Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection Hacks for Travelers


Virgin Atlantic Airlines is one of the pioneer names in commercial aviation which is known for making traveling seamlessly comfortable. Whether it's a travel plan change or seat selection, this airline never disappoints its passengers by making traveling easier. Flying on this airline can be amusing and stress-free. It can be smoother than your expectations, especially when it comes to Virgin Atlantic seat selection. This seat selection policy includes a bunch of things that can assist to get your desired seat for travel.

It’s time to enhance the travel experience by booking the window seat according to your preference. So, in this informative guide, we covered some crucial details that will help you to know about the seat selection policy and its essential rules and regulations. No more waiting! Just dig out all the details shared below:

The Overview: Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection Policy

It’s time to get the best seat according to your preference! Virgin Atlantic's Seat Selection Policy provides ultimate flexibility and power to their travelers to enhance their in-flight experience. This policy strives to enhance customer satisfaction by offering different seat selection choices according to passenger preferences.

The seat selection rules permit travelers to select seats during the reservation procedure, assuring families can sit together, couples can enjoy privacy, and people can choose their preferred spots. Passengers can also opt for extra legroom seats and premium seating or even treat themselves to upper-class or superior cabin seats, all presenting different levels of convenience and assistance. This procedure lifts the feeling of a seamless travel experience, meeting the various requirements of passengers, whether they aim for extra space, privacy, or extravagance.

For every enjoyable flight experience, this policy allows you to enjoy customizable services, allowing passengers to tailor their trip to their precise desires and needs.

24 Hours Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection Policy

Virgin Atlantic's 24-hour seat selection policy allows travelers to seamlessly pick their seats, free of cost, within 24 hours of their flight's departure. This feature presents excellent flexibility for the passengers who require clarification about their Virgin Atlantic seating preferences when making a reservation. 

Within this window, travelers can choose seats that suit their needs, whether sitting with family and friends or picking selected spots on the plane. After these 24 hours, passengers may still be able to choose seats, but fees may apply. This policy improves the overall travel experience by allowing passengers to personalize their seating arrangements nearer to departure time, guaranteeing a comfortable travel experience. Experience hassle-free travel experience now by choosing the best seat for yourself. 

Important Terms & Conditions Of Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection

Virgin Atlantic's seat selection policy includes various essential terms and conditions. It is highly crucial to understand the different rules and regulations of the seat selection procedure. No need to go anywhere! So check the details mentioned below: 

  1. Fees May Include: While there's a 24-hour window for free seat selection, selecting seats may incur additional charges after that period.
  2. Dependent on fare class: The availability of seat selection options may depend on the Virgin Atlantic seat classes you've reserved. Higher-fare classes might offer more choices and benefits.
  3. Limited availability: Some seats, such as exit row, premium, or upper-class seats, may have restricted availability and be subject to eligibility criteria.
  4. Advance bookings: It's recommended to reserve seats as early as possible to ensure your preferred options, particularly if you're traveling with a group or have detailed seating preferences.
  5. Change in aircraft: Seat assignments can vary if an aircraft changes, and the airline reserves the right to reassign seats accordingly.
  6. Refundability: Seat selection fees are usually non-refundable, so choose your seats carefully.
  7. Special assistance: If you require special assistance, like extra legroom or accessible seating, contact Virgin Atlantic in advance to make necessary arrangements.
  8. Infants and children: Policies may vary for seating infants and children, including age and infant restraint requirements.

Online Steps To Choose Virgin Atlantic Seat

Here are some important and simple steps to choose your desired Virgin Atlantic seat for hassle-free travel experience. To know more checkout the details shared beneath:

  • Head to the official Virgin Atlantic website (
  • Begin the flight booking process by entering the required details. 
  • Fill in your departure and arrival destinations, dates, and the number of passengers.
  • Choose your flight from the options and move to the passenger details page.
  • Enter the required passenger information, such as names and contact details.
  • Then, you'll have the option to choose your seats. 
  • Click on the seat map to view available seats and select the one you prefer.
  • Review your Virgin Atlantic seat selection choice and make sure it's to your liking. 
  • After confirmation, you can continue with the reservation process.
  • Share your payment information to complete your booking, and you're all set.

