Turkish Airline Baggage Policy

Turkish Airlines have a distinct baggage policy, and the luggage limitations are decided according to the routes. In addition, the limit depends on the piece system, while some vary according to the weight. Continue to read and grab all the details about Turkish Airline baggage policysuch as baggage size, measurements, and overweight baggage regulations.


How many Bags/Kg is Allowed in Turkish Airlines?

The allowed baggage allowance and Turkish Airlines baggage rules are decided by:

Turkish Airlines Baggage Weight should be within 23kg per bag. Passengers can carry 2 bags in the Economy Class.Business Class flights are permitted to carry two bags weighing 32 kg. If the baggage voids the regulations, the passenger must bear Excess Baggage Charges

  • Turkish baggage policy and weight limit for checked luggage on International Routes. The economy class allows you to bring 20 kg without limitations on the number of pieces.
  • Passengers traveling in business class can bring 30 kg.
  • One bag 10 kg for children within the age of 2 years and 1 pushchair.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy for International Flights

The terms and conditions of Turkish Airline’s baggage determines that there are two systems that are utilized for International Flights categorised into

  • Weight System
  • Pieces System

As per the Turkish Airline baggage policy rules for International Flight routes, Business Class Passengers can bring 66 Lbs, and Economy Class Travelers can carry up to 44 Lbs. After reaching the Elite or Elite Plus Status, flyers will get exceptional advantages with Miles & Smiles Flying Program. They will be allowed to bring additional baggage without paying Excess Baggage Charges.

  • Flyers having the Classic Plus Status can carry 10 kg
  • Elite Extra Members are allowed to carry an additional 20kg.
  • According to the Turkish Airlines baggage allowance, passengers can bring one additional bag for the routes where the piece system is eligible.
  • The Elite Plus members can carry an additional 25kg or one more bag on routes that use the piece system.
  • Turkish Airlines check-in baggage dimensions should be at most 158 cm or 62 inches.

Regulations of Turkish Airline Baggage Policy

To get details on the luggage limitations, visit the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Tab or call Turkish Airlines, Airlines Help Desk for professional assistance. Considering the Turkish Airline baggage policy, check out the details below for complete details.

  • The checked baggage should be packed appropriately if it has any liquid or semi-solids that can leak or spill.
  • For carrying a liquid item, the Turkish Airlines baggage rules state it must pack in a vacuum, sealed, or must be in a sticky bag.
  • The objects such as cardboard, sacks, plastic bags, or containers imposing danger of leakage or contamination are not allowed as free baggage.
  • Passengers can carry 5 liters of liquor in the checked baggage, and each container must be adequately sealed in a maximum of 1-liter portions.

What are the Conditions of Turkish Airline Baggage Policy?

The Online excess baggage sales are accessible from 355 days to two hours before departure. The passengers can order up to 10 checked baggage, keeping the following rules in mind:

  1. Turkish Airline baggage policy states that the baggage weight must be within 23 kg.
  2. The Turkish Airlines check-in baggage dimensions should be at most 158cm/62 inches.
  3. The total weight of 10 bags should be at most 230 kg.

According to the present baggage rules, passengers have to bear Excess Baggage Charges.

Extra baggage fees: Turkish Airlines’ free baggage allowance is 23 kg. Also, the airline free baggage fee for international flights is 80 USD for every piece. The baggage prices will vary from USD 160 to 290 per bag, considering the two additional bags and three or more extra bags.

Turkish Airline Baggage Policy : Carry-On Size and Weight

According to the Turkish Airlines baggage policy, the cabin type decides the carry-on baggage allowance. The baggage allowance is for two items, and you can carry one personal thing up to 4 pounds. Business Class allows bringing two pieces of 8Kg with the measurements of 55x40x23 cm, whereas passengers flying in Economy can take 1 piece while the weight of the baggage allowance and dimensions remains the same.

i) Hand Baggage Allowance :

Flyers are allowed to bring one of the personal items mentioned below without paying any extra charges with your cabin baggage allowance.

  • Camera- 40 x 30 x 15 cm. 
  • Laptop/Tablet- 40 x 30 x 15 cm.
  • Handbag- 40 x 30 x 15 cm.
  • Full-size stroller 40 x 40 x 15.7 cm.
  • Light stroller-70 x 30 x 27.5 cm.
  • Umbrella (not pointed) 90cm.
  • Diaper bag Free Size.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is the baggage allowance for international flights with Turkish Airlines?

The baggage allowance for Turkish Airlines international flights varies depending on the class of travel and the destination. For Economy Class passengers, the standard allowance is one piece of checked luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs.). However, Turkish Airlines baggage allowance from USA increases to two pieces weighing up to 23 kg (50 lbs.) each. Business class passengers enjoy a more generous baggage policy which allows for two pieces of checked luggage weighing up to 32 kg (70 lbs.) each on most routes. 

Turkish Airlines generally follows a weight system for checked baggage, allowing Economy Class passengers to bring 20 kg (44 lbs.) of free checked luggage on domestic flights and 30 kg (66 lbs.) on international flights. However, the amount of extra baggage fee may vary depending on your destination and fare type. It's always best to check with the Airline directly or refer to their website for the most accurate and up-to-date information. 

Turkish Airlines is renowned for its excellent service and customer-friendly baggage policies, including the additional baggage policy. As of current regulations, Turkish Airlines allows passengers to add extra baggage. For economy class passengers, many international flights allow up to two checked bags with a maximum weight limit of 23 kilograms each. In comparison, business class may be entitled to three checked bags at the same weight limit. Additionally, some flights have specific limitations based on regional factors. However, it's important to note that excess baggage fees will apply if your luggage exceeds the allotted weight or size restrictions.