Things To Know About ANA Baggage Allowance & Policy


All Nippon Airways is genuinely one of the best airlines known for offering a desirable ambiance for air travel. From versatile hospitality to professionalism in making the air travel experience super smooth, this airline leads itself to become a world-class airline for travel. Flying on this airline can make your journey seamlessly comforting from takeoff to touchdown. Even the travel policies of this airline are highly dedicated to delivering exceptional assistance for altering travel plans. Just like today, this guide covers everything about ANA Baggage allowance and insightful details. Packing baggage for air travel seems like a chaotic task. 

But with this guide to learn everything to enjoy your air travel experience smoothly without any hurdles. Learn about significant guidelines, conditions, extra baggage policy, and allowances. Dig out the deep details presented below:

About ANA Airways Baggage Policy

The baggage policy of All Nippon Airways offers the ultimate flexibility to plan and pack your baggage smartly. The policy has a different set of rules for checked baggage, carry-on, and unique items. Plus, the baggage policy comes with size, weight, and dimension restrictions to ensure that baggage meets the specified rules of carrying baggage for air travel. 

Additionally, you can enjoy many perks and allowances to have seamless travel experiences anytime and anywhere you desire. Travelers flying in basic economy, business, or first class have a different set of ANA baggage policy rules that are important for every traveler to stay aware of. So, let’s dig for more information. 

The Overview Of ANA Baggage Allowance

Here is the detailed list of domestic and international ANA baggage allowance details:

1) CARRY-ON BAGGAGE : Travelers can bring carry-on bags with a maximum weight of 22lb/10kg. You are allowed to bring one personal item which should fit under the seat or store in the overhead bin with ease. The carry-on bag should be within the size restriction of 55 x 40 x 25cm (22 x 16 x 10in).

2) DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL CHECKED BAGGAGE  : If you are traveling in Economy Class of ANA domestic flight, you can carry checked baggage weighing 4lb/20kg. Premium class passengers can carry baggage weighing 88 lb/40 kg per person. 

Economy Class passengers on international flights can carry 2 checked bags weighing 50lb/23kg each. Similarly, you can carry 2 bags of 50lb/23kg each with a Premium Class flight ticket. Business class passengers on international flights are allowed to carry 2 bags weighing 70 lb/32 kg each, and first-class passengers can carry 3 bags of 70 lb/32 kg each. 

It is important to note that ANA airline baggage limit guidelines do not allow checked bags exceeding the size limit of 158cm/62in to fly on a plane. To carry excess baggage, you need to pay a precise fee online in advance or at the airport.

3) DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL ANA MILEAGE CLUB (AMC) : All Nippon Airways Mileage members can enjoy the fantastic service of additional baggage allowance. Primary ANA Mileage Club Diamond and Platinum Travelers flying on domestic flights can carry 44lb/20kg of extra baggage. Similarly, direct Super Flyer card holders can have 44lb/20kg excess baggage on domestic flights. 

ANA Mileage Club Bronze, Diamond, and Platinum travelers flying on International ANA flights can bring an extra bag according to fare type. Similarly, primary and registered family Super Flyer card holders can seamlessly bring an extra bag according to the fare type.


4) ADDITIONAL BAGGAGE  : If you are a sports person and flying for an important tournament, the ANA Airways baggage allowance permits Sports equipment as a free-of-cost baggage allowance, and the best part is that no oversized baggage fees are applied on sporting items with a combined linear dimension of 292cm/115in. 

Travelers flying with strollers, baskets for kids, foldable pushchairs, and wheelchairs fall under the category of assistive devices. These things can be easily carried out without paying any extra fee. You can easily pool your baggage if traveling with a familiar passenger on the same flight. ANA Airways allows travelers to enjoy all sorts of travel experiences with ease.  

Rules Of All Nippon Airways Carry-On Baggage

Here are some specific rules that you need to know about ANA carry-on baggage allowance:

  • The wheels’ handles and other baggage attachments are also included in the overall size of the carry-on. 
  • You must know that domestic and international carry-on baggage restrictions are the same. 
  • If you carry a big sports or musical instrument onboard, you can book an extra seat to take them safely. 
  • If you are carrying tripods on the plane, ensure they do not exceed the size limitation of 60cm. 
  • If you are flying with infants, you can carry baby items like feeding bottles, diaper bags, and baskets as carry-on items. 

Rules For All Nippon Airways Checked Baggage

Here are some crucial guidelines listed about carrying checked baggage for air travel. It is important for every traveler to know the details related to checked baggage rules:

  1. According to the ANA checked baggage size limit, travelers must follow the combined linear dimensions (L + W + H), including handles and wheels. 
  2. The checked bag should be, at most, the size guide of 158cm/62in, including extra attachments. 
  3. Ensure the checked bag is scanned correctly at the self-service machine at the airport or check-in counter.
  4. Travelers can carry 2-3 checked baggage for air travel depending on fare class and size guide. 

