United Airlines Name Change

Most of the airlines have a strict policy that permits only those passengers to board the flight whose names on the ticket precisely matches with their photo ID. Passengers must be aware that if they accidentally make any errors in their name details, they must correct them before boarding the flight. Thankfully, United Airlines name change process allows passengers to correct any name mismatch and ensure a hassle-free travel experience.


Misspelled Name Changes on United Airlines Tickets

United Airlines allow only minor name changes, and passengers won't be able to change the complete name of a passenger. 

To rectify their name, a traveler must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. United Airlines will only allow name correction requests for code-share and interline flights on their route portion.
  2. The ticket inventory should start with the number 016.
  3. Only a single reissue per ticket is allowed when making a name correction on the airline ticket.
  4. If a customer requests additional changes to their ticket, such as other modifications besides the name, these will be treated as a name change. Consequently, such additions are part of the airline's name change policy, potentially increasing the ticket price.
  5. No modifications can be made to the flight date, time, fare classes, or fare base code as per the airline name change policy.
  6. Minor edits to the name are acceptable, but they must match the details on the government ID card.
  7. When requesting a name change on the boarding pass, a passenger cannot amend the date of birth or gender.
  8. The customer's date of birth and name are subject to United Airlines name change policy.
  9. Minor changes to mistakes in the date of birth can be made only if they were made during the reservation process.
  10. United airlines name change policy allows a single correction per reservation. For further changes, additional charges will apply to complete the necessary formalities.

                    Various types of Name Correction Policies

                    If a traveler makes an error while reserving a ticket, the airline provides a name change policy to help resolve the issue. This airline offers three distinct categories that allow passengers to correct misspelled names. Here are the three types of name change policies offered by United Airlines:

                    1) Modification of Minor Mistakes: According to the airline’s name correction policy, minor mistakes do not require additional documentation. These changes are limited to simple errors like spelling mistakes or minor letter inaccuracies. Here are Examples of Simple Name Modifications:
                    • Modifying the nickname, for instance, by changing “Ally” to “AL.”
                    • Making changes to the middle name on the boarding pass, such as adjusting “George Tucker Johnes” to “George T. Johnes.”
                    • Correcting a typing error in the name’s spelling, such as changing “Charli” to “Charlie” or “Mathwe” to “Mathew.”
                    2) Major Modifications in Name: United Airlines may experience significant reservation changes, particularly in cases of marriage or divorce, where passengers must provide supporting documents for their requests. These changes required appropriate documentation to validate their name change requests. Below are the Documents that Passengers require for a Legal name Change:
                    • In the case of divorce, passengers must provide papers proving the separation settlement.
                    • In case of marriage-related name changes, passengers should present a legal document that supports the name change.
                    • If a passenger has changed their full name, they must show a government-issued document that includes their old and new information.
                    3) Affidavit with an Alternative Name: In certain situations, passengers do not possess supporting documents. In such instances, United Airlines’ name change policy offers an alternative solution, allowing customers to modify their name by presenting an affidavit with the desired name. It means that passengers can change the name on their ticket with the help of a properly executed affidavit. Additionally, travelers can use the affidavit to generate a copy of their photo ID. However, if the name change falls outside the above mentioned categories, you must cancel your flight and make a new booking.

                    Different methods to use the United Airlines Name Correction Policy

                    When requesting a name change on the ticket, United Airlines understands passengers’ convenience. The airline has offered multiple options for rectifying the name to accommodate this.

                    According to the airline’s Name Correction Policy, passengers have the flexibility to alter a name in the following ways:

                    1. Name change with an Affidavit: If the passenger has no government-issued ID to support their name change, they must produce an affidavit to change their name.
                    2. Changing name by calling: Passengers can change their names by calling the Airlines Help Desk  customer support number at +1-855-738-4315
                    3. Change at the airport: The Airlines have an airport counter at every major airport worldwide, and passengers can change their name by visiting any of those counters.

                    United Airlines Name Change Charges

                    A passenger can change the name on the ticket, but this service comes with a charge. The fee for a name change may vary based on the timing of the request. If you decide to modify the name within 24 hours of booking, a $75 fee will apply.

                    For any changes made after 24 hours but within two hours before the scheduled departure, the cost will be $200, in addition to the fare difference.

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    How to Change your Name on a United Airlines Ticket?

                    Contact United Airlines' customer service or visit their website if you need to change your name on a United Airlines ticket. You can provide the required information and pay an applicable fees. Ensure your new name matches your identification for a smooth travel experience.

                    Passengers have the flexibility to rectify minor name errors, such as adjusting prefixes or correcting spelling mistakes.

                    Indeed, United Airlines permits name changes for international flight tickets. The rules and limitations can differ based on fare type, ticket conditions, and destination. For comprehensive details on name changes for international flights contact customer support service.