Delta Airlines Change Name

There can be situations where passengers want to edit or correct names mentioned on the booking reservation. There can be many reasons for doing so, such as marriage, the wrong name entered while making a reservation, and even more. Delta Airlines is a reputed airline and is always there to provide reliable assistance to its valued passengers. The Delta Airlines Change Name Policy will help you to make the corrections without facing any problems.

This comprehensive guide will help you correctly understand the Delta name correction policy to overcome complications.


Rules and Regulations of Delta Airlines Change Name Policy

Delta Airlines will accept the request to change names only if the correction does not violate policy rules. To complete the process of Delta change name on Ticket, the passenger must follow the rules mentioned below:

  1. Tickets beginning with Delta 006 tickets are eligible for the name change.
  2.  Travelers should ensure that their itinerary has the right PNR for doing name changes before and after completing a reservation to avoid unnecessary charges or cancellations.
  3.  Flights should operate and be managed by Delta Airlines alongside Delta Connection Carriers.
  4.  Passengers are permitted to do one name change per Ticket.
  5. Tickets are not transferrable, and the same passenger who purchased the Ticket has to travel after completing the name correction procedure.
  6. The Secure Flight Passenger Data should remain similar to the original reservation during the reservation process.
  7. You should know that flight date, cabin type, departure, and point of destination cannot be modified or changed according to Delta Name Change Policy. You must talk to Delta Airlines Client Care Executive to know the policy accurately.
  8. Passengers cannot request for name change after completing the check-in process.

    Points to Know Regarding Delta Name Correction Terms

    Delta Airlines welcomes all requests of their esteemed passengers and notifies them to reach the Global Sales Support or Reservation Department for Delta change name on Ticket, if the following conditions are there:

    1. The name corrects once; however, later needs accurate corrections, or the Ticket has to be reissued.
    2. Travelers want to change more than three characters.
    3.  If the itinerary will follow the journey from/to India or from/to China.
    4. The itinerary has other flight segments handled by carriers such as Virgin Atlantic, Aero Mexico, Air France, and Korean Air.

    Types of Delta Airlines Change Name Policy

    Many name correction requests are acceptable for changing names within Delta Airlines. Travelers must reach the Delta Airlines Help Desk for further assistance in completing minor name alterations. 

    Passengers can correct the name directly with PNR and reissue the Ticket as the exchange, and no other alterations are allowed, such as flight date or date of birth, within the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy. The name corrections can be done for the passenger’s first, middle, or last name or within Delta Name Change Policy by the travel agents reissuing the tickets.

    Find out the following name correction permitted by the airlines:

    1) Name Corrections are allowed by Delta Airlines.

    Passengers can correct the name directly with PNR and reissue the Ticket as the exchange, and no other alterations are allowed, such as flight date or date of birth, within the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy.The name corrections can be done for the passenger’s first, middle, or last name or within Delta Name Change Policy by the travel agents reissuing the tickets.

    2) Alterations to First/Middle Name

    The corrections for the first Middle Name should be followed as:

    1. Travelers can edit the first or middle name within the PNR.
    2. The following OSI message for PNR recommends that the name correction is done. OSI DI Name Correction for First/Middle Name Only.

    3) Last Name Corrections

    Delta Airlines allows the following provisions for Last Name Changes on Tickets.

    1. Name Corrections for last names are limited to three Characters.
    2. You can visit Global Sales Support if corrections must be made for more than three characters.
    3. Name Corrections in the PNR and add text. OSI DI Name Correction for 3 Letters of Last Name Only. 

    Flyers must have a legal reason for doing Delta change name on Ticket. This includes gender change, marriage, or divorce. Checkout the following important information for name correction.

    1. Flyers can apply for legal name change by submitting official government documents such as court orders, and legal notices.
    2. The requirement is to submit a valid reason and contact the airline to address the issues.
    3. Marriage Certificates, Newly Government issued documents will be required for Delta Airlines Name Change Marriage.
    4. Submit the Government authorized ID and divorce agreement, official notice, and other essential documents for claiming such requests.     

