Allegiant Air Seating Chart

Allegiant Air is a popular low-cost airline based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The airline is a subsidiary of Allegiant Travel Company and offers scheduled and charter flights to more than 120 destinations across the United States. The airline also offers additional services to enhance the passenger experience, such as online check-in, car rentals, and discounted hotels.

Allegiant Air is known for its commitment to quality customer service and strives for high customer satisfaction. The best part is that this airline makes it easier for passengers to select their seats quickly. The Allegiant Air seating chart is easy to explore and get desired to seat to travel comfortably.


The Viewpoint Of Allegiant Air Seating Chart

Allegiant Air Seat selection is a feature that allows consumers to pick their seats in advance on Allegiant Air flights. This feature gives passengers more power over their seating preferences, such as avoiding a middle seat or sitting with family or friends. This airline also provides extra space and comfort in certain sections to win the trust of every passenger. 

You can select available seats and pay a fee for upgraded or exit-row seating with additional legroom. Make your journey heavenly and relaxing with this feature. To learn more, you can go through all the guidelines mentioned beneath.

Prime Guidelines Of Allegiant Seat Selection Feature

Passengers flying with Allegiant Airlines can rest assured that they have complete independence when choosing a seat. The Allegiant plane seats selection policy is designed to make the process hassle-free for travelers. So, feel free to pick your desired seat on the plane without any worries!

  1. Upgrading Seat Selection: Seat upgrade can be requested when the Allegiant Air reservation is first made or later if the original purchase was made through the official website. 
  1. To avoid extra charges: Traveling with checked baggage, customers may select seat assignments before checking in at the airport. If travelers skip the seating assignment step at the time of purchase, they will be randomly assigned a seat at check-in. An additional fee per segment will be charged for seats chosen at the airport.

  1. To select seats online: All passengers can add or change seats using Allegiant’s Manage Travel options. Travelers should login and click the “My Trips” link to access a list of their trips. After opening the appropriate reservation, clicking “Seats” next to each passenger’s name will let travelers choose desired seat assignments. If the entire party wishes to sit together, there is a “For Everyone” option at the bottom of the seat page.

  1. To select seats at the airport: If passengers still need to choose their seat assignments online, they may ask an Allegiant Air customer service representative at the airport to select seats for them. The representative will work hard to accommodate the request, but assigning seats is only sometimes guaranteed. 

Perks Of Allegiant Air Seating Chart

  1. Purchase a Seat Assignment:  Assign yourself a seat and purchase it at the ticket counter or on Allegiant’s website.
  2. Pre-Reserved Seats: Use Allegiant Air website or ticket counter to reserve your seats in advance.
  3. Check-In Time: Print boarding passes or check in at the airport at least one hour before flight time.
  4. Choose Your Seats: During the boarding process, Allegiant Air offers several options for seat selection.
  5. Use Auto Seat: Auto Seat allows you to pick your seat when you check in online.
  6. Elite Member Seats: Elite Members receive priority flight seat assignments.
  7. Special Seats: Special seating may require additional fees for larger sizes.
  8. Upgrade to Star Seats: If space isn’t available, you may be eligible for an upgrade.
  9. Space A Seat Assignments: Last-minute travelers may be able to select a seat on same-day flights.
  10. Sit Together: Seat upgrade features allow you to request to sit with your travel companion or family.

Different Modes of Allegiant Seat Selection

  1. Using the Allegiant Air website: To make an Allegiant seat selection, go to the Allegiant Air website, choose the option for booking a flight, and select your desired seats. 
  2. Using the Allegiant mobile App: To select a seat, download the official app and log in using your Allegiant Air Rewards account details. Select your desired seats when you book a flight. 
  3. At the airport: You can also select a seat. Proceed to the ticket counter and request the staff to book your desired seat. The fee for choosing a specific center at the airport may vary depending on the airport.
  4. Contacting Customer Care: Contact Allegiant Customer Care via call.. When you reach a customer service representative, explain that you want to make a seat selection on your upcoming flight. Provide the customer service representative with your flight details, including flight number, date of travel, and other applicable information. 

Suggest possible seating options that will fit your particular travel needs. The customer service representative will search the seats available for your flight and confirm when they have found an appropriate one. The customer service representative will then complete the seat selection process and ensure your seat selection has been completed.

What To Do If You Don't Have An Allegiant Pre-Purchase Seat Assignment?

If you did not buy a pre-purchase seat assignment when booking, you can go to Allegiant Air  website and purchase a seat assignment any time before check-in begins. Go to their website’s Manage & Change page, select your flight, and follow the instructions for buying a seat assignment. You can also add a seat assignment when you check in online.

Steps To Buy Bundle Program For The Allegiant Air Seating Chart

  1. Visit the Allegiant Air website.
  2. Log in to your account or create a new one if you don’t have one yet. 
  3. Search for ‘Bundle Program’ and select the option from the search results.
  4. Read the Package Program terms and conditions carefully, then choose your preferred bundle program.
  5. Review and select your desired number of seats.
  6. Choose the seating chart for your Allegiant Air flight and select your preferred seats.
  7. Follow the instructions to complete the payment for the Bundle Program.
  8. Confirm your purchase and print the receipt for use on your flight.

Rules & Regulations For Passengers With Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Passengers with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) can travel on Allegiant. When bringing a POC for their use, passengers must follow these guidelines:

  1. The POC must be FAA approved and meet IATA requirements.
  2. It must have the manufacturer’s information and operating instructions.
  3. The POC must be labeled appropriately.
  4. The battery must last through the expected flight time and any connection time.
  5. Passengers must supply enough batteries for the POC to last the whole flight, plus an additional two hours. 
  6. The additional batteries must be in a separate container and labeled with the manufacturer’s name and make.
  7. Passengers must have a written statement from their doctor describing their condition and the need for the POC onboard the aircraft. The information must also include the doctor’s telephone number and mailing address.
  8. Passengers must obtain prior approval from the airline 
  9. Passengers must arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure and check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to make changes for seat assignment at the Airport?

Yes, by visiting the Allegiant Air ticket counter. However, a seat change fee may be charged, depending on the type of fare you have purchased.

The Allegiant Air seat selection fee ranges from $4 - $30 depending on the route, aircraft type and seat type purchased.

Yes, you can request seat alignment upgrades on the Allegiant app. You can purchase these upgrades before you check in for your flight.