Understanding KLM Seat Selection Policy


Traveling improves when you get a golden opportunity to pick the best seat on the flight. From choosing the most favorable window seat to having a seat with extra legroom, it is always in demand. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers excellent flexibility and comfort to help you have your desired seat for seamless travel. As one of the most exuberant airlines in the commercial air travel industry, the airline's services and innovations impress travelers. From staff behavior, onboard experience, airport check-in, and customer care assistance, this airline delivers top-grade hospitality to its passengers. Today, in this guide, we have covered some essential details of the KLM seat selection policy to help you understand the guidelines and important perks of enjoying smoother travel experiences.

The Ideology Of KLM Seat Selection Policy

For every traveler, finding the best seat on a plane is becoming a top priority! Just imagine you’re a travel vlogger. You need to capture the best scenes of the skies from the window, so you’ll make the best possible efforts to get the window seat. You’ll be frustrated and feel disappointed if you get a non-window seat. By understanding such consequences and many other scenarios, 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines took a step forward by introducing a seat selection policy. It allows you to book your desired seat according to your budget and needs. The policy works amazingly for solo travelers, group travelers, families, travel vloggers, and everyone else. Also, it allows you to pick a variety of other preferences to make traveling an absolute leisure to enjoy. Please check the details below for more about KLM seat selection terms and conditions. 

The Seating Options Of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Whether you’re planning to fly for the first time with KLM Airlines, you can choose seats according to your budget and needs. This airline offers a variety of cabin classes that provide exceptional hospitality and services according to the price you pay. The KLM online seat selection includes many options. So, let’s uncover the details: 

1) Flights Within Europe

i) Standard Seat : The ergonomically designed KLM economy class seats have a 76 cm standard legroom and a 9 cm seamless reclining feature. It’s the most basic seat desirable for short-haul trips. 

ii) Economy Comfort Seat : For more comfort and priority disembarking service. The seat offers 5cm legroom, a 4-5 cm extra recline feature, and plush relaxation throughout the journey. This seat provides standard comfort and flexibility to minimize jet lag during air travel journeys. Also, you can book this seat for medium-haul journeys. 

iii) Extra Legroom Seat : The seat near the emergency exits has 15 cm extra legroom with a 9cm regular recline feature to help you stretch and relax comfortably. To get additional legroom seats, you need to meet basic eligibility. Like in any emergency, you must assist the cabin crew with evacuation. Travelers with these seats cannot fly with their pets, and you need to keep carry-on items in the overhead bin. In any major emergency, the crew may give you any other seat. 

iv) Front Standard Seat : Travelers flying with standard tickets can enjoy priority-worth services for traveling. Travelers can easily relax on a plush front standard seat with a 76cm legroom and a 9cm common reclining feature. Also, travelers can enjoy priority disembarking services.

ii) KLM Intercontinental Flights

i) Standard Seat : The KLM economy class seat offers 79 cm standard legroom with a 12.5cm reclining feature, a 9-11 inch personal entertainment system, and a built-in power feature. 

ii) Economy comfort seats : The seats are located in the front area of the plane, so passengers with economy comfort seats will be the first ones to disembark at the airport. The seats offer 10 cm extra legroom with a 4 to 5 cm reclining feature and a 9 to 11-inch personal entertainment system to keep you entertained throughout the journey. 

iii) Extra legroom seats : Seats near the emergency exit feature 61 cm up to legroom, a 12.5 cm maximum recline feature, and a 9 to 11-inch personal entertainment system. Travelers with pets are not allowed to fly with extra legroom tickets. 

iv) Seat in a row of 2 : To enjoy more privacy during traveling, you can book these seats with 79 cm standard legroom, a 12,5 cm reclining feature, and a 9 to 11-inch personal entertainment system. 

v) Front standard seat : These seats are behind the Economical Comfort zone; travelers with front standard tickets can enjoy a priority disembarking facility. The seat offers 79 cm standard legroom, a 12,5 cm recline feature, and a 9 to 11-inch personal entertainment system. This seat provides more comfort and services for travelers to enjoy incredible flying experiences.

Seat Configuration On KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight


The seat assignment or configuration of KLM depends on the aircraft. It may vary according to the route, destination, and aircraft type. Airbus A330-200 offers World Business Class with 2-2-2 configuration, 2-4-2 economy class configuration, and luxurious facilities. This aircraft flies to Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Bahrain, Fortaleza, or Edmonton routes. 

Similarly, The Airbus A330-300 flies to Boston, Lagos, and Calgary. It offers Economy Comfort Class: 40 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration, World Business Class: 30 seats in a 2-2-2 configuration, and 22 seats in a 2-2-2 seating configuration of economy class. The Boeing 737-700 operates in Berlin, Newcastle, or Istanbul with Business Class: 24 seats in a 3-3 configuration and Economy Class: 118 seats in a 3-3 configuration. Boeing 737-800 flying to Moscow, Madrid, or Lisbon offers 122 economy-class seats, 48 economy-comfort seats, and 16 business-class seats. 