    What is the process of Delta Airlines Change Name?

    The Delta Name Correction or name change allows passengers to apply for online and offline processes. There are different ways and flyers can use according to their preference. Check out the methods mentioned below:

    1)  Name Change on the Official Website:

    Visiting Delta Airlines’ official website is the best way to complete the name change on the Delta Ticket process. Just follow the steps mentioned below:
    • Visit the official website for issuing the Delta Name Change on the account.
    • Find the option My Trips for Delta Air Manage Booking.
    •  Submit the confirmation, credit/debit, or ticket numbers alongside the first and middle names.
    • Provide the details and click the arrow for procedure completion.
    • After accessing the flights, select Name Change or Edit Bookings to fix the Delta Airlines Wrong Name on Ticket.
    • Input the correct name or alter the present name on the reservation and submit the government and travel documents.
    •  Confirm the changes and print the fresh Ticket having the correct name.
    • At last, pay the name change fee and fare differences.

    2) Reaching Delta Airport Counter for Name Change: 

    Flyers can request a name change by visiting the airport. The suggestion is to get to the airport 2 hours before the scheduled flight timings to complete the Delta Name Change Policy process.
    • Reach the Airport Count and talk with the airline client care executive for name correction or change.
    •  Mention the reason for a name change to edit the wrong name on the Ticket. You can rely on other services, such as Delta Seat Selection.
    • Submit the flight details, such as confirmation code and full name.
    • Once they make a booking correction, provide the correct name and submit the requested documents.
    •  The documents include marriage, divorce certifications, government IDs, or travel documents.
    • Lastly, paying the Delt Name Correction fee and fare differences.

    3) Calling Delta Airlines for Name Change:

    You can telephonically talk with the airline’s client care executive to complete the name change process. The agents possess years of working experience and will address all your queries regarding flight cancellation, flight change, Name Corrections, etc. You must follow the steps mentioned below:
    • Visit the official website.
    •  Select the option “Need Help” from the main menu to correct the wrong name on the Ticket.
    •  Click the help center to get different options on the next page.
    •  You can select comments and complaints and write general feedback for filing the request for Delta change the name on the Ticket.
    •  Click Additional Assistance
    • You can talk with Delta Airlines by calling on  +1-855-738-4315.

              How much fees do Delta Airlines Change Name Takes?

              Travelers must pay the Delta Airlines Name change charges when requesting name correction. It is cost-free to change your name if you do it within 24 hours of reservation.

              According to Delta’s Name Change Policy, The charges will differ for domestic and international flights.

              • The Economy Light and Economy Classic tickets are not refundable and non-changeable.
              • Flyers must visit the airline for reliable help or cancel the PNR and request for reissuing the Ticket if it is non-refundable.

              The exact fee amount depends on various factors, such as your ticket type and the circumstances surrounding the name change request. In general, however, Delta typically charges around $200 plus any difference in fare for domestic flights. For international flights, the fee can range from $200 to $500 or more, depending on the destination and class of service. 

              Frequently Asked Questions​

              How to change a last name on Delta Airlines?

              If you're thinking about changing your last name on Delta Airlines, don't stress. Start by contacting Delta's customer service through their website or by calling them. They will guide the steps and documents required to change your last name. Usually, you must provide legal proof of the name change, such as a marriage certificate or court order. Ensure these documents are ready before reaching out to avoid any delays. 

              Delta Airlines offers a Name Correction Policy that allows passengers to make changes to their ticket reservations, including modifying the names of the passengers. However, it is essential to note that this policy applies only to specific situations, such as misspelled names or if there has been a legal name change. Additionally, you may be required to provide supporting documentation for any name change requests. It is advisable to contact Delta Airlines directly or visit their website for more detailed information and specific instructions regarding name changes on tickets.

              It's possible to transfer a ticket to someone else by changing the name on it. Depending on the event or the airline, some restrictions or fees might be involved, but it's definitely possible in most cases. Airlines allow name changes with certain conditions. Of course, this convenience might not come for free as there could be administrative fees or charges for name changes.