Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy

On flight tickets, you must ensure that your name is spelled correctly. If a misspelt or a legal name change is required, it might create an issue with the boarding pass. This website aims to inform you about the name correction policies. Explore the detailed information about Frontier Airlines name change policy.


About Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is known for providing budget-friendly air travel choices by operating domestic flights within the United States and several international destinations. Frontier Airlines offer its services to popular destinations as well as remote destinations. 

  1. The Airline offer flights to various destinations across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. It primarily serves small airports. 
  2. The Airline has been expanding its number of destinations recently

Is it Possible to Correct or Change the Name on the Ticket?

While booking the flights, mistakes may happen on the booking portal, such as misspelled names or issues with the last name because of marriage or divorce. To change the name on a flight ticket, you must contact the airline or visit their official website. Frontier Airline’s name change policy might change over time; thus, it is suggested to contact the airline to stay updated on the most recent changes in the policy. Changing the name on an airline ticket may be complicated and include specific fees.

There are three different ways frontier airlines change the name on the ticket:

1) Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy: Through Website

Visit Frontier Airlines‘ official website. Go to the Manage Bookings section. Look for the option to change your booking and follow the instructions to rename your ticket. Please note that online name changes may be subject to some restrictions and fees. Therefore, we recommend that you check your airline’s policy.

2)  Airlines name change using the customer service number: 

It offers customer service to help travelers with several issues, including name changes. You can request a name change on your ticket by contacting the customer service department at +1-855-738-4315.

3) Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy: Through E-mail

If you want to communicate in writing, look for an email address provided by Frontier Airlines name change for customer inquiries or support. Take note of the email address and compose a detailed message explaining your request for a name change on the ticket.

Why is the name change on a ticket essential?

The most common reasons are legal name changes after marriage or divorce if you have made a mistake in your name’s spelling while booking the ticket.

  1.  Legal Name Change after Marriage/divorce :Many people change their last name after marriage. After the marriage or return to their old name, during a divorce, during these situations, the name can be changed by contacting the Frontier Airlines name change.  The process for changing your name after a divorce differs depending on where you live.
  2.  Update your personal records: Update your name on personal records, including bank accounts, credit cards, health insurance, and other relevant accounts. Each institution may have its process for name changes, so it’s best to contact them directly.

Disadvantages of not correcting the misspelled names on your flight tickets.

  1. Boarding and Security Issues: If the name on your ticket doesn’t match your identification documents (such as a passport or driver’s license), you may face difficulties during security checks and when boarding the plane. In such cases, this can result in delays, missed flights.
  2. Restricted or Denied Entry: If the name on your ticket does not precisely match the name on your passport, you could face difficulties at immigration. Some countries have strict entry requirements and can deny entry or enact disadvantages for mismatched names. This situation can lead to significant inconvenience and additional expenses.

Frontier Airlines Name Change Policy Support is Here to Help You

If you are having an issue and you are not able to make the changes in your spelling mistake in your name or want to change your surname, then contact Airlines Help Desk at +1-855-738-4315  to get the necessary help. All you have to do is call directly and fix your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Frontier Airlines allow name changes?

Airlines recognizes that passengers may occasionally need to change the names on their tickets. Frontier Airlines changed the name on the tickets. At the same time, they allow name changes. It's crucial to understand that not all tickets are eligible for such modifications, and certain restrictions and fees may apply.  

Yes, Frontier Airlines does allow name changes on tickets. However, it is essential to understand that not all tickets are eligible for Frontier Airlines name changes, and specific limitations and requirements may exist. Airlines typically allows name corrections for minor errors, such as misspellings.    

Contact Frontier Airlines customer service to request a name correction on your ticket. You can contact them through their customer service phone number, email, or live chat.  

The Frontier name changes will guide you through updating your name on the ticket. They may require you to submit scanned copies or photos of the necessary documents. Be prepared to provide the relevant details, such as your reservation number and current ticket information.