Likewise, Boeing 737-900 operates in Tel Aviv, Stockholm, or Bucharest. It offers 168 economy class and 20 business class seats. KLM Boeing 777-200 ER has a specific seating configuration of 35 seats in a 3-3 configuration of Europe business class, 40 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration of economy comfort, and 13 seats in a 3-3 (blocked middle seat) economy class configuration. Moreover, the Boeing 777-300 ER has 34 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration for business class, 40 in a 2-4-2 configuration for economy comfort, and 334 in a 3-4-3 configuration for economy class. 

Boeing 787-9, Boeing 787-10, Embraer 175, Embraer 190, and Embraer 195-E2 different KLM seat maps that you can check while booking your flight tickets and during seat selection. 

Significant Terms & Conditions Of KLM Seat Selection Policy

Whether you need KLM world business class seats or economy comfort, stay alert about the fundamental terms and conditions of the policy. To make the seat selection process smoother, check the terms and conditions listed here:

i) Regular Seats And Extra Comfortable Seats

  • The KLM seats are highly comfortable and have excellent features to make every travel experience effervescent. Also, it is the ultimate choice for budget-friendly travel. 
  • If you book economy class seats, you can enjoy the opportunity to relax on extra-comfy chairs with premium recline features. And the prices are highly reasonable. 
  • If you want to book KLM extra comfortable seats and standard seats, you can book them at a discounted price by having a membership in the Flying Blue Elite and SkyMiles Elite programs.

ii) Requirements and Eligibility 

The KLM requirements and eligibility depend on the fare type of the flight ticket purchased with frequent flier status. So, before you proceed with any changes, follow these important guidelines. 

iii) Type Of KLM Flight Ticket

  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines allows you to choose economy class seats for free, depending on the flight ticket fare. 
  • According to KLM choose seat rules, travelers must pay extra to select business class seats. 

iv) KLM Frequent Flyer Status 

  • If the traveler is a Flying Blue Elite member, they can be eligible to select seats without paying any extra charges or enjoy discounts depending on the tier status. 
  • Non-Elite Flying Blue members will be requested to pay an extra fee for seat selection. 

v) Emergency Exit Seats 

If you need Extra legroom seats, you must stay alert, active, and vital to handle any emergency. Passengers taking medications or with physical disabilities cannot sit near the emergency exit. Any person sitting near an emergency exit must be physically and mentally strong. 

vi) Refund 

In the subsequent events, you are authorized to receive a refund for the expense of the KLM extra comfortable seats for that precise feature of the travel if an extra comfortable seat is not presented to you:

  • Travelers must request a refund for the KLM flight ticket and extra comfy seat within 24 hours of reservation.
  • In case the KLM flight got canceled automatically. 
  • The KLM flight’s plane or seat configuration has been modified, making the same extremely comfortable seat type inaccessible.
  • The traveler missed connecting KLM international flights after taking a flight with KLM or another SkyTeam partner.

Online Procedure To Select KLM Airlines Seat

The online procedure of seat selection is undoubtedly flexible and time-saving for everyone. Here are some easy steps that you can follow for online KLM seat selection

  • Turn on your laptop or computer and check the internet connection. 
  • Go to the desired web browser and visit the official KLM Airlines website. 
  • Tap on the "MY TRIP" option on the top banner of the homepage. 
  • Enter your booking details, name, and other required information. 
  • Pick the flight reservation for which you want to request seat selection. 
  • Tap on the "Seat Selection" option. 
  • Choose the desired seat according to your needs. 
  • Additionally, you can also select your KLM wanted seat through manage booking. 
  • Once you have confirmed the seat selection process, complete the required payment if needed. 

Customer Care Service For KLM Seat Selection Assistance

If you need help with the online method, contact a KLM Airlines customer service agent for professional assistance in making the seat selection process more manageable. Just Follow the steps shared here:

  • Find the KLM customer care number on the official website and place a call. 
  • Wait for the call to get connected. 
  • Once the call is connected, tell your request about seat selection for your upcoming flight. 
  • Ensure that you provide the agent with the correct details of the KLM reservation. 
  • Inform your desired seat preferences. For example: window seat, seat with extra legroom, or seat near emergency exit. 
  • Once the agent checks the availability and confirms your request, double-check the details from your end. 
  • Make sure to complete any additional payment if needed for seat selection. 
  • Also, you can get the confirmation details through text message or on your registered email address. 
  • Always ensure to contact the customer care service of your region to get appropriate assistance in your language. 

Different Methods For KLM Airlines Seat Selection Process

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers four other methods to make the seat selection process seamless and stress-free, Offline and online methods are included to assist all kinds of travelers with other preferences, To explore these methods, you can check the details listed here:

  • Online Process: The manage booking section of KLM airlines allows you to place a request for desired seat selection. This process is simple, more accessible, and can be completed without stepping out of the home or office. 
  • Mobile App Process: Travelers can also use the official KLM mobile app to complete the seat selection with a proper internet connection at home or anywhere. 
  • Customer Care Call Process: You can contact a KLM customer care representative for professional assistance with the seat selection process. The representative will complete the entire process from their end without any mess.
  • Visiting KLM Service Desk: You can go to the KLM Airlines service desk at the airport and place a request for seat selection. The KLM staff will seamlessly assist you throughout the process. 

