The Complete Guide to Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy


Are you planning to travel with your child? Or, as your adorable child turns two, and as an enthusiastic traveler, you must pay for their seat, which can be expensive. If you love to travel, this blog will answer all your questions. Moreover, Spirit Airlines has created a flexible policy to address all your concerns. Traveling with Spirit Airlines, especially with a toddler, should be a smooth experience. The key to a stress-free flight is to gather important information about Spirit Airlines stroller policy.

Additionally, the airline has developed a passenger-oriented policy to assist travelers in obtaining the necessary information. You can visit their official website for precise details. However, this comprehensive blog guide will provide information about Spirit's stroller policy regulations.

Overview of Spirit Airlines Stroller Policy and its Importance

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier with an extensive flight network that covers many destinations in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. According to the baggage allowance policy, Spirit Airlines has specific rules and terms regarding strollers. Understanding Spirit Airlines car seat policy is crucial for travelers flying with young children to ensure a smoother and safer journey.

Following Spirit Airlines' stroller policy, travelers can check in one stroller free of charge per child. Depending on the size, the stroller must be checked at the ticket counter. Spirit allows collapsible strollers to be used until boarding and gate-checked before entering the aircraft. Passengers must follow the guidelines to avoid additional charges or delays. By adhering to the terms of the stroller policy, passengers can easily travel with their little ones while ensuring safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Utilizing Child's Car Seat on the Aircraft

If you want your child to use their car seat on the aircraft, the best way to fly is to get their allotted seat, so you must buy the seat for your child. Also, the child car seat should not violate the FAA's certification and requirements and should be safe for the aircraft. Search for a label saying this restraint can be used in vehicles and aircraft. In addition, car seats are certified for aircraft use. To be sure, it is essential to know that car seats must fulfill the requirements.

Getting a Stroller on Spirit Airlines


The Spirit car seat policy permits passengers to check in the stroller without paying any fees, drop it at the check-in counter like a regular suitcase, or get it through the security check and gate-check your stroller when on the plane.

We would suggest our customers go through the gate-checking as it lowers the risk of damage to the stroller and minimizes the chance of the stroller getting lost in transit. Covering the stroller in a protective cover to keep it secure and avoid unnecessary damage by the baggage handlers when moving around is suggested.

What do you know about Cribs and Playpens on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines does not acknowledge cribs and playpens as they are not categorized as transportation devices and may incur additional costs. They must be checked in with the baggage if you want to bring them. It should be remembered that Spirit Airlines' checked baggage charges will apply.

i) Lap the Infant and Buy the Seat

Spirit Airlines allows parents to fly with their child as a lap infant from 7 days old until the child turns two. If your child turns 2 within the outbound and return flights, you might have to purchase the seat for the return flight. Generally, children under 18 are not required to submit an ID when flying domestically. The limitation is that children not 2 years old flying as lap infants might need to submit proof of age to Spirit Airlines. You can submit the child’s passport or birth certificate to prove the child’s age.

ii) Getting the Seat as a Lap Infant

When booking a seat, the system will request a child’s birth certificate. If they are not above 2, then Spirit Airlines will ask whether your child will fly as a lap infant or if you want to buy a seat.

Passengers chosen Lap Infants cannot sit in specific rows on the plane.

iii) Buying a Seat for Your Toddler

When passengers buy a seat for their baby and submit the child’s name, the system will request if they plan to bring a car seat. If you have decided to get a car seat on board, you cannot sit on specific seats.

If you update that you will bring a car seat, the system will not show ineligible seats when it gives access to the seat selection map. If you do not let airlines know about bringing a car seat but bring it, you will be relocated if you have chosen an ineligible seat.

iv) Lap Infant/Toddlers Seat Selection in a Car Seat

There are regulations for travelers flying with lap infants or children in the car seat. Here are some conditions you should know about regarding Spirit car seat policy.

  1. Passengers cannot sit in the emergency exit row or one row in front of or behind the emergency exit row.
  2. You are not allowed to get the seat with an inflatable seat belt if you are bringing a baby/toddler in a car seat. The list of rows that have inflatable seatbelts is present.    
  3. The inflatable seat belt terms won’t allow you to sit in Row 1, the more oversized front seat.
  4. The system will allow a car seat and lap infant to sit in row 2 in the Big Front Seat.
  5. You must be 15 years or above to sit in the emergency exit row.
  6. The system will allow you to choose the row behind the Emergency Exit Row.
  7. You cannot fly with a child with a car seat in the row behind the Emergency Exit.

v) Front Big Seat:

  1. Lap Infants and Children traveling in car seats can sit in the front big seat.
  2. The system will enable all other children to sit in row 1 or any big front seat.

