American Airlines Change Name

Did you just make a mistake in your name while booking a flight with American Airlines? No problem! They have a name change policy for correcting it. You must check this policy before making changes to enjoy a great trip. American Airlines Change Name Policy is simple and allows customers to fix their names quickly.

Having the correct name on your ticket is important to avoid problems at the airport. Airlines makes it easy to change your name on your ticket. Keep reading to find out how!


Different Types of American Airlines Change Name Policy

You can change name on Airlines ticket, whether major or minor! This only works if you still need to use the ticket and the code starts with 001. Learn more from details shared below:

1) Minor :

If you have flights with American Prime and American Eagle in your itinerary, you can fix the name on both flights in the same reservation. But don’t change the birthdate or gender information you entered for Secure Flight Passenger Data. This is important for safety while traveling.

2) Major :

If you need to fix a name on an itinerary that includes flights with other airlines, you’ll have to make a new reservation because American Airlines can’t fix it in the current one. This is because of some system rules.

Criteria for American Airlines Change Name Policy

When you need to change your flight ticket, you must know the difference between correcting and changing a name. 

Correcting a name means fixing a misspelling or making a change for legal reasons. This is important so your ticket matches your evident documents, like your passport or driver's license. Here are some important criteria you need to know before stepping up for an American Airlines change name on ticket.

1) Misspelled Name on Airline Ticket

If you notice a minor mistake in the spelling, you can quickly correct it by reaching their customer service team. Whether it’s a typing error or a misspelling, they will happily help you make the required changes. Just be sure to contact them instantly to avoid any possible difficulties.

For the American Airlines name change, provide legal documentation to support the change process. A marriage or divorce legal documents and authoritative documents supporting name change can assist you.

3) Airlines Ticket Transfer

While transferring a ticket to another person’s name is generally impossible, Airlines’ name change policy sometimes allows for name corrections or changes. 

Specific terms and conditions and fees may apply for such changes. It is advised to contact Airlines directly to inquire about their policies and possible options for making name changes.

American Airlines' Name Correction Assistance at Airport Terminal

American Airlines provides name correction assistance at airport terminal for passengers who have made a spelling mistake or other error in their name on their flight reservation. 

  • Passengers must go to the airport early to allow time for corrections. 
  • They should go to the Airlines check-in counter at the terminal, where they can speak to a customer service agent. 
  • Ensure you carry your supporting documents, such as a passport or driver’s license.
  • The customer service agent will help to update the passenger’s name and issue a new boarding pass with the corrected name for a seamless flight experience. 

American Airlines Change Name For Delayed Flights

American Airlines does not have a clear name change policy for delayed flights. However, they support passengers with different options: 

  1. Rebooking on the next available flight
  2. Requesting a refund or receiving a travel credit for future use. 

It’s always best to check Airlines’ up-to-date policy information on the official website.

Change Your Name Effortlessly with American Airlines Customer Service

Looking forward to “American Airlines change name on ticket“?

Get assistance from AA Customer Service. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Contact Airline’s customer service through their dedicated phone number or mail address listed on Airlines’ official website.
  2. Provide your booking details, including your reservation number, full name, and other relevant information to the Customer Service agent.
  3. Clearly explain your request to change your name on the booking. 
  4. Mention that you want to update your name to avoid confusion.
  5. Nextly, the customer service representative will guide you through the process. 
  6. Provide proof of the name change, such as a marriage certificate or legal document. (Make sure to have these documents ready)
  7. If needed, the customer service agent will ask you to pay applicable fees.
  8. Once the name change request has been processed, ask the agent to confirm the changes on your booking. 

Note: It's always a good idea to double-check the updated information.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Can I make changes to the Misspelled Name on American Airlines Flight?

Yes, you can change the misspelled name on your ticket. The process and options available may depend on certain factors, such as ticket type, fare rules, and airline policies. It is best to contact the AA Customer Care agent to get a clear solution.

Yes, a travel agent can change the name on tickets, depending on the airline's policies and any applicable fees and restrictions.

The easiest way to change name on American Airlines is to do it online through their official website. Simply log in to your account, go to the "My Trips" section, find the reservation you want to change, and change the passenger name. If you undergo any issues or need further help, contact Airlines' customer service for assistance.

Failing while your name is being changed on your flight ticket is commonly not advisable. This is because airlines require the name on the ticket to match the passenger's government-issued identification.