Air New Zealand Check In

Air New Zealand offers a streamlined check-in process. Whether through online check-in, mobile app, or kiosks, passengers can select seats, receive digital boarding passes, and manage their journey efficiently. Online Air New Zealand check-in opens 24 hours before departure, while mobile app check-in offers convenience. Airport kiosks provide a self-service option. Premium passengers can enjoy dedicated counters. Air New Zealand ensures a seamless travel experience with various methods, making the journey enjoyable.


Methods of Air New Zealand Check-in

Air New Zealand Domestic check-in can be completed using various methods: online check-in 24 hours prior, mobile app check-in, airport kiosks, and dedicated counters for premium passengers, ensuring convenient travel experiences for all flyers. More details about every check-in process can be found below.

i) How to Check-in on Air New Zealand flights using their official website?

  1. Launch your web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. In the browser’s address bar, type “” and press Enter.
  3. On the Air New Zealand homepage, look for the “Check-In” or “Manage Booking” option. Click on it.
  4. Enter your booking reference and your last name. These details are provided in your booking confirmation.
  5. After entering your booking details, the system will display your upcoming flights. Choose the flight you want to check in for.
  6. Choose your preferred seats from the available options on the seat map displayed. Some seats might be subject to availability.
  7. Review the flight details, seat selections, and other information you’ve entered.
  8. Confirm that all the details are accurate and proceed to the next step.
  9. Once you’ve completed the check-in process, the website will generate digital boarding passes for each passenger.
  10. You can save the digital boarding passes as PDF files on your device or print them out. Saving them on your mobile device is a convenient option.
  11. Arrive at the airport before your flight’s departure time. Web check-in keeps the recommended time to arrive at the airport the same.
  12. Proceed through security and immigration checks as required by the airport’s guidelines.
  13. Arrive at the departure gate well before the boarding time indicated on your boarding pass.
  14. Follow the instructions provided by the gate agents for boarding.
  15. Present your digital or printed boarding pass and identification to board the airplane.

ii) Air New Zealand Check-in using Mobile App

Air New Zealand Check-In can be completed using the app of Air New Zealand. The app offers passengers multiple amenities and services to choose from. Passengers can use the mobile app to check in on their flights and avoid the hassle of the airport.

  1. Search for your device’s Air New Zealand app in the app store. Install it by downloading it.
  2. On your device, open the Air New Zealand app.
  3. Log in with your account, or enter your booking reference and last name to retrieve your reservation.
  4. Go to the “Check-In” area of the app after logging in.
  5. Pick the flight you want to check in using a mobile device.
  6. Choose your favorite seats from the options shown. Air New Zealand usually doesn’t charge an additional fee for seat selection when checking in by mobile device.
  7. Go over every detail you supplied, including the names of the passengers, the flight information, and the seat preferences.
  8. Verify that all the information is accurate, then confirm your check-in.
  9. After completing the mobile check-in process, you will receive digital boarding tickets for each passenger on your mobile device.
  10. For simple access at the airport, save the digital boarding pass to your device’s mobile wallet or storage.
  11. Be at the airport well before the scheduled departure time of your trip. The suggested time to arrive at the airport remains the same with mobile check-in.
  12. Check your mobile boarding pass or airport displays for information about the departure gate.
  13. Observe the boarding directions given by the gate attendants.
  14. To board the plane, show the airline your identity and mobile boarding pass.

iii) How to check in on an Air New Zealand flight using Self-Check-In?

Air New Zealand’s Self-Check-In policy offers passengers the convenience of self-check-in. Passengers can easily handle ticketing and seat selection by themselves, streamlining their airport experience and saving time.