Offline Steps To Choose Virgin Atlantic Seat

To make the seat selection process simple and seamless, here we have mentioned easy steps to pick the desired Virgin Atlantic seat offline. So, checkout the step-by-step process listed below:

  • You can begin the process by visiting the official Virgin Atlantic Airlines website.
  • Go to the "Help & Contact" section on the homepage.
  • Tap on the "Call Us" link, which will take you to a new page with various contact numbers for Virgin Atlantic.
  • Choose the contact number that corresponds to your region.
  • Dial the chosen number from your phone.
  • Once the call is connected to an airline agent, share your flight booking details and seat preferences.
  • The agent will understand and guide you throughout the process. 
  • If any charges are associated with your seat selection, you may be required to pay at this point.

These easy steps will assist you in getting in touch with Virgin Atlantic's customer support to choose seats according to your tastes.

Virgin Atlantic Seating Options

If you want to book virgin atlantic flights then you are offered with 3 different cabin classes. The seat you can choose according to your preference, budget, amenities, and choices. So, here we have mentioned some important details. You can learn more from the details listed below:

i) Virgin Atlantic Economy Class

Virgin Atlantic's Economy Class offers a comfortable travel experience with ergonomic seating, ample legroom, and in-flight entertainment. The airline provides complimentary meals, snacks, and beverages, including unique dietary options. You'll have access to a personal entertainment system with a vast library of movies, TV shows, music, and USB charging ports that power your devices. Upgrade to Economy Delight for extra legroom and priority boarding. Friendly cabin crew and a relaxed atmosphere make Virgin Atlantic's Economy Class a top choice for travelers seeking quality and affordability.

ii) Virgin Atlantic Premium Class

Experience the ultimate in luxury air travel with Virgin Atlantic's Premium Class. Virgin Premium seats include wider seats that can be reclined into fully flat beds for maximum comfort during long-haul flights. Indulge in delectable gourmet meals, fine wines, and premium spirits for a delightful dining experience. The priority check-in, security, and boarding expedite your journey while ample legroom and a dedicated cabin crew provide personalized service. Relax in Virgin Atlantic's stylish airport lounges with complimentary amenities for a serene pre-flight experience. Stay entertained and connected throughout your journey with the in-flight entertainment system, amenity kit, and power outlets. From start to finish, Premium Class promises a refined and pampered experience that you won't forget.

iii) Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class is the epitome of luxury air travel, offering an array of exquisite perks. Passengers savor the opulence of lie-flat seats that provide unparalleled comfort and privacy, ensuring a restful journey. Delectable, chef-prepared meals, top-shelf drinks, and an extensive wine selection deliver a gourmet dining experience. Expedited check-in, security, and boarding streamline the travel process. The exclusive Upper-Class Wing at London Heathrow and access to luxurious airport lounges worldwide provide a tranquil pre-flight experience. In-flight, a cutting-edge entertainment system, plush bedding, and premium amenities guarantee an indulgent journey. With chauffeur-driven transfers, Virgin Atlantic business class truly redefines air travel with unparalleled elegance and convenience.

Virgin Atlantic Advance Seat Selection Charges

To find out about the fees associated with booking seats on Virgin Atlantic, please review the following information:

  1. For some Virgin Atlantic flights, reserving a seat in advance is available for as little as £15 per person per flight, which amounts to £30 for a roundtrip. This option is exclusively available to Economy Light customers.
  2. If you are a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold member traveling in Virgin Upper Class seats, Premium, Economy Classic, or Economy Delight, you will not be charged for selecting your seat in advance.
  3. For passengers traveling in Economy Light, seat selection costs £15 per person for each flight.
  4. Virgin Atlantic is also experimenting with reducing the standard Advance Seat Assignment (ASA) fee on a limited number of itineraries. The current ASA fee stands at £30.

