Delta Airlines Seat Selection

Delta Airlines is a world-class American airline based in Atlanta. It has the most significant hub at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and runs numerous daily flights with over 319 destinations in 54 countries across 6 continents. When managing booking, flight experience, ground experience, customer care experience, and seat selection features, this airline never fails to bring joy to its customers.

To get the desired seat for a comfortable travel experience, the
Delta Airlines seat selection features make it possible for you. Therefore, in this guide, you can learn more about it to enjoy every Delta flight experience remarkably.


Delta Airlines Seat Selection: What You Need to Know

Delta Airlines seat selection allows customers to select their desired seat from Delta's available seating options. The feature is available for both economy and first-class passengers, enabling travelers to pre-select their hearts before their flight. 

The Delta Airlines seat selection feature can be used on the company's website, via the mobile app, or at the airport. Additionally, some premium seating options may come with extra legroom, allowing passengers to enjoy greater comfort during their flight. Improve your flying experience by using the seat selection feature to get the desired seat. Delta Airlines makes sure to enhance your travel journeys by delivering easy-to-use services. To know more about the guidelines, go through the details below. 

Delta Airlines: Vivid Seating Options

Here’s some crucial guidelines that you can go through before you proceed with the seat selection procedure: 

  1. This airline permits you to pick seats 24 hours before your flight via the manage booking section on the official Delta website.
  2. Customers flying with a Basic Economy fare must wait for check-in to select their seat or can buy seat assignment privileges.
  3. Passengers with a Premium Economy fare may select a seat 48 hours before their planned flight departure time.
  4. Delta Seat selection may be created on a Complimentary or Paid basis using one of the airline’s Preferred seat options.
  5. Seats are allocated on the day of departure unless you buy an additional seat assignment or elevate your ticket.
  6. Seats will be given at check-in unless bought prior.
  7. Delta reserves the liberty to change seat assignments at any time, without notice, to accommodate passengers of certain status or special requests.

What is the Process Of Delta Airlines Seat Selection

The seat selection process on Delta Airlines will depend on the fare type you purchased for your flight. 

For a Basic Economy Fare, you cannot select your seat before boarding the aircraft. Delta will automatically assign your seat when you check in for your flight. 

If you’ve bought a Main Cabin Economy Fare, you can select your seat and buy upgrades such as Extra Comfort or other desired seating options. You can make these selections when you book your flight or in the days leading up to the flight. 

For a First Class, Delta Comfort +, or Delta Premium Select Cabin, you will need to have access to advanced seat selection and be able to elevate to the best seating available on the flight at the time of booking.

Different Ways to Request Delta Seat Selection

  1. Through the Delta Airlines website: Login to your My Delta account and select “Seat Selector.” From there, you can scroll through the available seat selection options to find the one that best suits your needs. 
  2. By email: Email Delta Airlines customer service with your flight details and specific seating request. You can also include any dietary or special needs that you may have. 
  3. Call Delta customer service and speak to an agent: They’ll be able to also provide you with any additional information regarding seat selection, as well as advise you if there are any restrictions in place.
  4. Through a Delta Airport kiosk: On the day of your flight, visit any Delta Airport kiosk to change or select your seats.

How Much Does it Cost to Choose Seats on Delta?

Delta Airlines seat selection fees vary depending on the fare type booked. Generally, premium class fares will cost approximately $9 – $199 per flight segment, and economy class fares will cost between $4 – $99 approximately per flight segment. Other factors will affect the cost of your seat selection fee, such as the type of seat selected, the region of travel, and the time of booking.

Benefits Of Delta Airlines Seat Selection Chart

Extra Legroom Seats: Extra legroom seats may be available on select flights for an additional fee. Depending on the route and aircraft type, these seats may offer up to five and a half inches of additional legroom and extra space to stow carry-on items.

Premium Seats: Delta Airlines features a variety of premium seating options designed for greater comfort. Leaning on the aircraft and route, passengers may experience Sky Priority seating, extra-wide seats, thick cushions, a greater recline, adjustable headrests, and a wall of space between the seat and window.

Upgraded Boarding: Passengers who upgrade their seat selection will enjoy priority boarding privileges, meaning they will be among the first to board the plane. This increases the chances of getting your desired overhead bin space and seat.

Comfort: Delta Comfort plus seating is an upgrade option for passengers seeking extra comfort and space. Comfort+ passengers benefit from added legroom, premium snacks and beverages, and complimentary blankets and pillows.

Sky Priority: This is a premium option on many Delta Airlines aircraft. These seats offer a variety of features, including additional legroom, priority boarding and baggage handling, and complimentary food and beverages. Sky Priority seating positions passengers in the front of the plane, guaranteeing quick and hassle-free boarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Upgrade Seat On Delta Airlines International Flights?

If you would like to upgrade your seat for a Delta Airlines international flight, it can be done either online (at, through the Fly Delta app, or over the phone with a Delta customer service representative. Log in to the Delta website, select "My Trips and Check-in". Enter the reservation code for your flight and click on the “Upgrade” link for the flight that you wish to upgrade. Choose the upgrade option you’d like to purchase. Enter payment information and then click the “Submit” button. 

The cost of selecting a desired seat on Delta flights relies on the route and type of seat. It can start from $9 to as much as 200 dollars approximately or more for certain premium cabin seats.

Yes, it is possible to reserve an extra legroom seat on Delta Airlines flights. Delta offers three different seating options Comfort+, Delta Comfort+, and Preferred Seats. All three seating options have extra legroom, with additional amenities available from Comfort+ and Delta Comfort+ seats. You can choose the Delta Airlines seats options when booking online, over the phone, or at the ticket counter.