Things To Know About Qatar Airways Seat Selection


Flying with Qatar Airways is like a smooth transition between luxury and first-class service, but there's an aspect of the background that's sometimes missed: the nuances of seat selection. This insightful guide reveals the hidden elements of Qatar Airways seat selection policy. Learn about the details influencing your in-flight experience and the standard procedures for checking in and selecting a seat.

Fasten your seatbelts as we explore the hidden world of gratuities and charges, unraveling the variables that affect free seat distributions and negotiating the paid options. Discover the subtleties of each cabin's seating options, from Economy to First Class, including undiscovered gems like dual seats for couples on vacation.

This guide reveals the unique considerations for families, infant passengers, and passengers with special needs as we travel through the skies. Learn the insider tips for choosing your seat on Qatar Airways, which will turn your journey into a personalized, cozy, and knowledgeable experience. Now that you know more, it's time to navigate the skies with it. 

Qatar Airways Cabin Classes

Qatar Airways offers passengers a luxurious and diverse range of cabin classes, ensuring a comfortable and personalized travel experience. The award-winning Qsuite in the Business Class is at the forefront, featuring the first double bed in the sky, customizable privacy panels, and ample storage space. Business Class passengers enjoy exquisite dining options and exclusive access to premium lounges.

The Economy Class provides a spacious and ergonomic environment, modern amenities, and various entertainment options to make the journey enjoyable. The airline’s commitment to passenger satisfaction extends to its Qatar Airways Premium Economy Class, offering extra legroom, larger seats, and enhanced dining services.

For the epitome of luxury, the first-class cabin provides unparalleled luxury with private suites, gourmet cuisine, and personalized service. Passengers in all classes benefit from Qatar Airways' renowned hospitality and state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system, ensuring a memorable travel experience whether flying for business or leisure. The airline's dedication to excellence has earned it numerous accolades, positioning this airline as one of the leading carriers globally.

How To Pick A Qatar Airways Seat?

Selecting a seat on Qatar Airways through the website is a straightforward process that allows passengers to customize their in-flight experience based on personal preferences. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the Qatar Airways Website: Go to the official Qatar Airways website on your browser.
  • Log In: If you log in to your account, use your credentials. If you still need to, you may continue as a guest.
  • Enter Booking Details: Enter your booking reference and last name to access your reservation. Alternatively, you can log in with your Privilege Club membership details if you're a member.
  • Access Manage Booking: Locate the "Manage Booking" section once logged in. This is typically found in the main menu or on the homepage.
  • Select Your Flight: Choose the specific flight for which you want to select a seat.
  • View Seat Map: The airline will display the Qatar a350 seat map for your selected flight. The map will show the layout of the aircraft with available seats marked.
  • Choose Your Seat: Click on your preferred seat. Depending on your fare class, there may be variations in seat availability and selection options.
  • Confirm Selection: After selecting your seat, the website will prompt you to confirm your choice. Review your Selection and proceed to demonstrate.
  • Pay for Preferred Seats: If your chosen seat comes with an additional fee (e.g., for extra legroom or specific locations), you will be prompted to pay for the upgrade.
  • Confirmation: Once the Qatar seat selection process is complete, you will receive a seat confirmation for the selected flight.

Remember to check the airline's policies regarding seat selection, as some fare classes may have restrictions or additional charges for specific seat choices.

How do you pick a seat On Qatar Airways via a call?


To select a seat on Qatar Airways via phone, follow these steps:

i) Contact Qatar Airways: Dial the airline's customer service number, which can be found on their official website.

Provide Booking Information: When connected, provide your booking reference and last name to the customer service representative.

ii) Request Seat Selection: Communicate your desire to choose a seat for your upcoming flight. Specify any preferences you may have, such as window or aisle.

Follow Agent's Guidance: The customer service representative will guide you through the available seat options for your flight and assist in choosing a seat that meets your preferences.

iii) Confirm and Verify: Once a seat is selected, confirm the choice with the agent and ensure that all details, including any associated fees, are communicated and verified.

iv) Receive Confirmation: After completing the seat selection process over the phone, the representative will confirm the confirmation seat for the specified flight.

When Can You Choose Your Seat On Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways allows passengers to choose their seats at various times, depending on factors such as fare class, membership status, and other considerations. Generally, passengers booking higher fare classes, such as Business or First Class, often have the flexibility to choose seats for free at the time of booking or shortly afterward. Economy Class passengers may also be able to select accessible seats during the booking process, although specific conditions may apply.

For Privilege Club members or passengers with elite status, Qatar seat selection benefits may extend to lower fare classes, allowing seats to be chosen earlier. Passengers who opt for lower-fare categories or do not have elite status may incur charges for preferred seats, extra legroom, or specific locations, depending on the airline's policies. It's advisable to review Qatar Airways' seat selection policies and options during the booking process to make informed decisions based on individual preferences and needs.

When Can You Choose Your Seat Online On Qatar Airways?

