Spirit Airlines Name Change

When you need to make a minor change to the name on your flight booking, such as correcting a misspelling or updating a name, the passenger must read Spirit Airlines name change policy to correct these errors. 

The airlines allow their customers to change incorrect names according to the airline's name change policy. Similarly, the carrier offers the possibility of correcting misspellings in the name of the ticket. In certain situations, such as a spelling error or a change in marital status due to marriage or divorce, passengers may need to request a name change.

Spirit Airlines is one of the world's largest airlines, providing domestic and international flights to various destinations worldwide. The airlines have systems that allow passengers to handle such situations, like when passengers can make name changes before scheduled departure and how much it'll cost. 


What are the Drawbacks of Not Changing the Name on the Ticket?

There may be a number of drawbacks and potential issues if the name on your flight ticket is not changed when it is necessary:

  1. Boarding Issues: To prevent any issues during boarding, it's important to ensure that the name on your ticket matches the name on your ID. This is because airlines usually require passengers to show a valid ID that matches the name on the ticket. Failing to match these names can result in being denied boarding, which can lead to delays and travel disruptions.
  2. Security Concerns: Having inconsistent or mismatched names can cause security concerns, especially when traveling internationally. Airport and immigration authorities may scrutinize your documents more closely or question the discrepancy, which could result in delays or additional security checks.
  3. Inability to Transfer the Ticket: If your ticket is non-transferable, meaning it is only valid for the person named on the ticket, you will not be able to pass the reservation to someone else. This could cause a problem if you are unable to make the trip and someone else wishes to use your ticket instead.
  4. Difficulty Resolving Issues: In case of any issues or disputes regarding your ticket, like changes, cancellations, or refunds, having an incorrect name on the ticket can make the resolution process more complex. It might take more effort, and communication with Spirit Airlines Customer Service helps resolve the situation.

How To Change Name On Spirit Airlines Ticket?

There are generally three methods to correct your name on airline tickets. Read it carefully: 

1) Spirit Airlines Name Change: Online Process

You can submit a complaint on their official website if you need to make a name change to your Spirit Airlines ticket. Within the complaint, you can include the necessary corrections. The website may ask you to provide documents for verification. Once the complaint is received, they will begin processing your request. You can follow these steps to submit your name change request:

  1. Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  2. Head to the main page. Choose “My Trips” from the official website to access Spirit Airlines Manage Booking.
  3. You can either “login” or “sign up” and enter your “email address” and “password” to access the flight options.
  4. You can also choose “Find My Trip”, enter the “last name” and “confirmation code” and click “Continue”.
  5. Once you access the flights, choose the flight and choose the name change option or Edit Booking option.
  6. Enter the necessary information, like the correct name, email, phone number, travel documents, and legal documents, to initiate a name change request.
  7. Pay the applicable Spirit name change fee and the fare differences, if present.
  8. You will receive the updated ticket with the correct information in the “My Trips” tab and at your registered email ID.

2) Spirit Airlines Name Change via Customer Support

If the online approach didn’t work for you, then you can opt for an offline method for a Spirit name correction. Here’s how –

  1. Call Spirit name change customer service representatives at (+1-855-738-4315) on its contact number.
  2. Listen to the commands and follow them.
  3. Once you are connected to a live customer service representative, convey your name change requirements.
  4. The representative will make the required changes or corrections.
  5. Pay the name change fees, if required.

3) Name Change At The Airport

This method requires you to go to the airport and change the reservation name. Airport officials will therefore inform passengers about the name change process of Spirit Airlines. If you are using this method, you should be aware that changing the name on your ticket may take longer than usual. Therefore, you should arrive at the airport before your departure time. 

Types of Spirit Airlines Name Change on Ticket -​

1)  Misspelled Name Change : Sometimes, passengers need to change the names on their tickets to correct minor errors. For instance, if there are typing mistakes in their names, passengers can make corrections. However, they should still follow the name change policy, even for minor changes to the name. 

2) Legal Name Change :  Spirit Airlines name change policy states that travelers can change their legal name. Divorce, marriage, and litigation are the main reasons for a legal name change. However, it is necessary to submit relevant documents to change the name. 

3) Documents Required For Name Change :  If a traveler needs to modify their name related to any of the previously mentioned information, they might have the option to do so online without providing any documentation in certain situations.

However, there are some situations in which travelers must present documentation to the airlines to change the name of their tickets. The documents you should have when changes are needed are listed below:

  • The marriage license.
  • Court orders.
  • Divorce decree
  • Supporting legal documents for a legal name change

Changing your name on a Spirit Airlines flight is a simple process, thanks to the airline’s customer-friendly policy. They offer easy online and offline methods to assist you in correcting any mistakes or making changes to your name on the ticket. Whether you made a spelling error or needed to change your name for legal reasons, the airlines make it faster and easier for you.

To know more about the airlines name change process, give Airlines Help Desk a call at +1-855-738-4315 or visit  support@airlines-helpdesk.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I correct my name on a Spirit Airlines ticket on the same day flight?

Spirit Airlines does not allow same-day corrections to be made to tickets, and you will need to contact the airline directly to make any changes to the name on the ticket. You can contact Spirit Airlines' customer service team or visit their website.

You can contact Spirit Airlines' Customer Care service directly to make changes to your reservation.

No, you cannot travel if your name is wrong on the flight ticket. Contact Spirit Airlines customer service to discuss your options. A representative will assist you and advise you on any applicable solutions and fees associated with the name change. Sometimes, you can change the name on the reservation for a price. Alternatively, you can get a refund for the ticket.