What Will Happen If I Don't Select Virgin Atlantic Seat At The Time Of Check-In?

If you don't select a seat on Virgin Atlantic at the time of check-in, several things may happen:

  1. Random Seat Assignment: Virgin Atlantic may automatically assign you a seat during check-in. This Virgin Atlantic seat classes assignment is typically unexpected and based on the availability of seats at that moment. You may or may not like the seat assigned to you, and it might not be ideal regarding location or comfort.
  2. Separated Seats: If you are traveling with someone, such as a family member or friend, there is a risk that you and your travel companion may be assigned seats far from each other. This can be inconvenient, especially on long-haul flights.
  3. Limited Seat Choices: As the flight's departure date approaches and more passengers check-in, the availability of preferred seats, such as those with extra legroom or specific locations, may become limited or unavailable if you wait until check-in.
  4. Middle or Less Desirable Seats: If you wait until check-in to select a seat, you might end up with a middle seat or a seat in a less desirable location on the plane, such as one near the restrooms or close to the galley, which can be noisier or less comfortable.
  5. Unavailability: In some cases, especially during busy travel periods or on fully booked flights, no seat options are available for selection during online check-in, and you'll have to take what's left when you arrive at the airport.

To ensure you get the seat you prefer and to sit with your travel companions, select your seats in advance, either during the booking process or by logging into your booking on the airline's website and choosing your seats. This gives you more control over your seating arrangements and allows you to secure the seats that best suit your preferences and needs. Remember that some seats come with an extra fee, so there might be an additional cost for selecting specific seats.

How To Get Desired Seat On Virgin Atlantic Flight A Day Before Departure?

Getting your desired seat on a Virgin Atlantic flight a day before departure can be more challenging because seat availability may be limited by that time. However, here are some tips to increase your chances of getting your preferred seat:

  1. Check Online: Log in to your Virgin Atlantic booking on the airline's website a day before departure. This is usually when seat selection becomes available for those who still need to choose seats. Use this opportunity to check for available seats.
  2. Set Up Seat Alerts: Some airlines and third-party travel websites offer seat alerts. You can sign up for these services, and they will notify you if your desired seat becomes available. It's not guaranteed, but it's a convenient way to be alerted if something opens up.
  3. Be Early: Arrive at the airport early on the day of your flight. The earlier you check in, the better your chances of having more seat options. Airlines typically release unassigned seats closer to the departure time.
  4. Join a Frequent Flyer Program: Being a member of Virgin Atlantic's frequent flier program (Flying Club) can sometimes give you an advantage regarding seat selection. Higher-tier members often have priority access to preferred seats.
  5. Be Polite: When checking in at the airport, politely inquire about seat options with the airline staff. They may have some flexibility to help you find a better seat, especially if the flight still needs to be fully booked.
  6. Consider Premium Services: If your budget allows, you can purchase premium services or a higher class of service, like Virgin Premium seats or Upper Class. These classes often come with better seat options and more flexibility.
  7. Keep Checking: After selecting a seat, check the airline's website or app for any last-minute changes or upgrades. Passengers sometimes switch seats or upgrade, opening up new options.
  8. Travel Light: If you have minimal or no carry-on luggage, you might be more flexible with your seat choice. Airlines sometimes allow passengers to choose seats with extra legroom in exchange for storing their carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments for the duration of the flight.

Remember that seat availability can vary depending on the flight, the aircraft configuration, and the number of passengers traveling. While it's only sometimes possible to get your exact desired seat a day before departure, these strategies can increase your chances of securing a more favorable seating arrangement.

How To Change An Already Chosen Seat Of Virgin Atlantic Airlines?

