Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Flyers selected Frontier Airlines will benefit from their excellent yet transparent baggage policy. As per the Frontier Airlines baggage policythe baggage charges are lower online, and travelers have to pay additional fees if they want to pay for the checked baggage at the airport.

This comprehensive guide will share the essential information related to Frontier baggage policy for carry-on and check-in baggage. By the end of this guide, you will have all the crucial details, such as charges, allowances, and compensation for lost or delayed baggage.


Understanding Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Travelers who have chosen Frontier Airlines have the allowance to bring carry-on baggage alongside one personal item. They can get the carry-on baggage at the screening and when the plane is boarding. There won’t be any additional Frontier Airlines baggage cost as long as the measurements are not exceeded.

i) The Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy: Carry-on Baggage

  • Passengers can bring one carry-on baggage and one personal item free of cost.
  • According to the Frontier Airlines baggage policy, the carry-on baggage weight should weigh at most 15 kg.
  • You do not have to pay any Frontier Airlines baggage fees if the baggage weight is within the determined guidelines.
  • There are rules and regulations for the carry-on baggage size, and they should not violate it.
  • The Frontier Airlines carry-on bag measurement is 16x10x24 or 40x25x60cm. 
  • Personal Items should be at most 18x14x8 inches.
  • The size involves the wheels, handles, and baggage straps

ii) Know About Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy Prices

The Frontier Airlines baggage policy determines that if the carry-on baggage does not fit or overweighs the authorized weight, the passenger must bear the Frontier Airlines baggage fees. The fees for domestic or international flights will differ according to size, weight, and other conditions. The Frontier Airlines baggage fees begin from USD 37 and go up to 89 USD.

Passengers can use the discount coupons if they have purchased carry-on items in advance or have credit cards. You can apply for discounts if you buy your carry-on items in advance or have Frontier Airlines credit cards or coupons. Furthermore, if the flyers have altered the itinerary, the rules will remain the same according to Frontier baggage policy and fare conditions determined in the current booking.

What Items Can You Bring as Personal Items on Frontier Airlines?

The Frontier Airlines baggage policy focuses on providing a secure and hassle-free journey to their esteemed passengers. There is a complete list of items that you can bring with the carry-on baggage. Find out below:

  • Jackets
  • Laptops
  • Chargers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Clothes
  • Infant Food
  • Books
  • Headphones
  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Walkers
  • Umbrella
  • Mobile Phones

Frontier Baggage Policy for Check-in Baggage

The Frontier Airlines baggage policy may charge additional fees. According to the Frontier airlines checked bag price terms, passengers won’t have to pay a single penny if the bags are under 15 kg. If the size exceeds 62 inches in length, width, and height, then charges will become applicable.

Cost of Checked-In Baggage with Frontier Airlines

The Frontier Airlines baggage fees for Checked-In Baggage will vary according to the routes and cabin type selected. First, Frontier offers two types of fares: the Standard Fare and the Works Fare. With the Standard Fare, you can bring one personal item on board for free, such as a small backpack or purse. 

However, if you need more space, you must pay extra for a carry-on bag or checked luggage. The Works Fare covers both a personal item and a carry-on bag at no additional charge, plus it includes other perks like priority boarding and refundability.

Now, regarding regulations of carry-on luggage size Frontier Airlines, the carry-on must not exceed 24 inches in height, 16 inches in width, and 10 inches in depth. As for checked bags, each piece should not weigh over 50 pounds and must adhere to a maximum linear dimension of 62 inches.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy: Fees Requirements

Frontier has a base fare that only includes your item (like a small backpack or purse). If you want to bring more stuff with you (which, let’s face it, most of us do), be prepared to pay up. 

Depending on how and when you purchase your ticket, these
baggage fees can range from $30 to $60 for a carry-on bag and $35 to $75 for a checked bag. If your load exceeds the weight limit as per the conditions, this will result in paying extra charges per pound. It’s something to remember when booking your flight with Frontier Airlines because those additional charges can add up fast.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy for Military Bags

If you have active-duty status and are part of the U.S. Army, then there are certain benefits you can expect from Frontier Airlines baggage policy.

  • Flyers can bring one personal item free of cost.
  • One free carry-on bag.
  • Two checked-in bags without bearing Frontier Airlines baggage cost.
  • There won’t be any Frontier Airlines baggage fees for the overweighing items for the first two bags, such as carry-on and personal items.
  • According to the Frontier Airlines baggage sizes terms, the U.S. military passengers won’t have to pay additional fees for the first two bags exceeding the determined measurements.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy for Damaged Bag

As a budget airline, Frontier Airlines baggage policy has some perks. Delays can range from a few hours to several days. Frontier Airlines bag policy, they state on their website that they aim to deliver delayed bags within 24 hours. If the baggage gets delayed by Frontier Airlines, then you need to immediately connect with Frontier Representative within 4 hours of reaching your destination.

Frontier Airlines Policy for Lost Baggage

If you have lost the baggage with Frontier Airlines, you must report the missing baggage at the earliest to the Airport Staff within 12 hours of reaching the destination.

  • All you have to do is follow the steps below if the staff cannot find the baggage.
  • You must reach the Central Baggage Office.
  • Filling out the Frontier Airlines Lost Baggage Online Form.
  • Rely on DoNotPay. This program will assist to obtain the lawsuit and earn compensation for the missing baggage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Frontier Airlines refund baggage fees?

In certain circumstances, you can get a refund according to the Frontier Airlines baggage fees rules. If you have paid for a checked bag and your flight is canceled or delayed, or if there is a schedule change resulting in an inconvenience to your travel plans, you may be eligible for a refund of the baggage fee. However, it's important to note that Frontier Airlines has different refund policies depending on the situation. For instance, if you voluntarily decide not to travel with your checked bag after paying the fee, no refund will be provided. 

When it comes to traveling on Frontier Airlines in economy class, it's essential to familiarize yourself the Frontier baggage policy. The airline operates on a "bare fare" model, meaning that ticket purchases don't automatically include any checked or carry-on bags. You will incur additional fees if you bring a larger carry-on bag or check a suitcase. These fees can vary depending on when and where you purchase your bags and whether you pay in advance or at the airport. It's worth noting that Frontier Airlines baggage sizes have certain restrictions for carry-on and checked luggage, so double-check those before heading to the airport. 

Checking a bag on Frontier Airlines can vary in cost depending on several factors. Generally, the price for checking a bag will depend on whether you purchase the option during booking, before your flight online, or at the airport. For instance, buying the baggage option during booking or beforehand online may cost between $30 and $65 per bag each way.