Southwest Airlines Name Change

Have you ever experienced a confusing situation where you mispelled a name while booking a flight ticket? Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy has got your back!  While it's a common mistake! It can be stressful when it results in false data on a ticket. Fortunately, The airline offers an easy solution to correct name-related mistakes. Learn more about Airlines' name change policy to enjoy a smooth and relaxing travel experience.  


How can I Change Name on Tickets?

There are many ways to change name on tickets. You can read below

1) Southwest Airlines Name Change via Call

For Southwest Airlines' name change on the ticket, call the customer service number provided by the airline. Follow the steps shared below to change your name on the ticket. With the correct details, you can quickly resume your journey.

  1. Provide a six-digit booking number, legal documents, or required information photocopies to identify and clarify when the airline's representative requests.
  2. Only four characters to your first, middle, and last name can be modified.  
  3. Pay your fee if needed or asked for it. 
  4. Get a new confirmation notification after the Airlines name change is completed on the boarding pass.

2) Making Southwest Airlines Name Change Online

The website lets you modify the name on your Airlines ticket. Just follow these steps to modify the name:

  • Go to Southwest Airlines’ official website.
  • Tap on the “login” icon.
  • Submit required a confirmation number and last name.
  • Tap on the flight button.
  • Choose “manage reservation” from the main menu.
  • Check the scheduled reservation table, then tap on “Edit Name.” Modify your name and enter all the appropriate for the name change.
  • Pay the Southwest Airlines name change fee if needed.
  • Save your name and get a confirmation of the new ticket.

3) Request Your Southwest Airlines Name Change By Email

Southwest Airlines have a compliant page that allows passengers to voice complaints and make email requests when changing their reservation names. This ensures a smooth process and manages it professionally. Check the details listed below:

  • Visit “Southwest Airlines official page
  • Tap the “Email Us” form and complete the necessary details.
  • Upload suitable documents in approval of the name change.
  • Wait for the answer you’ll receive on your initial email ID. 

Major Conditions of Name Changes on Southwest Airlines

You need valid legal documentation of marriage or divorce. You can easily change your name on the ticket. According to Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy, if you have the correct documentation, changing your name can be more accessible and hassle-free. 

A marriage/divorce certificate or photo ID is needed to verify your identity. Please make sure they’re up-to-date for name changes after marriage. 

1) Due to Marriage

Several options are open for customers! You can confidently contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service with proof of your old and new names, such as your government-issued photo ID and marriage certificate. 

You can make the changes on the Official website using the Edit feature on the Manage Reservations page, provided you meet the eligibility conditions. Preparing all the required documents and information is essential to ensure a seamless process.

2) Due to Divorce

As per the name change policy on Southwest Airlines, legal cases such as name change after marriage or divorce only allow name changes. It is important to note that passengers can only fix their last names in such situations. In case of a divorce, passengers must provide court orders and supporting documents for the legal name change.

Do Southwest Airlines Charge for Name Correction?

The airline has a name change policy that doesn’t charge any fees for such mistakes. However, if you’ve legally changed your name, you must reissue your ticket and pay the difference between the old and new fare. The exact amount of the Southwest name change fee will depend on your situation. Luckily, you won’t have to pay fees if you request the name correction within 24 hours of booking.

Southwest Customer Service

All name change requests can be achieved via the airline’s customer service number. The airline’s agent will assist you with the name change process. Provide them with all the required details and get your name changed on the flight ticket without going anywhere.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Process With Airlines Help Desk

If you have reservations from a third-party travel agency and notice a misspelling of a name in the ticket, you can directly contact the Airlines Help Desk at +1-855-738-4315. We will take care of the name change to make your flight experience easy and hassle-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

How to Fix Misspelled Names on Southwest airline tickets?

You can change a passenger's name on a flight through their website, app, phone, email, or social media. You can do it in person at a retail office or ticket counter if you have time. Airline makes it easy and convenient for customers.  

Yes, you contact Airlines customer care service to get a solution for every query within minutes.

The process is known as the airline name change policy for modifying misspelt or incorrect names printed on flight tickets.