The Baggage Regulations for Baby

It is time to know about the baggage expenses. However, all baggage on Spirit Airlines will incur additional fees. The only bag that passengers can bring for free is one personal item. Apart from this, you can get a diaper bag, stroller, car seat, and gate checked free of cost per child. There are no weight restrictions for personal or diaper bags.

If you have bought a seat for your baby, you can buy it as a carry-on or checked bag. Passengers cannot purchase carry-on or checked bags for lap infants.

i) Spirit Airlines Carry-on Baggage

Most reputed airlines have designed a flexible carry-on baggage policy for families with small children. According to the Spirit stroller policy, you can carry the following items free of cost:

One stroller per child and 1 car seat per child as carry-on baggage. Strollers that are foldable and do not exceed the carry-on baggage measurements 56x46x25 cm, including wheels and handles, will be acknowledged as carry-on items if they:

  • Collapse before boarding
  • Not utilized within the aircraft
  • Stowed with Wheels up in the overhead storage bin

ii) Things to know about Spirit Airlines' stroller policy

It is essential to know the following points when flying with Stroller on Spirit Airlines:

  • Spirit acknowledges 1 stroller and 1 car seat as carry-on baggage per child without additional cost.
  • Flyers traveling with 2 children can bring a double stroller to check in at the counter.
  • Strollers must be checked in that will be available to passengers at the arrival airport.
  • The FAA-approved car seats and child harness devices are permitted on board if you have bought a seat for your child. If the car seat is within the measurement and fits in the regular seat, Spirit Airlines will provide the open seat but not a Big Front Seat that can be bought with no extra fees.
  • Faa-compliant car seats will not match the storing capacity of a few aircraft seats; it is essential to know the linear dimensions of a child’s car seat and which aircraft you are flying on. 

Flying as Unaccompanied Minors with Spirit Airlines:

Children of 14 years are considered minors. However, Minors must be accompanied by an adult at least 15 years old. Children under 4 years cannot travel as unaccompanied minors at any cost. The children 4 years or older can fly as unaccompanied minors; that has to be mentioned at the time of booking. The parent coming to drop off the child at the airport must get the gate pass. They must drop the minor at the gate and wait before the flight departs.

Minors are not allowed on international flights or any connecting flights. It is mandatory to fill out the form at the airport during Spirit airlines check in with one valid proof of ID. This must be submitted, and Spirit Airlines will verify whether the traveler is an unaccompanied minor. Minors need to be present at the airport 1 hour before plane boarding.

Which Child Restraint Systems/devices are permitted with Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines lets passengers bring an FAA-approved child restraint system to use on the aircraft with a 5-point harness.

i) Infant Baggage Allowance:

  1. There is no cabin baggage allowance for infants traveling in an adult’s lap. Infants aged 8 days to 2 years old who are in the additional comfortable seat.
  2. A baby bag up to 5 kg with linear dimensions of 45x35x20 cm is allowed for adults alongside the cabin bag.
  3. Passengers can bring 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child. 1 pushchair alongside car seat, booster seat, or travel cot.
  4. When reaching the destination airport, connect the 2 free items of baby equipment for travel at the bag drop desk, closing 40 minutes before the flight departure. 
  5. Any other item of baby equipment alongside the 2 free items can be checked in during the payment of the Child Equipment fee up to 20kg.

Basic Rules and Fees

The motto of Spirit Airlines is Home of the Bare Fare, and they live up to their commitments. You might have to pay additional charges for carry-on, checked bags, onboard food, water, seat selection, and getting the boarding pass. Passengers can reduce or minimize the fees with thorough planning. The fees are lower if you get them booked during checkout than before or after the airport. The primary thing to know is that your one free bag, a personal item, should be, at most, 18x14x8 cm, including handles and wheels.

i) Baggage Fees

If you bought at the time of booking, the primary checked bag is $ 30$, and the second baggage is $ 40$. The fees go up to $40 and $50 if you bought them online before the check-in. According to the Spirit Airlines baggage policy, the weight allowance per checked bag is 40lb. In addition, prices per bag can vary for travelers of the 9$ Fare Club- they also get 50 lb bags in a few situations.

ii) On Board Food

When on board, passengers must bear the cost of food and beverages, including water. In general, the in-flight digital food menu is good. Spirit Airlines offers combo options. Passengers can get two drinks, cheese, and a cracker option. With a broad range of liquor, beer, mocktails, snacks, chips, salsa, and so on, passengers can buy anything as per their preference.

What are the advantages of Gate Check a Stroller?

By passing through the gate, a stroller will provide several advantages with the baggage at the check-in counter.

