Frontier Airline Seating Chart

Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline for travelers making flight experiences budget-friendly. The airline covers 100-plus destinations worldwide and employs 3,000-plus people. It offers customers low fares and a friendly travel experience and connects customers to destinations across the U.S. and beyond. The airline also provides various services to make air travel more affordable and comfortable, such as a convenient online booking system, helpful customer service, a seat selection feature, and a rewards program. You can quickly improve your travel experience using Frontier Airline Seating Chart services and features. Enlighten your knowledge more by going through the information listed below. 


General Outlook of Frontier Airlines Seat Selection

The Frontier Airlines seat selection feature allows passengers to choose their seats when they book a flight. This feature will enable passengers to ensure that they have a comfortable flight and the best view of the flight. Passengers can choose from aisle and window seats near the bathrooms or seats with extra legroom. 

In addition, passengers can select a seat with an extra charge associated with it to get additional features, such as priority boarding. Frontier Airlines also offers its passengers the option of reserving their seats using their mobile app. This app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Let’s know more about the guidelines: 

How to Choose the Best Seating Options from Frontier Airline Seating Chart?

Frontier Airlines offers economy seating options that include Classic, Classic Plus, and Premium.

  1. Classic: This is the most basic seating option on Frontier Airlines and provides no extras. Passengers will have to pay extra for baggage and other services.
  2. Classic Plus: Passengers in Classic Plus seating will receive priority boarding, a free carry-on bag, a free checked bag, and a complimentary beverage. 
  3. Premium: Passengers will acquire priority boarding, free carry-on bags, free checked bags, complimentary beverages, and access to exclusive lounges.
  4. Discount Den Seats: Frontier Airlines offers a variety of discounts on select flights through its popular Discount Den program. Discount Den members can use discounted fares on select routes and amenities such as preferred seating, priority boarding, and more. 

Important Note: Frontier Airlines seat selection fee is set for most seat selections, besides for Standard Seats, which are retained in the ticket price.

Frontier Airline Seating Chart Guidelines

  1. Passengers must select their seats before check-in, and no changes can be made at the airport. 
  2. Seats may be set online when booking or later through Frontier’ Airlines ‘Manage Booking’ portal. 
  3. Seat selection fees will be waived or discounted for passengers booked in Discount Den fares or full fare tickets. 
  4. Under certain circumstances, such as passengers with disabilities, families, and unaccompanied minors, Frontier may provide seats free of charge. 
  5. Families traveling together may select seats at a later stage at no additional cost, regardless of available fares. 
  6. Customers may select from available seats at no additional cost until 24 hours before departure. 
  7. Elite-level members may select their seats for free upon check-in. 
  8. Frontier reminds passengers to review seat selection fees associated with available fares. These fees vary by route and fare class.
  9. Elite-level members traveling in groups, families, or unaccompanied minors must choose their seats 24 hours before departure to take advantage of their complimentary seat selection. 

Different Ways To Select The Seats On Frontier Airlines

To make the seat change process easier you can simply follow different methods listed below

  1. Online Mode: Passengers can buy tickets and pick seats online by logging into their account on the Frontier Airlines website.
  2. At the Airport: You can purchase tickets and select the seats in person at the dedicated ticket counter.
  3. Customer Service: Contact Frontier Airlines Customer Care Service to ask about and book available First-Class seats.
  4. Priority Seating: Frontier Airlines offers Priority Seating, which allows customers to select seats when they check in for their flight if they have purchased it.
  5. Fare Class: Customers may purchase a specific seat in a particular fare class to secure their seat.

How to Secure Adjacent Seats When Travelling with Kids?

Frontier Seat Selection Policy lets families coordinate seating when they fly together.

  1. Families of up to nine people can contact the airline directly before their flight to request seating in a “family-friendly” arrangement. 
  2. Seats can only be assigned for groups of two to nine passengers. 
  3. Families of two to five passengers are also eligible for a 25% discount when traveling on the same reservation with the “Families Fly Free” promotion.

Frontier Airlines: The Overview Of Seat Selection Fees

Frontier Airlines charges a fee for seat selection when flying on an economy fare. This fee is based on the sector and seat selected. For domestic flights, customers can pay an advance seat selection fee of $5 approximately for specific Frontier Airline seats in the Comfort+ section and up to $50* for particular seats up front in the Extra Space section. International flights may cost up to $100 approximately for specific exit rows and bulkhead seats.

The type of seat selected also influences the expense of the Frontier seat selection fee. Economy seats with extra legroom or space can cost up to double the fee of regular economy seats. Frontier Airlines also provides a “Family” seating option, allowing groups of up to four people to secure seats together for a discounted seat selection fee.

Perks Of Using Frontier Airline Seating Chart

Frontier Airlines Seat Selection features are easy-to-use by making your trip much more relaxed and comfortable! 

  1. Increased personalization: Frontier Airlines seat selection policy allows customers to select seats that match their priorities in view, legroom, and other factors. This feeds customers with increased personalization options compared to other airlines that reserve seating on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  2. Accessibility to exit rows: Passengers can pick seats in the exit rows, which typically have more legroom and may be desirable for taller customers. 
  3. Fee flexibility: Frontier’s seat selection policy lets consumers choose how much to pay for a specific seat. This will enable them to select the best seat at a cost tailored to their budget. 
  4. Improved travel experience: Purchasing a preferred seat can enhance the travel experience with more space and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Frontier Airlines randomly assign seats to the passengers?

Yes, Frontier Airlines assigns seats randomly. However, passengers can buy an advanced seat selection to pick their preferred seat in advance. Some centers may incur fees, and the availability of these seats is subject to change.

You can find the seating chart for Frontier Airlines on their website. 

No, unless you are a Discount Den Member of Frontier Airlines. All other passengers can select their seats for a fee.