 24 hours of the original booking time.  
  2. Present the appropriate documents in case of unexpected circumstances like a death in a family, an accident, etc. (In such cases, the airline does not charge any refund fees for your ticket).
  3. If the airline changes your flight’s departure/arrival time, you will not be charged a change fee.
  4. Besides this, booking your tickets using a credit card is always recommended. Doing so makes it easier for you to claim trip change coverage. Similarly, if you booked your tickets directly through the airlines (without any involvement of a third-party travel agent), you don’t have to pay any change fees!

    Know the Latest Updates of Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy 2023

    The airline is globally recognized as a low-cost airline offering excellent services for flying to satisfy customers. Spirit Flights have simple rules for the flight change process. Additionally, you can make flight change requests in online and offline modes at your convenience. Learn how to change your flight on Spirit by reading the details shared below:

    1) Spirit Airlines Flight Change – Online Procedure

    1. Firstly, log in to your Spirit Airlines account on the official website.
    2. Now select ‘My Trips’ (Manage Bookings section of Spirit Airlines) from the drop-down menu. 
    3. Fill in the booked passenger’s last name and confirmation code. Spirit Airlines’ Manage Booking Login Portal.
    4. Continue by pressing the Enter key.
    5. Select the flight you want to change from the list of booked flights.
    6. To complete the flight change procedure, you must follow the on-screen instructions and policies.
    7. Wait until you receive confirmation of a newly booked flight via your registered email or phone.

    2) Spirit Airlines Change Flight – Offline Procedure

    Spirit Airlines passengers have offline options too which includes Talking to an airline executive by dialing a toll-free number and at the Airport Ticket Counter. You can also go to the Spirit Airlines Booking Center at your nearest airport if you cannot change your flight online.  

    3) Spirit Airlines Change Flight Process Through Mobile App

    The Spirit Airlines Mobile app also provides an offsite conveniece and streamlined flight change process.  This app has a more accessible approach to make changes in the flights comparatively.. 

    Passengers must download the app to their Android or IOS mobile phone first. To verify your route, you need to launch the app and enter your verification code and your last name.  By clicking on the ‘Find my trips’ option, the passenger will be prompted to review their booking details and click on the number of flights to be changed. The rest of the process is similar to the web version of this app.  

    What is the Spirit Airlines Change Flight Fee Process?

    Spirit is one of the largest airlines offering low-fare services. The airline is famous for allowing its customers to change flights. Spirit Airlines provides hassle-free and easy flight changes, both offline and online. The flights may only be changed under flight change rules. You may also have to pay for connecting flights on Spirit Airlines.

    How much does Spirit charge to change flights?

    According to the Spirit Airlines flight change policy, the airline may charge flight change penalties to their customers. This penalty amount or flight change fee varies with the ticket type and changes over time.

    • If you  make the changes to the flight within 24 hours of booking, no flight change fee is charged.
    • If you change the flight after 24 hours, pay $80 approximately for the online change and $120 for the offline ticket change.
    • A change fee of approximately $80 is charged if the change is made within 24 hours of departure.
    • Spirit Airlines change flight fees are $120 approximately for adjusting it in the award ticket.

    What is Spirit's Same-Day Flight Change Policy?

    In case you have missed your Spirit Airlines flight or want to change your flight departure time slightly, the passengers can request a flight change on same day. Passengers can request a Spirit Airlines flight on the same day if: 

    1. The Passenger Has Missed the Flight:

    You must pay the applicable fee to board another flight on the same day, but first, you need to check if there is an emergency flight. If a flight is available, Elite passengers who miss their flight will get their seats first. 

    The remaining seats are then allocated to the remaining passengers who wish to keep the flight. You will be charged a fee of approximately $80 approximately plus the fare difference (if any) to reserve a spare seat. Spirit Airlines’ same-day flight change service is also only available on short-haul flights. 

    2. The Flight Has Been Delayed or Cancelled

    When the airline delays or cancels your flight, the passengers are privileged to a full refund or an alternative flight. The airline will book you the next alternative flight on the same day to the same destination. Affected passengers will not be charged anything in this case. 

    How to Reschedule your Flight​

    If the airline changes the flight schedule due to some irregularities, then there is nothing to be worried about. Schedule changes can vary, such as skipping a stop, missing a Connection, canceling a flight, etc. According to Spirit Airlines’ flight change policy, you can rebook the next available flight or get a refund on your ticket.

    • The passengers can rebook the next suitable flight without paying any extra fees and can request a  refund if you have a confirmed reservation.
    • Passengers can reschedule their new ticket at no extra cost if their flight is delayed more than 2 hours from the scheduled departure time.
    • If your flight is delayed, you can only change your booking at the departure or arrival airport.  
    • Within the authorized date limits under Spirit Airlines’ change flight policy, which is within seven days of departure, you can change your flight’s schedule.

    Elevate your Travel Experience through Airlines Help Desk

    If you are facing any difficulties or questions during this process, a customer service representative can assist and guide you based on your situation. You can opt for the above options if you want a Spirit Airlines flight change.  Also, it is recommended that you stay in touch with Airlines Help Desk customer executive to know about the change policy or call  +1-855-738-4315. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is It possible to change my Spirit Airlines flight for free?

    You can change your Spirit Airlines flight for free within the next  24 hours of the flight.

    Yes, you can reschedule your Spirit Airlines flight. To do this, you can log into your account on the official website and select the “Manage Flights” option. From there, you can choose your flight and change the date and time of your flight. Alternatively, you can call Spirit Airlines customer service, and they can help you reschedule your flight.

    Yes, you can get a refund after canceling your Spirit Airlines flight tickets. However, the refund amount will depend on the fare rules for the ticket purchased. Refunds may be subject to cancellation fees, fare differences, and other restrictions. Please contact Spirit Airlines directly for more information.

    Yes, Spirit Airlines charges a change fee for changes to your departure and arrival times.

    According to the Spirit Airlines flight change policy, you can request a change on the same day of departure. In case you have already checked in, you cannot choose an earlier flight and that’s a very rare case.