Following seat reservations, Virgin Atlantic will allocate seats to passengers. However, if you're dissatisfied with your assigned seats, you can easily seat upgrade using the Virgin Atlantic seat selection process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the official Virgin Atlantic website.
  2. Click "My Booking" at the top of the page.
  3. Provide your ticket details, including your booking reference number and first and last name.
  4. Choose the seat selection option from the menu and follow the instructions.
  5. Complete the seat selection procedure as instructed.
  6. You will receive a confirmation of your chosen seats via email.

By following these simple steps, you can easily change your assigned seats with Virgin Atlantic.

Can You Get A Refund For Seat Selection?

Virgin Atlantic's seat selection fee is typically non-refundable if you pay for a preferred seat and later decide to cancel it. However, certain situations may trigger an automatic refund.

If passengers are denied boarding due to overbooked flights, the airline offers an alternative travel date with seat selection. In cases where this isn't possible, travelers receive full refunds, including taxes.

Additionally, if Virgin Atlantic cancels your flight, they re-protect you onto another flight, potentially from a different airline. In such cases, passengers can request a refund for their Virgin Australia seat selection fee if their chosen seat becomes unavailable on the alternative Virgin flights.

Complete the online refund form on the airline's website to initiate a refund. Refunds are typically processed within 14 days from the date of travel. Whether you’re a frequent flier or not these are things that are crucial enough to know before you fly anywhere. 

Things To Remember About Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection

When selecting seats on Virgin Atlantic, remember a few crucial points. First, early booking is vital to securing your preferred seat, especially if you have specific preferences or require extra legroom. Consider the class of service you're flying in, as seat options and amenities vary. Extra legroom seats can be booked for an additional fee, offering more comfort on long-haul flights.

Families should book seats to ensure they sit together, and solo travelers can opt for a window or aisle seat for added convenience. For an even more premium experience, Virgin Atlantic offers "The Loft" on its A350 aircraft, a social space to book for in-flight socializing. Lastly, check the airline's website for any updates or changes to their seat selection policy and fees to avoid surprises during your journey.

These are the things that can help you to fly high with ease. Get your desired seat and capture amazing moments at higher altitudes. 

Final Thoughts

These are the essential things that you should remember before you proceed with the seat selection procedure. The Virgin Atlantic seat selection policy makes flying without stress easier for every traveler. So, if you need a window seat to capture a fantastic view of the blue skies, don’t hesitate to go through this guide again to find the seat you desire for travel. This airline aims to make your travel experience flexible, comfy, and easier in the best way. 

Go get the Virgin Atlantic upper class or premium seat without any fuss. Just make sure to get in touch with the trusted Airlines Help Desk expert. Get answers to all your queries right here by relying on a professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Pay To Choose Virgin Atlantic Premium Class Seat?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic Airlines typically charges a fee for choosing premium-class seats. The cost may vary based on the route, the specific seat, and the time of booking. Passengers can select these seats during the booking process or afterward through the airline's website. Still, they should expect an additional charge for the added comfort and benefits of premium-class seating.

You can select a desired seat after making a reservation with Virgin Atlantic through the airline's website or by contacting their customer service department. Log in to your booking using your reservation reference, and then follow the seat selection prompts. You may need to pay an additional fee depending on the seat type and the service class you booked.


The "best" spot to sit on a Virgin Atlantic flight depends on your preferences and needs. If you prefer extra legroom, consider exit row or bulkhead seats. Window seats offer a view, while aisle seats provide easy access. Upper-deck seats on some aircraft give a quieter, more private experience. Premium and Virgin Atlantic Upper-Class Seats provide extra amenities. Choose based on your priorities.


Virgin Atlantic allows passengers to choose preferred seats when booking, subject to availability. You can select seats together, but it may incur an extra fee, especially for more desirable locations. Availability depends on the flight, ticket type, and when you make your selection during booking.


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