  1. Easy Travel: Passengers can check the stroller at the gate, letting them use it at the departure gate. This means you can transport a child via the airport without carrying or folding them stroller. It is essential to examine the stroller before starting the journey.
  2. No Issues in Claiming Baggage: When gate-checking the stroller, the passenger can pick it up after reaching the destination. There is no need to wait at the baggage claim carousel and try to find the stroller with the other baggage. This will save time and effort.
  3. Avoiding Damage: Gate-checked items do not have a higher risk of being damaged than regular checked baggage. The stroller is managed separately and loaded last, there is no chance it will mix up with other bags or crushed under suitcases.
  4. Priority Benefit: The gate-checked strollers and wheelchairs will get priority for receiving instantly and unloading from the cargo hold. This determines that the stroller must be waiting for travelers right outside the plane on arrival.
  5. No additional Charges: Many airlines let one stroller and one car seat be checked free of cost per child. With gate checking the stroller, you are not using the regular checked baggage, resulting in avoiding paying baggage fees.
  6. Keeping Important Items: Travelers carrying diaper bags, snacks, toys, or other delicate items attached to the stroller, gate check permits passengers to keep the things until completing the boarding process. You can take out the items from the stroller before offering them to the gate agent.
  7. No Unnecessary Stress: Many parents want to keep the stroller in front of their eyes, and gate checking offers transparency and keep the stress away.

Gate-checking the stroller provides different benefits for parents traveling with young children. Spirit Airlines does not offer the gate checking service without charging any fees. With the benefit of this option, parents will experience a fruitful journey without worrying about carrying strollers.

What should passengers do if the Stroller gets Damaged During the Gate Check?

If your stroller gets damaged during the gate check, follow the preventive steps mentioned below:

  1. Examine the stroller, get the stroller back, and check it properly for any visible damage or missing parts.
  2. If there is damage, updating the airline’s baggage service office or client care service desk at the airport is essential.
  3. Request for claim. If necessary, file a claim with Spirit Airlines for the damage to your stroller. Submit the requested documents, such as photos and receipts, to support the claim request.

What is the gate-checking process of the stroller with an attached car seat?

Checking the stroller with an attached car seat requires a passenger to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Ensure that the stroller variant is approved for gate checking per the airline policy. The standard-size strollers are permitted; however, double-check for any limitation on the stroller’s weight or size regulations.
  2. Remove the extras from strollers before completing the check-in, such as diaper bags, blankets, or parent consolers. Take out everything that needs to be securely tightened. The items must be carried on board. 
  3.  Cover the stroller, such as an umbrella stroller, while leaving the car seat. Assure that the stroller is compact so it passes through the x-ray machine and aircraft doors.
  4. Allow the gate agent to know you have the stroller with a car seat attached so that you can go through the gate check. It must be folded up and bagged in the stroller to overcome the damage to the car seat. Request that they submit big plastic bags for this objective. If you still need to, you must bring the bags from home.
  5. Please remove the car seat from the stroller base; however, connect it to the stroller frame. The car seat must be properly buckled in and detached from the base to prevent it from becoming loose or unstable during loading and unloading.
  6.  Correctly label the stroller and car with your name, contact details, flight information, and final destination. This will ensure that they finish up at the correct baggage claim area. It would help to place the checked baggage tags on the handles for writing the details.
  7.  When reaching your destination, receive the stroller and car seat from the baggage claim area. Once you have adjoined the car seat to the stroller, seat your child on the car seat.
  8.  Check the stroller and car seat for any possible signs of damage before reusing them. Besides, the rough and tough handling can result in wear and tear. It is recommended to check them properly after passing the gate checking.
  9. Try to bring the robust stroller and car seat travel bag outlined for air travel if you constantly fly with the infant. The powerfully built models will keep the damages away during transport and handling.

Reach to Airlines Help Desk for Client Assistance and Settle the issues under Professional Supervision.

Reaching the Airlines Help Desk will help you get the support you need for your concerns. Our professionals have years of practical experience and settle the issues by the end of the call. Whether you want to make a reservation, make changes to your current reservations, or seek reliable support for any travel-related issue, the Airlines Help Desk will answer all your questions and offer support. We commit to providing the best-in-class assistance that can be seen through our working and quick problem-solving methodologies. Call us now to address travel-related queries and start your journey stress-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carry a Pushchair, car seat, or stroller

The Child’s pushchair is allowed up to the aircraft steps, and after reaching the arrival airport, the pushchair will be available at the aircraft steps. Tag the pushchair at the baggage drop desk or the boarding gate.

Yes, you can, but only when the car seat is approved for use on aircraft and does not violate the regulations.

The complete weight of the gate-checked stroller and any associated items such as diaper bags, car seats, and so on, should not exceed the weight allowance. The weight limit should not be more than 50-100 lbs. The stroller's weight should be within 30-40lbs for the best chance to carry it as a checked item.

Spirit Airlines allows 1 stroller as checked baggage and 1 car seat as carry-on baggage per Child passenger free of cost. Travelers flying with 2 children have the allowance to bring a double stroller so that they can check in at the counter or boarding gate. Strollers are checked in will be available to passengers at the arrival airport.

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