Placing KLM Seat Selection Request At The Time Of Check-In

If you need to remember seat selection during the booking process, you can still have a chance to get the desired seat during the check-in process. The entire process for KLM online seat selection is easy and smooth. So, go through the details listed here: 

  • Turn on your laptop, check internet connectivity, and visit your favorite web browser. 
  • Tap on KLM Airlines' official website. '
  • You can tap the "Check-In" button on the homepage and the top banner. 
  • Enter your booking details accurately, such as booking code, e-ticket number, last name, and flight number. 
  • Step by step, complete the KLM check-in process by filling out the required information. 
  • Once you go to the seat selection screen, check the seat assignment and choose your desired seat. 
  • Your request will be placed on the waiting list if no seats are available. 
  • Lastly, when the check-in and seat selection process is completed, you'll receive your boarding pass with your assigned seat on your registered email address. 

If you find any issue regarding the check-in or seat selection process, just contact the KLM customer care agent to get professional help for solving queries and questions. Similarly, you can make changes to your seat selection 24 hours before the flight departure.

What Is The Cost Of Reserving A Seat On KLM Airlines?

The cost of KLM Airlines seat selection relies on different factors. The fee can depend on the flight ticket purchased, the route, and the seat location with features. A particular fee may be applied if you select a seat during check-in. In many cases, if you want to proceed with a seat upgrade during that event, you'll be requested to pay an extra fee. The seat selection cost may also depend upon availability and many other factors. You can contact customer care service representatives to get a clarified solution for a seamless seat selection process.

Also, the representative will educate you about up-to-date information, recommendations, and many more crucial information. No extra cost will be incurred if you choose your seat during the reservation process. Therefore, you can thoroughly follow the guidelines and significant details to avoid issues during the seat selection procedure. 

i )Booking A KLM Business Class Seat With Points

Being the sibling of Air France, KLM also takes pride in making the Business World Class experience significantly superior. Whether you fly from Europe to the United States, choosing KLM business class can cost approximately $200 to $350. If you select your flight seat months before the flight departure, you may be requested to pay less for business class. You can easily book your business class trip experience on an affordable budget using award points. You can check your points and eligibility for reserving a business class seat. To gather more information, you can contact Airlines Help Desk experts or customer care to obtain accurate information. 

 ii) Perks Of KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy 

Flying on KLM Airlines offers endless perks and a cheerful ambiance for air traveling. Similarly, relying on the KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy can provide numerous benefits to make your experience with this airline worthwhile. To explore more, go through the details shared here: 

  • Gains the trust of the travelers by offering different seat selection options. 
  • Travelers with loyalty program membership can enjoy free or discounted seat selection services. 
  • It helps to improve the entire experience of traveling by making the desired seats available. 
  • If you forget seat selection during booking, you can get assistance from a customer care agent or use the seat selection option during check-in to get a desirable seat. 
  • No fees will be involved if you pick your seat during the reservation process. 
  • Early bird travelers can get a chance to book window seats, seats with extra legroom, or better seating options without waiting. 
  • Advanced seat selection services can help you to stay away from last-minute stress.
  • If you choose a seat with extra legroom, you can relax without any hassle and enjoy the journey without jet lag. 
  • Travelers choosing window seats can admire the mesmerizing view of the skies and ground by capturing them on camera. 
  • You can also include additional features and services to make your air travel experience better and more impressive. 
  • Last but not least, it improves the overall experience of air travel and builds customer trust positively. 


Therefore, you have learned all the crucial information about the KLM seat selection policy and its significant terms and conditions. Now it’s your turn to book a flight, select your desired seat with ease, and fly randomly anywhere. Take advantage of flying on KLM Airlines to enjoy opulent perks and services to enhance every travel experience with impressive top-notch hospitality. With this seat selection policy, you can travel comfortably without any hassle of adjusting randomly anywhere in the cabin. Lastly, if you need more assistance with flight booking, seat selection, or managing booking, connect with the professional Airlines Help Desk expert now. Get appreciation-worthy assistance to make every journey awesome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary To Select A Seat During Klm Flight Booking?

It is essential to select a preferable seat while making a KLM reservation. If you don’t choose or forget to pick a seat, the airline will automatically alot any random seat for travel. And the seat can be located anywhere. 

KLM Airlines is one of the top-grade airlines for family travel. This airline allows families and children to sit together during air travel. If you’re traveling with your family, you can stay stress-free about seat selection by contacting customer care service.

The price of KLM Airlines seat selection depends on the route, seat location, features, and fare class. So, before you proceed with the KLM seat selection process, check the policy guidelines.

To enjoy the free-of-cost seat selection experience, pick your desired seat 33 hours before the flight departure. For future bookings, you can choose your preferred seat during the booking process or within 24 hours of the reservation period.


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