The ability to choose your seat online with Qatar Airways depends on various factors, including your fare class, membership status, and when you make your booking. Generally, passengers can select seats on the Qatar Airways website during the booking process. For higher fare classes, such as Business or First Class, and elite members of the Privilege Club, seat selection may be available at no extra cost.

Economy Class passengers may also have the option to Qatar Airways choose seats online during the booking process, with the possibility of free seat selection depending on availability. It's advisable to check the specific terms and conditions associated with your fare class and to complete the seat selection as early as possible to secure your preferred seat.

Remember that this airline may also offer the option to purchase preferred seats or seats with extra legroom for an additional fee during the online check-in.

Is It Possible To Pre-Book Seats On Qatar Airways?

Yes, it is possible to pre-book seats on Qatar Airways. The ability to pre-book seats generally depends on your fare class, membership status, and when you make your reservation. This airline allows passengers to select seats in advance during the booking process on their official website or through the customer service hotline.

For passengers flying in higher fare classes like Business or First Class, and for elite members of the Privilege Club, seat selection may be available at no extra cost. Economy Class passengers can also pre-book seats online, though fees might apply for specific seat preferences or extra legroom.

During the online booking, passengers can typically view a seat map and choose from available seats. Pre-booking seats early is advisable to secure preferred locations, especially if you have specific seating preferences. Additionally, passengers can often modify seat selections later through the Manage Booking section on the airline's website.

It's essential to review Qatar Airways seat selection policies, as the availability of free seat selection and associated fees may vary depending on the specific conditions of your booking and the class of service.

What Is The Width Of Seats On Qatar Airways?

The width of seats on Qatar Airways can vary depending on the aircraft and the class of service. The airline is generally known for providing comfortable seating with generous dimensions.

i) Economy Class: Seat widths in Economy Class typically range from 17 to 18 inches, offering passengers a standard level of comfort.

ii) Business Class: Business Class seats are more expansive, providing more passenger space. The seat width in Business Class can vary but often falls within the range of 21 to 22 inches, providing enhanced comfort for long-haul flights.

iii) First Class: First Class seats on Qatar Airways offer the most spacious accommodations. The seat width in First Class is often more significant than in Business Class, providing an even more luxurious and comfortable experience.

It's important to note that these dimensions are approximate and can vary based on the specific aircraft type and configuration. Passengers can find detailed information about seat dimensions for a particular flight during the booking process or by checking the airline's official website.

Qatar Airways Best Seats For Travel

Selecting the best seats on Qatar Airways depends on personal preferences, aircraft type, and service class. Here are some general considerations for different courses:

i) Qsuite in Business Class: Qatar Airways Qsuite, available on select aircraft, offers a unique and luxurious experience. Consider choosing seats in the middle section if traveling with a companion, as the dividers can be lowered to create a double bed. Window seats provide excellent views.

ii) Business Class: In non-Qsuite Business Class cabins, seats in the front of the cabin offer a quieter environment, while those near the rear may be closer to restrooms. Window seats provide a more private experience.

iii) Economy Class: Exit row seats often provide extra legroom, but be aware that these seats may have specific responsibilities. Seats in the front of the cabin may offer quicker disembarkation.

iv) Bulkhead Seats: bulkhead seats (the first row of each cabin section) typically offer more legroom in all classes. However, these seats may also have limitations due to the placement of in-flight entertainment equipment.

Using online tools or consulting with the airline directly for specific seat recommendations is advisable. Seat preferences can vary, so consider factors like proximity to restrooms, noise level, and personal space when choosing the best seats for your travel on this airline.

Is It Compulsory To Pay For Qatar Airways Seats?

Seat selection policies on Qatar Airways can vary based on factors such as the class of service, fare type, and membership status. Here's a breakdown for different seat categories:

i) Economy Class/ Standard Seats: Generally, Economy Class passengers can often select standard seats at no additional cost during the booking process or through online check-in. However, the availability of free seat selection may vary depending on the specific fare type and other factors.

ii) Preferred Seats: Some airlines, including Qatar Airways, offer seats with benefits like extra legroom or better location within the cabin. These seats often have an additional fee, but the selection is optional. Passengers can pay for these preferred seats to enhance their in-flight experience.

iii) Extra Legroom Seats: Seats with extra legroom, such as those in exit rows or designated areas, usually come with an extra fee. Passengers who desire the additional comfort of extra legroom can opt to pay for these seats during the booking process or at check-in.

Passengers need to review Qatar seat selection policies and fees during the booking process to understand the options available and any associated costs for the chosen class of service. Policies can change, so checking the most up-to-date information when booking is advisable.

