Southwest Seat Selection

Southwest Airlines is a major low-cost airline based in Dallas, Texas. The airline is well-known for its affordable prices, comfortable seating, and generous amenities. Southwest's customer service is superb, and staff members go out of their way to help passengers. Southwest Airlines also offers unlimited changes and cancellations without any fees, and their online and mobile check-in service makes it incredibly easy to check in for your flight. Also, the Southwest seat selection feature helps you get your preferred flight seat without any hassle.

And in this guide, we will learn more about seat selection features, guidelines, and other crucial things. So, let's get started:


Southwest Seat Selection Process

For travelers, choosing a seat on a flight can be a stressful process. Southwest Airlines seat selection can make this process easier than ever. With Southwest Airlines’ intuitive user interface, travelers can quickly and easily select their seats from the comfort of their own homes. Travelers no longer need to wait until they come to the airport to choose seats.

This airline stores all its seating information digitally, so users can easily see the Southwest Airlines seat assignment and find the seat that best fits their needs. The seat selection tool also lets users know if the seat has extra legroom or is conveniently located near the bathrooms or the windows. This feature enables travelers to quickly and easily pick out their favorite seats.

What Type of Seating does Southwest Airlines Have?

With the Southwest Airlines seat upgrade feature you can elevate the comfort of flying by availing the best seat. Here you can know more about the seating options available on the Southwest flights: 

  1. Business Select cabins - feature priority boarding and early access to a pre-reserved seat of your choosing. They also include snacks and complimentary nonalcoholic drinks. 
  2. Anytime cabins - include everything in a Business Select cabin, more potential seat options, two free checked bags, and access to the Southwest Airlines Check-in
  3. Wanna Get Away cabins - are the most affordable option. They include basic amenities, such as a pre-reserved seat and snacks, without the additional extras.

How To Get A Desired Seat On Southwest Airlines?

For Southwest Airlines seat selection, you will first need to go to the airline’s website and sign in with your booking reference or ticket number. Once you have signed in, you can select a seat from an interactive seat map or a list of available seats. 

From there, you can update and confirm your selection. You can also add a special request, such as a specific type of seat or special accommodations, at the time of booking. Additionally, you can use your program credentials to check your points balance and book rewards flights if you are a Rapid Rewards Member.

What are the Benefits of Southwest Seat Selection Policy?

  1. The lack of assigned seats means early check-in isn’t necessary since you don’t need to claim your seat early to get a good spot. 
  2. Everyone gets to pick their own seat, and there is no need to follow a complex seating policy. 
  3. Customers can sit with their family members and travel companions, making it easy to stay together during the flight.
  4. With no assigned seating, Southwest Airlines’ official policies allow for a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing passengers to choose seats. 
  5. There are no reminder emails to check in early and no standing in line. 
  6. Passengers can check in 24 hours before the flight and have the ability to change their seats before boarding.

Ways to Upgrade Your Boarding Position on Southwest Airlines

To proceed with Southwest Airlines seat upgrade process, you just need to try out different ways with simple steps to elevate your seat without any hassle and to enjoy more comfort during flying:

i) Southwest Seat Selection Through Website

  1. Log in to your Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards account. 
  2. On your account page, click the “My Account” tab. 
  3. Scroll down and select the “Upgrade/Change Seats” option.
  4. Select the flight you’d like to upgrade to access the available seating options and pricing. 
  5. Choose the seat you want to upgrade and click the “Continue” button. 
  6. Review the details of your upgrade request and click the “Purchase Upgrade” button to confirm your request. 
  7. Follow the prompts to finish and pay for your upgrade. 
  8. Be sure to print or download a copy of your receipt for future reference.

ii) Southwest Seat Selection Through Mobile App

  1. Download and launch the Southwest mobile app.
  2. Log in to your account with your email address and your password.
  3. Select the ‘Booking’ tab in the app.
  4. Find and select your upcoming flight to view your itinerary.
  5. Now select ‘Upgrade Seat.’ 
  6. Review the cost of the upgrade compared to the price of your ticket. If agreeable, select ‘Upgrade Now.’
  7. When prompted, enter your payment method details, including your name, card number, CVV number, and expiration date. 
  8. Double-check that all your information is correct before confirming. 
  9. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a notification confirming that you have successfully upgraded to a Southwest Seat.

iii) Southwest Seat Selection Through Customer Care Service

  1. Get the Southwest Airlines customer care contact number on the website.
  2. Call customer service and provide your booking details
  3. Explain your request to upgrade your seat.
  4. The representative will check the availability and confirm whether any upgrade is available.
  5. If any upgrades are available, pay the required fee for the seat you wish to upgrade.
  6. Confirm your upgraded seat and ask the customer service representative to provide the flight and seat details in writing for your records.
  7. Upon checking in for the flight, show the customer service agent your written confirmation of the upgrade and take the seat of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Upgrade Seats On Southwest Airlines After 24 Hours Of Reservation?

It is not possible to upgrade a seat on Southwest Airlines after 24 hours of making the reservation. Seat upgrades are only offered at the time of booking, and they must be requested before the reservation is confirmed. Once a reservation is completed, any changes, including upgrades are subject to an applicable fare difference.

To get a preferred seat on a Southwest Airlines flight, you will need to purchase it at the time of booking your reservation. The airline offers preferred seats for an additional fee that vary depending on the type of seat and route. You can select the desired seating preference in the Southwest seating selection page before you check out and pay for your reservation.

Southwest Airlines provides open seating to make boarding and flying more efficient for passengers. With open seating, passengers no longer need to select a seat when booking their ticket, allowing them to board quickly and find the ideal seat after boarding. Open seating also allows passengers to easily switch seats if another one is more convenient or comfortable.