Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation

Life is not certain, and no matter how precisely you plan everything, there are situations where you have to act smart. Talking about the sudden southwest Airlines flight delay can complicate things around. However, there is nothing to stress over as every reputed Airline has its set of rules to offer compensation to their valued passengers. If you have chosen Southwest Airlines, you can expect ample advantages. The Southwest Delayed flight compensation policy offers the choice to rebook the next flight or attain additional services.


How can I take help from Southwest Airlines if there's delay?

If the delay is for a few minutes, it won't create issues, however, if delay is 45 minutes, you can rely on the Airline for instant assistance. The suggestion is to reach the airport desk for fast help and Southwest flight delay compensation benefits.

How can I apply for Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation?

Southwest Airlines passengers will be compensated when the provider cancels the flights because of uncertain events. They can apply for compensation via online and offline methods. In general, passengers can rely on the online method for quick assistance.

If the passenger is looking for personal assistance regarding the delayed flight compensation, they must go with the offline method.

i) Online Method For Southwest Airlines Flight Delays

As per the legal guidelines, airlines do not have to provide flight delayed compensation in the United States if the aircraft arrives late or never comes. If the flight is overbooked and travelers want to avoid pursuing the journey, the US Department of Transportation has outlined the accurate process that every Airline has to follow.

If you are eligible for the compensation, you must visit the official website of Southwest Airlines to apply for delayed flight compensation. Check out the steps mentioned below to complete the process.

  1. Visit the official website of
  2.  You need to choose the option of Manage Reservation.
  3. The requirement is to complete the request form for the return flight.
  4.  The website might request details such as flight number, traveler’s name, etc. Make sure to provide precise information.
  5.  The Airline will respond once they receive your compensation request.
  6.  Passengers must update the credit card company of the plan for filing the refund within the allotted time duration.
  7.  You must submit the requested documents to obtain the claim against Southwest Airline’s delays.
  8.  Get photocopies of the claim form and other documents to maintain the records.
  9. At last, click on submit button with the supported paperwork within the provided time duration.

Keep patience and wait for the call from the Airline’s client care representative. The executive might ask a few questions regarding the booking, and you must revert to the fundamental details. This will let the client care executive complete the process smoothly and let you get the compensation at the earliest.

ii) Applying for Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation with Mobile App

Imagining that the flight got delayed/redirected, Southwest Airlines will assist in rebooking the other one. Also, you will get the option of a refund for the unused aspect of the ticket. The client care executive is authorized to provide the requested assistance without paying additional expenses. This will involve the accommodation, meals, and other exclusive benefits covered under the Southwest Airline’s flight delay compensation policy.

To know whether you are eligible for compensation, you can rely on the Airline’s app. However, you must follow the below steps to submit the flight delay request.

  • Start the app
  • Tap on Lookup Reservation
  • At the reservation page, submit your name and flight reference number. 
  • Check whether there is any refund amount present or not.
  • Just verify that your name on the ticket is correct; if incorrect, fix it. You can follow the remaining steps once you complete Southwest Airlines Name Change on the ticket. 
  • Choose the appropriate refund, which will apply to the credit card you used when you purchased the ticket.

iii) Delay Compensation Request Through a Mail

For requiring assistance when a flight is delayed, you can reach the airlines via writing a mail to their official address. The response from the airlines will take time, so have patience.

  • Visit the page of Contact Us
  • Click Email Us
  • Select the tab Send Us an Email
  • This will make you reach the page where you can write an official email to Southwest Airlines.

What are the rules of Southwest Airlines Delay Flight policy?

Southwest Airlines will delay the flight without the company’s authorization. Moreover, if the Airline cancels the flight with their decision, they will offer the delayed flight compensation. Get to know about the rules before applying for the claim.

  • As per the Air Passenger Humanitarian Law, not every delayed flight is eligible for the advantages.     
  • The Airline is not responsible for rebooking on another Airline booking.Late flight decisions by the Airline when leaving from the EU airport are eligible for compensation. If the flight flow from a non-EU country, the EC 261 won’t offer compensation.

The Flight Delayed are not reimbursed for:

  • Accommodations
  • Food
  • Compensation for Missed Activities
  • Only passengers who bought non-refundable reservations are eligible for the refund.

Travelers taking flights from European Airports can register for Southwest Airlines Flight Delay compensation. If the plane was delayed for more than 3 hours, they could expect compensation of 500$-700$ within the European Law regulations.

Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation Claim

You will get a specific amount if the flight gets delayed or late by more than 3 hours at the destination. It depends on the distance from 1,500-3,500 km.

The compensation amount is in Euros and depends on the flight distance-

  1. If the distance is more than 1,500 KM, you can expect 150-200
  2. The flight distance is 1,500-3,500; you can expect 300-400
  3. If the distance goes above 3,500 Km, the compensation amount is in between 500-600

Still in doubt? Require Help? Call Us Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive compensation for a late flight?

There are many options for passengers to claim the compensation with Southwest Airlines. You can choose the online or offline method if facing Southwest flight delays today. Both ways are easy to follow, and you can expect compensation once the airlines approve your request.

If the flight gets delayed for 1 hour, you can apply for delayed flight compensation. Moreover, depending on the situation, the advantage will be provided. Specifically, if the Airline is not at fault, they won't also offer compensation for the small delays.

Southwest Airlines is a reputed airline and takes care of its valued passengers. Moreover, the Southwest flight delay compensation considers the duration and flight route distance. Passengers have the right to benefit from the compensation, including free food and hotel accommodation only if the delay is more than five hours.