Jetblue Seat Selection

JetBlue Airways is an American cost-effective airline headquartered in Long Island City, New York, United States. The airline covers 593 routes to 33 vivid countries. JetBlue Airways provides travelers access to various lounges, hotel discounts, car rentals, and vacation packages through its various partnerships. Flying on this airline can be delightful and comfortable. The airline knows the best way to make every traveler happy regarding customer care, managing booking services, or seat selection. In this guide, you can learn more about the JetBlue seat selection policy, guidelines, and other crucial details to enhance the comfort of flying. 


Detailed Information About Jetblue Seat Selection

JetBlue Airways seat selection policy operates a first-come, first-served seat selection policy. Ticketed customers can select and pay for their seats on both domestic and international flights, regardless of the fare they purchased.

Customers flying on a Basic or Blue fare can select their seats for no additional cost when they check-in for their flights, beginning 24 hours before departure and up until the cut-off time (30 minutes before departure). Passengers with a Blue Plus, Mint, or Mosaic fare may pay a fee to select their seats in advance or can take advantage of the complimentary seat upgrade when they check in.

During check-in, customers receive a boarding zone number and can choose from available seats within their designated zone when selecting a center. JetBlue also allows customers to change their seat selection until the cut-off time and, depending on their fare, may incur a fee for a seat change.

What Should You Know About JetBlue Seat Selection Guidelines?

  • All guests are offered seat selection 24 hours before departure on all Blue and Mosaic fares.
  • Any seat modifications or purchases to an existing reservation must be made within 24 hours of flight time.
  • During check-in, available seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Regarding connecting flights, seat assignments will only be given for the first segment. The remaining segments may be assigned at a later time. 
  • All available seating is subject to availability. Seating cannot be guaranteed for any passengers. 
  • Seat selection may only be available for some international flights. 
  • All available seating arrangements must adhere to State and Federal safety regulations.
  • Family seating is available to passengers traveling with children. Seats next to each other can be requested for flights with 3 or more vacancies on the day of departure. 
  • Passengers may upgrade their seats to Economy Select or First Class anytime. Upgrades are subject to availability and may require additional payment. 
  • According to Jetblue seat selection, passengers may also opt for a refundable fare when selecting seats. Refundable fares are subject to availability and come with additional fees.

Jetblue Seat Selection Policy Perks

  1. Purchase Your Seat: JetBlue Airways seating chart allows you to select your seat before your flight so you know exactly where you will be sitting.
  2. Complimentary Upgrades: The airline offers complimentary seat upgrades for their Mosaic and Mint customers when available. 
  3. Priority Boarding: This airline prioritizes boarding based on your chosen seats. Customers who purchase seats such as Exit Rows and Preferred Seats (including bulkhead and extra legroom) can board first along with their carry-on luggage.
  4. Buy Extra Legroom: Allows purchasing a seat with extra legroom. This includes seats in the Exit Row, Preferred Seats (including bulkhead), and Even More Space Seats.

    What Are the Seating Options on JetBlue Airways Flights?

    1. Jetblue Mint Class: This cabin includes larger leather seats with up to 38 inches of legroom. The centers also have a personal entertainment system with movies, music, games, and WiFi. Passengers in Mint Class also have access to a dedicated privacy area and complimentary drinks and snacks throughout the flight.
    2. Blue Basic: This cabin offers more value, flexibility, and convenience than any other U.S. carrier. Blue Basic includes all the same core amenities as Economy, such as complimentary snacks, free in-flight WiFi access, Fly-Fi, 24 channels of free live tv, and more. 
    3. Blue Plus: Blue Plus is a seat option offered by JetBlue Airways that provides extra legroom and added comforts such as additional headrest protection, premium inflight entertainment, and enhanced dining options.
    4. Blue Flex: Seats are the most premium seating option available at JetBlue. The height-adjustable seat with lumbar support provides extra comfort and flexibility for passengers.

    Various Methods for Selecting Seats on JetBlue Airways

    Reserve your seat at the time of booking your  JetBlue Airways flight: You can reserve your seat by selecting “Choose Seats” under the “Flight Options” tab at the time of booking your flight. 

    1. Upgrade Your Seat: JetBlue allows passengers to upgrade their seats for a fee. You can select your upgraded seat at check-in or on the JetBlue website.
    2. Select your seat at online check-in: You can use the “Manage Flights” function to select your seat 24 hours before your flight.
    3. Select your seat at the airport: You can select your seat when you check in at the airport counter before you board the plane.

    What Does JetBlue Charge for Seat Selection?

    When selecting seats on JetBlue Airways, you’ll typically pay a fee of between $10 and $25 approximately per person per flight segment. For flights within Puerto Rico, this fee starts at $7 approximately . You can also pay a fee to change your seat within 24 hours of your flight’s departure. 

    These fees usually range from $15 to $50 approximately per person, depending on the class of service. To upgrade to a premium experience such as Even More Space, fees range from $19 to $449 approximately, depending on the flight and time of booking. Therefore, you can go through the important guidelines to check Jetblue seating assignments and to get preferred seats accordingly to enjoy a comfortable flying experience. 

    How To Select Seat On JetBlue Airways Through Website?

    1. Go to the JetBlue Airways  official website.
    2. Log in to your TrueBlue account. Ensure you use the same email and password as the name on your ticket.
    3. Enter your flight details, or search for your existing itinerary.
    4. Once you’ve found your flight, select “View/Change Seats.”
    5. You will then be able to view a map of the aircraft and select the seat you prefer. You can either like the seat for all parties traveling together or select seats for each individual.
    6. Once you’ve selected your seat, Click “Continue” to complete your booking. You will then be able to review your selected seats.
    7. Once you’ve reviewed your chosen seats, select “Purchase Seats” and check the cost before finalizing your selection. You will then be able to proceed with the payment for the seats.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to pay a fee for a seat selection on JetBlue Airways?

    Yes, JetBlue Airways does charge fees for seat selection. The cost depends on the seat type and location.

    No, it is not possible to choose a seat for free on JetBlue. Seat assignments must be purchased in advance.

    You can search for a Jetblue seating chart using your preferred search engine. Alternatively, you can visit the Jetblue website and navigate to the “Flight Details” tab. Here you will find a seating chart for the plane that you would like to travel on.