Children-Friendly ANA Baggage Allowance Rules

According to the ANA Airways Baggage policy, travelers flying with infants below the age of 2 years can carry one extra item of baggage free of cost. Ensure that bag size and weight are standard and meet ANA airline baggage allowance rules. This airline is children-friendly and allows every parent and kid to experience a seamless, relaxing travel experience. Whether you want to carry a diaper bag or an extra bag dedicated to kids, the baggage policy will surely assist you. 

All Nippon Airways Baggage Policy Fees

All Nippon Airways extra baggage fees include during the circumstance when your baggage exceeds standard size and weight guidelines. Similarly, the additional baggage fees depend on the itinerary, route, and flight sectors. The charges may differ due to the weight and international or domestic route. The charges may range from  JPY 1,500 and go up to JPY +1,000. International route extra baggage charges may vary according to the destination. North America, Central and South America, and Hawaii have different sets of rules for additional baggage costs. Likewise, Europe, West Russia, the Middle East, and Africa have different rules according to their restrictions and currency.

Meanwhile, East Russia, Asia, and Oceania have different rules according to the routes and rules. The airline does not accept checked bags with dimensions of 292 cm and a weight of 99 lb /45 kg. To avoid issues, you can make an online pre-payment for excess baggage 6 hours before flight departure. 

All Nippon Airways Assistance For Lost/Damaged Baggage

Here are some significant details listed about what to do during the scenario of lost or damaged baggage that you can follow during helpless situation:

i) Lost/Missing Baggage : In case your baggage is lost, you can immediately report your issue to dedicated ANA's airport staff. Keep the reference number given by the airport staff safely. You can track it on the Baggage Tracing System website through the reference number. Plus, make sure to fill out the Missing Property Questionnaire, which will work as evidence and reference for finding your bag. Finding the bag may take up to 30 – 45 days.

ii) Damaged Baggage : In case you received your baggage in damaged condition, make sure to report the issue to the ANA's airport staff. Fill out the Damaged Baggage Declaration Form within 7 days to get the total claim of your damaged bag. When you fill out this form, present a copy of your Ticket receipt, Boarding pass, and Baggage claim tag. In the form, share details about the dents, cuts, dirt marks, and damage in wheels, pockets, and handles. The airline will offer quick assistance for baggage damage without any hassle. Plus, you can contact All Nippon Airways customer services for professional assistance and quick updates.

All Nippon Airways Sports Equipment Policy

All Nippon Airways offers specific guidelines for carrying sporting equipment. If your sports equipment meets the dimensions of 292 cm/115 cm, you can easily carry it onboard free of cost. Bicycles, golf bags, rackets, diving equipment, fishing equipment, skiing equipment, snowboards, and surfboards can be carried free of cost on the plane. In case your sporting items exceed the dimension limit, you'll be asked to pay applicable excess baggage charges. The dimensions may differ according to the aircraft as well.  

All Nippon Airways Baggage Policy For Musical Instruments

ANA baggage policy gives you permission to fly with your musical instruments without paying any extra charges. In case your musical instrument exceeds the size and weight limitation of the free baggage guidelines, you'll be asked to pay additional baggage costs. If your musical instrument weighs less than 203 cm/80 in, then no charges will be applied. Remember that you can carry musical instruments with dimensions between 203 cm/80 in and 292 cm/115 in by paying extra baggage charges. 

If your musical instrument exceeds the measurement of 292 cm/115 in, it will not be allowed to fly as checked baggage. You can purchase an extra seat if carrying any fragile musical instrument. On domestic flights, your musical instrument will fly as a carry-on baggage. So travel with ease with your musical instrument anytime and anywhere you desire. 

How You Can Avoid Paying ANA Extra Baggage Fees?

You can follow many smart ways to avoid the payment of extra baggage fees. To act like a clever traveler, you need to focus on a few simple things at the moment when you pack your bags for air travel. It is undoubtedly not difficult just figure out the things listed below: 

  1. Always ensure to check your bags after packing. Pack light to dodge any hurdle during baggage scan and check-in process.
  2. If you are flying in economy class, ensure your baggage weighs at most 50 pounds. 
  3. Business and first-class passengers should remember that their baggage should weigh at most 70 pounds. 
  4. Make sure that checked baggage should not measure more than 62 inches, including wheels and handles. 
  5. Also, be sure to pack unnecessary items for travel. Plus, you can have other policies related to what things are allowed and whatnot to avoid any stress during the journey. 
  6. Make sure to pack your baggage according to the destination. Just like if you are flying to any beach destination make sure to carry light weight summer clothes and other necessary items in petite travel cases to reduce the chances of paying extra baggage charges. 
  7. You can choose to book business or first class flight tickets at a discounted budget to carry 2-3 checked baggage with ease. This is one of the finest chances to take advantage of enjoying a premium travel experience with numerous benefits. 

So, these are some things that you need to remember to act like a smart traveler for dodging the payment of extra baggage cost. 

ANA Baggage Allowance Assistance By Customer Service

If you have any query or question regarding ANA air baggage allowance you rely on their trusted customer care service. The customer care representative will offer a professional and valid solution to your every concern. Plus, they’ll assist you with extra baggage allowance policy and provide you up-to-date details for carrying baggage for air travel smoothly. The best part is you can enjoy 24/7 assistance for getting seamless and reliable answers and solutions for your queries. 

