Westjet Check In

WestJet Check-In wants travelers to check in for their flights before the flight departure. The easy check-in process helps to depart for the flights according to the time duration. Moreover, there are many ways to complete the WestJet check-in process.

This comprehensive guide will share all the imperative check-in information when flying with WestJet. It does not matter which method passengers have selected; the suggestion is to reach the airport timely by going through the security lines, mainly for international departures. International flight routes have different processes.


The General Rules of WestJet Check-in

When completing the check-in process with WestJet, there are a few guidelines to remember. Check out the important details mentioned below:

  • It is recommended to check in online before arriving at the airport, as this will save you time and allows you a smoother experience. 
  • The WestJet Check-In Online opens 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. However, if you prefer to check in at the airport, arrive at least two hours before your flight’s departure time to allow enough time to complete the process. 
  • Additionally, have your travel documents, such as your passport or identification, readily available, as you’ll need them during check-in. 
  •  If you have any special requests or require additional assistance, such as WestJet check-in online seat selection, preferred meals, or medical condition, it’s advisable to contact WestJet directly ahead of time so they can accommodate accordingly.

What is the process of WestJet Check-In online?

Passengers can finish the check-in process by visiting the official website of WestJet. The online check-in saves time and does not make passengers stand in the long queue. You must go to the check-in portal on the airline’s official website and submit the requested details. 

i) Steps to follow for Westjet Check-In Online

  1.  Passengers shall log in and go to ‘my trips’ section which can be done by inputting the ticket or reservation number.
  2. After selecting the option, submit the last name and 13-digit ticket number or 5-to-6-character reservation code.
  3. The WestJet web check-in reservation code is present on the vacation itinerary of the e-ticket.
  4. The user-friendly interface will help you find the trip, and passengers must follow the web check-in instructions.
  5. It is essential to keep your passport, hotel name, destination address, and airline details if you fly to the United States.   
  6. Keeping the passport with you for international trip check-in will save your efforts.
  7. If you are going to Canada on a WestJet Flight, you must arrive 72 hours before the flight arrival.

              How can I check in with Mobile App?

              If the WestJet online check-in is not working after visiting the official website, you can rely on the mobile app to finish the check-in procedure. Passengers can manage the trips through the app and can keep a record of multiple trips in one place. The WestJet Mobile App is available for Android and Ios platforms.

              The westJet mobile app is accessible for flight departures in Canada and US; however, not available for international destinations. If the app check-in is unavailable for the goal, you can visit the airport to complete the check-in process to generate the boarding pass. Passengers can manage the trips via the website or mobile application. This involves check-ins, flight changes or cancellations, choosing WestJet check-in online seat selection, and getting complete information for the itinerary. The flight details are available to you during the WestJet Online Check-In.

              How to Complete the WestJet Check-In at the Airport?

              You do not have to check in online or use the mobile application. The Airport check-in is available. However, there are two methods for WestJet Check-In for flight. Checkout the options mentioned below:

              1. Airport Kiosks: Most airports have authorized Kiosks offering 24-hour check-in. You can use the machines to complete the WestJet Check-In Process 24 hours before the flight departure. The requirement is to reach the Airport early to use the kiosks. The machines are reliable and save time and effort. If you are facing issues while completing the check-in, you can talk with the experienced WestJet agent to resolve the problems.
              2. Direct WestJet Check-In– A few domestic and international airports do not have WestJet Kiosks determining that you can complete the check-in by reaching the airline’s desk counter. This is a fast and reliable way to generate boarding pass. All you have to do is provide the ticket, and the staff will verify the details. Once the process completes, you can begin the journey without complications. The WestJet website offers crucial details regarding the destination airports and service availability. The suggestion is to check the portal for the journey’s essential details. 

              What are the WestJet Flight Check-In Timings?

              WestJet suggests that travelers reach the Airport timely to avoid delays or problems before the flight departure. Find out the critical WestJet Check-In for flight rules.

              The check-in starts 24 hours before the flight scheduled timings for the app and kiosks. Passengers can check in from 24 hours to 45-60 minutes before the departure, depending on the routes. Airport Check-in begins 3 hours before the flight departure and will shut down 45-60 minutes before the departure on the route. The experienced staff at the counter will help in finishing the process instantly.

              WestJet check-in time for domestic flights starts 24 hours before the scheduled trip online, the mobile app and kiosks machine. The process starts 3 hours before the journey to the Airport. The check-in time will close in 45 minutes, so ensure the process completes according to the timings. Boarding will stop 10 minutes before the flight departure.

              Note: The gate closing time is for all the significant flights but Boeing 787. If you are flying with a Boeing 787, the gate will shut down 15 minutes before the flight departure.

              What are the WestJet Check-In online Requirements?

              There are additional requirements to consider depending on the nature of your trip and who accompanies you. We recommend visiting the WestJet website to see if any rules apply to your travel circumstances.

              •  If you have bought the extra seat or flying with more than nine individuals with a similar last name, the suggestion is to check in with the WestJet agent at the Airport instead of relying on check-in online process. 
              • Flying with the pet, WestJet recommends reaching the Airport 30 minutes before the timings. If you want to carry your pet along, this determines you must contact the airport 1 hour to 2 hours before the flight departure.
              • People flying with overweight bags must reach the Airport 30 minutes before the flight departure.

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              Frequent Asked Questions

              How to go about WestJet flight’s Check-In process?

              Checking in for your WestJet flight is a breeze if you know the ins and outs. First, make sure you have your travel documents, like your passport or ID, handy. You can complete the WestJet Check-In process online through the Website or mobile app. Just log in with your reservation code or confirmation number and last name. Next up, select your seat preference whether its window or aisle, anyone? If you have any specific needs or requests, like extra legroom or dietary restrictions, this is the time to mention them. Lastly, review all the information entered and confirm your check-in. Remember to grab a copy of your boarding pass either electronically on your phone or print it out at home. 


              WestJet typically allows passengers to check-in for their flights 24 hours before departure. This early check-in option is available through multiple channels, including the WestJet Check-In online on Website and mobile app. However, if you prefer an in-person check-in at the airport counter, they usually open around three hours before the scheduled departure time. It's always a good idea to double-check with the specific Airport you'll be flying from as some have different operating hours depending on flight schedules. 


              If you find yourself in a situation where WestJet's online check-in is not working, don't worry! Firstly, ensure a stable internet connection and try refreshing the page. Sometimes, technical glitches can be easily fixed by restarting your device or clearing your browser cache. If these basic troubleshooting steps don't solve the issue, it's always a good idea to contact WestJet's customer support. They have a team of helpful agents who can assist you in resolving the problem or guide you through alternative ways of checking in.