What Is The Cost Of Reserving Seat On Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways can vary depending on factors such as the class of service, the type of fare, the specific route, and the time of booking. This airline typically offers different fare classes, each with its own set of privileges and costs related to seat selection. Here's a general overview:

  1. Standard Economy Class: Many airlines, including Qatar Airways, often provide the option to select standard seats in Economy Class at no additional cost during the booking process or through online check-in. However, specific seats may have associated fees, such as those with extra legroom or in preferred locations.
  2. Flexi Economy Class: Passengers booking more flexible or premium fare types, such as Flexi Economy, may have additional benefits, including complimentary seat selection or reduced fees for preferred seats. The benefits can vary, so checking the terms and conditions associated with the chosen fare class is advisable.
  3. Premium Economy Class: Qatar Airways introduced a new Premium Economy Class, and the cost of reserving seats in this class may be influenced by factors similar to those in Economy and Qatar Airways Business Classes. Premium Economy seats often come with additional comforts, and seat selection fees, if applicable, would be specified during the booking process.

Can you choose your economy class seat On Qatar Airways?

The airline offers various seat options for Qatar Economy Class passengers, allowing them to select their preferred seats based on their preferences and needs. While passengers can choose their seats, it often comes with certain conditions and may require an additional fee.

  1. Preferred Seat : Qatar Airways provides passengers with the option to select Preferred Seats. These seats are often located in prime areas of the Economy Class cabin, offering more legroom or a better view. Choosing a Preferred Seat typically comes with an extra cost, and availability may vary based on the flight and seat configuration
  2. Standard Seat : Standard Seats are the regular seating options available to all Economy Class passengers. These seats may vary in terms of legroom and location within the cabin. While passengers can choose Standard Seats during the booking process or manage their booking online, specific seats may also be assigned at check-in.
  3. Economy Comfort : Some flights may offer a Qatar Airways Economy Comfort option, providing additional amenities such as extra legroom and priority services. This upgraded seating choice usually involves an additional fee, and availability depends on the specific aircraft and route.

    Passengers are encouraged to check the official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding
    seat selection and associated fees.

Preferred Seating Qatar Airways

Preferred Seating with this airline is an option that allows passengers to choose specific seats within the Qatar Economy Class cabin for a more personalized and comfortable flying experience. These seats are strategically located and often offer advantages such as extra legroom or a preferred view. While the exact features can vary, Preferred Seating is designed to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers who opt for this service.

Qatar Airways Preferred Seats are typically situated in prime locations near the front of the cabin or by emergency exits, providing passengers with additional space and quicker access during boarding and disembarkation. The availability of Preferred Seating is subject to the specific aircraft's configuration and may vary based on the flight route.

It's important to note that selecting Preferred Seating usually comes with an additional fee, and passengers can choose their preferred seats during the booking process or manage their booking online. This airline encourages passengers to explore these options to tailor their journey to their preferences and needs. For the most accurate details on Preferred Seating, passengers can refer to the airline's official website or contact customer service.

Is It Possible To Change Seat And Meal Preference At A Later Stage?

Yes, Qatar Airways generally allows passengers to change their seat and meal preferences at a later stage. Changes can be made through the airline's official website or by contacting their customer service. However, the ability to modify preferences may be subject to seat availability and any associated fees. It is advisable to check the airline's specific policies regarding seat changes and meal preferences, as they can vary based on factors such as fare type, destination, and the timing of the request.

1) Do I Have To Buy My Preferred Seat On Qatar Airways Flight? 

Qatar Airways allows passengers to select Preferred Seats in advance, but it often comes with an additional fee. The specific policies regarding the purchase of Preferred Seats can depend on factors such as the type of fare, the route, and the aircraft. While some passengers may be willing to pay for the added comfort or benefits associated with Preferred Seats, others who wish to avoid incurring extra costs can still be assigned standard seats during check-in.

It's essential to review Qatar Airways' seat selection policies when booking or managing your reservation, as these may change and vary. Passengers are encouraged to explore the available options during the booking process and consider any associated fees for selecting Preferred Seats for a more customized and comfortable flying experience.

2) Difference Between Qatar Airways Extra Legroom Seats & Comfort Seat 

Qatar Airways offers Extra Legroom Seats and Comfort Seats as enhanced seating options:

i) Extra Legroom Seats :  These seats provide passengers with additional leg space, offering increased comfort during the flight. Extra Legroom Seats are often located near emergency exits or bulkhead areas.

ii) Comfort Seats : On the other hand, comfort seats may include a combination of benefits such as extra legroom, priority services, and other amenities designed to enhance the overall travel experience. These seats could be in prime cabin areas, providing passengers with more comfort and convenience.

Both options may involve additional fees, and availability can vary based on the specific flight and aircraft configuration.

Final Thoughts

These are the important details that you need to know to select your Qatar Airways seat. The Qatar Airways seat selection guidelines give travelers clarity to easily travel by choosing the best center.  In case you need any further guidance or assistance regarding seat selection, you can get in touch with Airlines Help Desk professionals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pick the Desired Seat Of Qatar Airways A Day Before Flight Departure?

Yes, Qatar Airways allows seat selection 24 hours before departure.

Yes, you need to pay for a Business Class seat. To check you can get in touch with official customer service. 

Economy Class seats may not be accessible, but options exist based on your booking class or membership status. You can simply confirm details on the Qatar Airways website.


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