  1. Arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight’s departure time.
  2. Locate the self-check-in kiosk terminal in the airport. These are usually near the airline’s check-in counters.
  3. Touch the screen to begin the process. Choose the “Check-In” or a similar option.
  4. Enter your booking reference number, e-ticket number, or scan the barcode on your printed or electronic itinerary.
  5. Verify your flight details, including destination, departure time, and passenger names.
  6. Select your preferred seat from the available options, if applicable.
  7. Declare and pay for any checked baggage if needed. Follow the on-screen prompts for bag tagging.
  8. Confirm or update your contact information, including email and phone number.
  9. Review the information displayed on the screen. Once everything is correct, the kiosk will print your boarding pass.
  10. Collect your boarding pass, baggage tags, and printed receipts.
  11. If you have only carry-on baggage, proceed to the security checkpoint. If you have checked your luggage, drop it off at the designated bag drop area.
  12. Head to your departure gate with your boarding pass and necessary travel documents, ready to board your Air New Zealand flight.

iv) Air New Zealand Check-in : At Airport

Air New Zealand’s check-in at the airport offers a hassle-free experience for travelers. Passengers can quickly check in at the airline’s dedicated counters, ensuring smooth registration, seat upgrade, and baggage processing before their flight, enhancing their journey’s comfort and efficiency.

  1. Arrive at the airport before your flight’s departure time. Recommended timing varies depending on international or domestic flights.
  2. Find the Air New Zealand check-in counters within the airport terminal.
  3. Join the appropriate queue for your flight’s departure. There are usually separate counters for domestic and international flights.
  4. Approach the counter when it’s your turn. Present your passport, e-ticket, or booking reference to the airline staff.
  5. The airline staff will verify your flight details, such as the destination, departure time, and passenger names.
  6. If you have checked baggage, place them on the designated conveyor belt for weighing and tagging.
  7. Request your preferred seat, if available. The staff will assist in assigning you a seat based on your preference and availability.
  8. The airline staff will print your boarding pass and hand it to you. 
  9. The staff will attach baggage tags with your flight information if you checked in baggage. Keep these for reference.
  10. Head to your departure gate with your boarding pass and necessary travel documents. 
  11. Complete security checks and immigration procedures as required by your flight’s route.
  12. Be at the departure gate well before the final boarding time indicated on your boarding pass.
  13. Hand your boarding pass to the airline staff at the gate and board the aircraft for your Air New Zealand flight.

                        Air New Zealand Check-in Deadlines

                        It is important to adhere to check-in deadlines for Air New Zealand international flights. Passengers should complete check-in and baggage drop at least 3 hours before departure. This ensures ample time for security checks, immigration procedures, and a seamless boarding process. Missing the deadline might lead to denied boarding and disruption to travel plans. To guarantee a stress-free journey, travelers must arrive promptly and complete all check-in formalities within the specified timeframe.

                        Passengers can benefit by choosing the various check-in options Air New Zealand offers. Self-check-in, online, mobile, and airport alternatives offer convenience and control, reducing wait times and assuring a hassle-free trip. Early check-in provides preferable seats; seat selection and advance passenger information input increases personalization according to one’s preferences. The stress is reduced by the smooth process, allowing travelers to enjoy their travel.

                        Air New Zealand allows customers to interact with their travel experience on their terms, whether through technology or kiosks, resulting in a seamless and personalized takeoff for every trip. If you need help navigating the Air New Zealand online check-in process, you can contact Airlines Help Desk directly using this number +1-855-738-4315.

                        Frequent Asked Questions

                        What is the timeline for checking in on a flight on Air New Zealand?

                        Air New Zealand recommends checking in online 24 to 48 hours before departure. Airport check-in deadlines vary by destination, but generally close 45 minutes before short-haul flights and 60 minutes before long-haul flights. It's advised to check specific requirements for a smooth journey.

                        To get an Air New Zealand international flight boarding pass, check in online via their website or mobile app within 24 to 48 hours before departure. Then, download and print the pass or save it to a mobile device for digital use at the airport.

                        Print bag tags at home while online check-in or the airport kiosk after checking in online for an Air New Zealand flight. Proceed to the bag drop counter for baggage submission. Staff will verify tags, ensuring seamless luggage handling before your journey.