United Airlines Check In

The check-in process of United Airlines is an easy way to generate your boarding pass without experiencing any difficulties. It offers various options, such as Website Check-In, Self-Service Kiosk Machines, and Conventional Check-In counters. Being the leading airline, passengers won't face any trouble and won't find any problem finishing the United airlines check-in procedure. This comprehensive guide will share important rules, regulations, terms, and conditions for completing the check-in procedure.


The Regulations of United Flight check-in

United Airlines assures that its passengers will get the topmost benefits and facilities from the airline to complete the process quickly. However, travelers must adhere to the below-mentioned regulations to finish the United Airlines flight check-in process.

  • United Airlines check-in time is available 24 hours before the flight departure timings.
  • The timings for the check-in will differ from airport to airport, considering the United Airlines Checked Baggage, origin, and departure Airport.
  • It is fundamental to reach the airport at least 2 hours before the flight timings to complete the security clearance without facing any complications.
  • Considering international flights, the suggestion is to reach the gate up to 30 minutes before the departure for a successful check-in on time.

      Different Approaches of United Airlines Check-In Process

      The United online check-in and mobile check-in make getting a boarding pass more accessible and faster.

      i) Eligibility Criteria for United Airlines Flight Check-In Online

      • The primary flight segment will manage by United Airlines.
      • The itinerary will allow up to 9 passengers.
      • A Valid Passport verified by United Airlines from past journeys.
      • There should be at most 4 flight segments in the itinerary.

      ii) Who cannot apply for United Airlines Online Check-In?

      Travelers cannot rely on the United online check-in process for the following conditions:

      • Flight Booking has exceptions and requires exceptional help from United Airlines client care representatives.
      • If buying the Basic Economy Fare.
      • Booking the Flight Reservation at the United Airlines Reservation Office.

      iii) The rules of United Airlines check-in for Kiosk Machines

      The Airport Kiosks provide different benefits making the check-in process easier and faster. Travelers can use the airport kiosks to finish United flight check-in in the following cases:

      •  For the passengers who want a physical boarding pass.
      • If there is a requirement to add tags for the possessions at the airport.
      • Passengers can upgrade the United Airlines Seat Selection by reaching the airport.
      • Travelers want to make flight changes within the same day of flight departure.

      iv) Documents that are needed for United Airlines check-in

      The Documents needed to finish the United Airlines check-in process at the airport will vary and depend on the destination, traveler’s citizenship, and other factors. Moreover, the documents mentioned below are specifically required:

      • Government Issued ID
      • Valid Passport
      • United Airlines MileagePlus Membership Card
      • Visa
      • Health Documents

      How to complete the United Airlines check-in via the Website?

      The process is fairly simple and convenient to complete the United check-in via their website. 

      1. Switch to your preferred web browser and navigate to the United Airlines homepage.
      2. Look for the “Check-In” option on the top right corner of the Website and click on it.
      3. You will be directed to a new page where you can enter your confirmation number or MileagePlus number along with your last name.
      4. Fill in these details accurately and hit the “Continue” button.
      5. Once your reservation is located, you can select the desired options, such as seat assignments, baggage allowances, and other services.
      6. Review all the provided information carefully, ensuring everything runs smoothly and smoothly.
      7. After that, confirm your check-in by clicking on the designated button at the bottom of the page.
      8. Finally, ensure that you have printed or saved your boarding pass to access it at the airport without any hassle easily.

      What is the process for completing United Airlines flight check-in with Mobile App?

      1. It is super-fast to complete your United Airlines check-inusing their mobile app.
      2. You have to download the latest version of the app on your phone.
      3. After that, open the app and sign in to your MileagePlus account.
      4. From there, select the flight you want to check-in for and click on the “Check-in” option.
      5. you’ll need to enter some required information like your passport or ID details, destination address, and any necessary travel restrictions or disclosures.
      6. After submitting the info, you’ll receive your boarding pass on the app. You can save it on your phone or opt for an emailed copy if preferred. You are set for a hassle-free journey with United Airlines using their convenient mobile app check-in process. 

      What is the process to finish United Airlines check-in with Kiosk Machines?

      Suppose you’re at the airport, ready to check in for your United flight. Luckily, United has made the process easy with their convenient kiosk machines. 

      • Find the kiosk machine near the check-in area. Usually, they are hard to miss, with vibrant screens and precise details.
      • Approach the machine and select “check-in” on the screen. You will then be prompted to swipe your passport or driver’s license or manually enter your confirmation number if you have it handy.
      • Next up, confirm your details and choose your preferred seat (if available).
      • The machine will then generate your boarding pass, which you can print off or save to your smartphone by scanning the barcode provided. You’re all set to drop off any checked baggage or know about the United Airlines baggage policy at the designated counter and head straight through security. 

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      Frequent Asked Questions

      What is the boarding process with United Airlines?

      United Airlines has a zone-based boarding process, meaning passengers are divided into different groups based on ticket type and loyalty status. The zones range from 1 to 5, with 1 reserved for premium cabin passengers and elite members, ensuring they get first dibs on finding their seats. Once the premium passengers are settled in, starting with Zone 1, the remaining zones follow suit sequentially. While waiting around at the gate can sometimes be tedious, United's organized zone system certainly helps streamline the process and minimize chaos during boarding.


      Passenger can bring 1 carry-on bag alongside one personal item for free on most domestic and international flight routes. The United Airlines check-in baggage let passengers traveling in Economy and Basic Economy to bring two bags not exceeding the measurements of 62 inches (158 cm) and should not weigh more than 23 Kg. If you violate the baggage terms and conditions then you might have to pay additional charges.

      United Airlines offers priority boarding to certain passengers, including those with elite status, customers with select tickets, international travelers, customers with children, and customers in the United Airlines Group Boarding program. Priority boarding allows passengers to board earlier, secure overhead bin space, and get settled quickly. The cost of priority boarding starts at $15 per person. To get priority boarding, passengers must be a member of the United Airlines MileagePlus program and meet certain criteria.