Volaris Delayed Flight Compensation

Volaris Airlines is recognized as a prominent airline of Mexico. Being a reputed carrier, Volaris offers the best-in-class amenities making the travel one of a kind. If the flight gets delayed, the airline compensates the passengers under the Volaris delayed flight compensation policy.

The delayed flight compensation policy offers assistance when the passenger face flight issues at the time of departure. Understanding the policy terms, travelers will get complete data on how to start the compensation process. Volaris Airlines do not make their passenger face any loss or damage if they are responsible for the late flight.


What are the Terms and Conditions for Volaris Delayed Flight Compensation?

There are a few terms and regulations that the passengers must understand. According to the Volaris Airline delays flight policy, the regulations follow the EC 261 rules. The law terms are applicable for the flights departing from the European Airport. If the Volaris Flights do not leave from European Destinations, the EC 261 conditions are eligible.

Some Additional Terms you must know to get Volaris delayed flight compensation -

  1.  If The flight delay is more than one hour but not exceeding four hours, a discount will be provided to the passenger for booking another flight.    
  2. Passengers can avail of the discount as an e-voucher for Volaris flight delays.
  3. A few documents must be submitted to the client care executive for receiving the compensation from Volaris Airlines.
  4. If the flight gets delayed for more than one hour but less than 4-hour, the passenger will receive 50 Mexican pesos for experiencing delayed issues.

How much time will it take to get Volaris delay compensation?

You can expect compensation for the flight delay in a few situations. If the conditions are under control, airlines are responsible for compensating. To get the delayed compensation, ensure that Volaris confirms the reservation.

Check out the eligibility criteria to claim compensation for the Volaris delayed flight.

  1. You can expect compensation for the flight if you reach the destination 3 hours or more than that.
  2.  If you are taking a different flight and arrive at the final stop later than the first flight schedule.
  3.  You received the notification of the delayed flight less than 14 hours before the flight departure.
  4. The airline is accountable for the delay if the reasons were out of control.

How can I request Volaris flight delay vouchers?

Volaris Airlines ensures that flyers receive compensation in case the flight gets delayed. The compensation is provided in the form of Volaris Airlines Vouchers. To claim the vouchers, you must be aware of the following things:

  • Time Duration: Every voucher has a specific time duration. The validity begins whenever you get the notification regarding the vouchers on your provided email ID.
  • Passenger Name: The passenger’s name and the person receiving the voucher must be the same. In addition, the name on the voucher should be correct. You must read the Volaris Name Change on the ticket policy to get precise details on changing the name.

Individual Usage: The vouchers are only eligible for one person, and bookings with different flyers won’t be affected. 

You must adhere to the rules and regulations to start using the vouchers. The validity might change occasionally.

What is the process to claim Volaris Delayed Flight Compensation policy vouchers?

You must follow these steps to apply for Volaris delayed flight compensation. Firstly, you must visit the official website to start the compensation procedure.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Visit the official website www.volaris.com
  2. Choose the delayed flight and start the checkout procedure.
  3. You will redirect to the payment tab after completing the checkout.
  4. To claim the vouchers, you need to begin the checkout vouchers process.
  5. Select the vouchers, presents, travel assets, and so on.
  6. To claim the vouchers, you need to provide the requested information.
  7. To redeem the pending Volaris Airline Voucher, flyers need to visit the official website or reach the ticket counter for the same purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Volaris flight delay happen?

According to the official Volaris website, the airline's on-time performance rate is 83%, meaning 17% of flights are delayed. There can be several reasons behind the flight delay such as a shortage of aircraft, technical issues, etc. For precise information you can reach Airlines Help Desk.

Yes, Volaris provides flight delay compensation to passengers. Depending on the length of the delay, passengers may be entitled to a full or partial refund, free rebooking, and other compensation. To learn more about Volaris' delay compensation policy, passengers should contact Volaris' customer service.

Volaris must be notified of the delay or cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled arrival time. Customers must receive written or verbal notice of the delay or cancellation. The airlines will offer an alternative flight, if available. The compensation provided to the flyers is in the form of an e-voucher. Passengers must deliver passports, booking confirmation number receipts, and e-tickets to confirm the Volaris compensation for delayed flight requests.