Plus, they’ll assist with booking or cancellation service to make your journey superb. You don't have to worry about the issues anymore when you can get assistance by the customer care service proficiently. In case you need assistance at the airport you can also reach the representative present at the dedicated check-in desk of All Nippon Airways. The best part is they'll assist you with every issue to make your check-in to onboard flight experience secure and safe in every way. 

All Nippon Airways Baggage Policy For Carrying Flowers

If you want to carry flowers on board, you can seamlessly rely on ANA baggage policy. You can take a flower bouquet onboard as a carry-on item. Even artificial flowers are allowed to travel with you. If you are carrying a fresh bouquet, it will be checked thoroughly at the security desk to ensure the bouquet is free from thorns or any other hidden items that can cause hazards. Additionally, you can pack or wrap your flowers properly to avoid damaging such delicate and fragile items. It is crucial for every traveler to get their bag checked and other items, too. 

So, if you are ready to catch flights make sure that your bag and things are sealed properly inside it. So, whether you want to carry a goodbye flower bouquet or a proposal flower bouquet with All Nippon Airways baggage policy you can carry them securely anywhere you want. It is important for every traveler to stay informed about such simple and common guidelines for traveling. 

ANA Baggage Drop Machine

In a few airports, you can enjoy the seamless self-service of using Baggage Drop Machines. Once you've checked in for your flight and have a boarding pass, head to the Baggage Drop Machine for baggage check. Here are a few things you need to know about travelers who are not allowed to use self-service luggage drop machines:

  • Travelers who need assistance with boarding. 
  • Travelers who are asked to pay extra luggage fees.
  • Travelers fly with fragile, delicate, or risky baggage. 
  • Travelers who are flying with pet carriers. 
  • Travelers who are carrying more significant sports equipment, strollers, tripods, or umbrellas.

ANA Baggage Policy For Using Manual/Electric Wheelchair

If you need assistance carrying a manual or electric wheelchair, here are a few guidelines you need to know: 

i) Manual Wheelchair: Flight attendants will be available to assist and escort them when traveling. Wheelchairs can be used in the plane cabin, and you can inform ANA staff in advance and meet the size limitations and flight eligibility to fly seamlessly. If your wheelchair is foldable, then you can fly with it without any trouble. 

ii) Electric Wheelchair: The traveler needs to check the type of battery used and make sure to check in at the airport 2 hours in advance before the flight. Also, ensure that your electric wheelchair meets the ANA airline baggage limit for carrying a wheelchair. 

All Nippon Airways For A Carrying Pet Carrier

Being a pet-friendly airline, you can carry your furry friends on a plane! Wherever you want to travel, they accompany you. It is essential to know that you can fly with small dogs and cats in the cabin. Additionally, the baggage policy of this airline allows travelers to carry their pets in a finely ventilated, water-proof pet carrier. Also, the pet must meet every guideline related to the pet policy. Ensure the pet carrier safely fits under the seat and is adequately secured to help your pet rest easily. 

Likewise, ensure your pets are appropriately vaccinated and carry an approved document by a vet doctor for the pet to be healthy enough to fly with you. The bigger dogs or animals can travel in bigger carriers in cargo with proper assistance from airline staff. So enjoy a hassle-free travel experience by choosing to fly with ANA Airways. Plus, you can visit the airport 2 hours before to experience seamless check-in with your pets. Also,. If you need any further assistance for carrying a pet carrier on board don't hesitate to be a professional representative of All Nippon Airways customer care service. They’ll assist and update you with every detail to make your journey stress-free. 

Bottom Line

Hey, now it’s your turn to pack your bags smartly and lightly and fly off to most stunning destinations. Enjoy a fantastic travel experience by deciding to fly with All Nippon Airways. Whether you need airport ANA staff or official customer care service assistance, every member will be available to assist you quickly.

We hope this informative guide has shared all the details and insights about the All Nippon Airways baggage policy and specified guidelines. With these guidelines, you can heighten your understanding and make every travel experience smoother. Therefore, if you need more assistance with managing booking or any query related to baggage allowance, just reach out to Airlines Help Desk experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allowed to carry 2 checked bags with a business flight ticket?

According to the ANA baggage policy you can carry 2 checked baggage by making sure of the accurate dimension and size. The business class passenger can easily enjoy the perks of carrying 2 checked bags to enjoy hassle-free travel experience. To get more updates you can get in touch with customer care service. 


If your musical instrument meets the size, weight, and height dimensions according to the baggage policy of All Nippon Airways. Plus, the airline allows you to carry free of cost onboard. Make sure to carry your musical instrument in a secured case to avoid any damage to the fragile item. 


If you want to fly on ANA Airways make sure to match the baggage dimension of carry on. 55 x 40 x 25cm (22 x 16 x 10in) is the maximum dimension of the baggage that you are allowed to carry onboard. Handles, wheels, extra attachments are also included in the dimensions.

Yes, the baggage policy allows you to carry small pets in a pet carrier. Make sure to carry pets in a properly ventilated and waterproof carrier that could fit under the seat with ease. So, enjoy your every travel experience with this airline without stress and worry. 

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