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Spirit Airlines is recognized for offering its esteemed passengers low-cost airfare and benefits. The innovative Spirit seating chart allows you to choose the seat and other services apart from buying the ticket. Before making the reservation, you must go through this comprehensive guide regarding Spirit seating chart. With complete information, you can make the perfect decision and book the best seat available, promising a hassle-free journey. 

What to know about Spirit Airlines seating chart assignment?

Despite being a low-cost airline, you should know that seat selection on Spirit Airlines is not free, and passengers have to pay for seats. Passengers with the Free Spirit Elite Status do not have to pay seat selection fees. They benefit from free seat selection and choose the ideal Spirit Airlines plane seats. When booking, you can pay for seat selection and baggage as part of the package. In addition, you can select the seats as per your preference as an add-on during booking or later, even if you are completing the check-in process.

Spirit Airlines Seating chart

i) The Airbus 319 aircraft has more than 145 seats, out of which:

  • 10 seats are Big Front Seats
  • 135 seats are Economy, i.e., Deluxe Leather Seats, comprising:
  • 9 Priority Seats reserved for disabled passengers 
  • 6 Exit Seats 
  • 120 ordinary seats

ii) The Airbus 320 aircraft has 182 seats, out of which: :

  • Big Front Seats- 8
  • Economy, i.e., Deluxe Leather Seats comprising 174 seats
  • Priority Seats reserved for disabled passengers: 12 
  • Exit Seats- 12
  • Ordinary seats- 150

iii) The Airbus 321 aircraft has 228 seats, out of which:

  • Big Front Seats- 8
  • Economy, Deluxe Leather Seats comprising 220 seats
  • Priority Seats reserved for disabled passengers: 12
  • Exit Seats: 12
  • Ordinary seats: 196

iv) Spirit Airlines A319 Seating Chart

  • Total number of seats: 145
  • Big Front Seats 10 has a pitch size of 37 inches and a width of 22 inches, whereas the under-seat space is 20.8in x 22in.
  • Deluxe Leather Seats 135
  • Pitch: 28-31in
  • Width: 17in
  • Under Seat Space: 18in x 20in
  • 9 seats reserved for Disabled Passengers
  • The non-moveable armrests rows of seats are 1-5
  • The last row has 2 non-window seats
  • The exit over the wing seats with a pitch of 38 inches is 6
  • Front Right and back Right Galleys have 2 seats.
  • Lavatories have 2 seats in Front, Left, and Back Left
  • Exit- 6 Seats
  • The aisle width is 17 inches

v) Spirit Airlines seat map for A320 Aircraft

  • The aircraft has 182 Seats
  • 8 Big front seats
    • Row 1 Pitch: 22in
    • Row 2 Pitch: 34in 
    • Width: 22.8in
    • Under Seat Space: 20.75in x 20in 
    • 174 Deluxe Leather Seats
      • Pitch: 28-29in 
      • Width: 16in
      • Under Seat Space: 18inx19in
      • 12 Reserved Seats for Disabled Guests
      • Non-Moveable Armrests Rows with 1-3 Seats
      • 12 Over-the-Wings Exit Seats
      • Galleys 2 (Front Right, Back Right)
      • Lavatories 3
      •  Front Left: 1
      •  Back Middle and Left: 2
      • 8 Exit Seats
      • Aisle Width 24in

      vi) Spirit Airlines seating chart for Airbus A321 (32B)

      • Total Seats 228 
      • 8 Big Front Seats
        • Pitch: Row 1 – 22in
        • Pitch: Row 2 – 34in
        • Width: 22in
          • Under Seat Space: 20.75in x 20in (widest point)
          • 220 Deluxe Leather Seats
            • Pitch: 28in 
            • Width: 17in
            • Under Seat Space: 18in x19in 
            • 12 Reserved Seats for Physically challenged travelers
            • Non-Moveable Armrests Rows Seats with 1-3
            • Exit Seats before the wings (Pitch: 66in) 6
            • Exit Seats behind the wings (Pitch: 67in) 6
            • Galleys 2 (Front Right, Back Right)
            • Lavatories 3 (Front Left: 1
            • Back Middle and Left: 2
            • 8 Exits Seat
            • 17in Aisle width

            What is Spirit Airlines seating chart Policy?

            If you admire traveling by Air, you can expect a journey of remarkable memories. It is one of the most secure and fastest modes of transportation to reach your preferred destination. Air travel agencies are working hard to offer state-of-the-art services and additional benefits.

            Spirit Airlines is a well-reputed airline in the American commercial Aviation industry. They offer impeccable features in their aircraft, ensuring a secure journey for their valued travelers. Spirit Airlines will fulfill your traveling goals whether you want to travel domestically or want to earn international flight experience.

            i) Spirit Airlines seating chart Highlights

            The Spirit Airlines seating chart provides complete details regarding the seat assignment. Apart from being a passenger-oriented airline, the airline offers flexibility in choosing preferred seats. The Spirit seat map lets passengers choose the preferred seats near their family and friends. When completing the check-in process, the airlines will allot you a random seat without asking for any additional charges. You cannot expect the preferred seating, but you will likely get the desired seats without paying any charges. The big front Seat is broader than the regular seats. There are no inter-seats between pairs to offer ample space for entertainment purposes.

            ii) Explaining Spirit Airlines seating chart

            The Airbus A319 has 145 seats with a width of 18.5-22 inches and a pitch size of 36 inches. Moreover, big front seats have 10 rows 1, 2, and Row 3D, F. Deluxe soft plush leather seats come with 135 seats with a width of 17 inches. At the same time, the priority seats have 9 Row 5 (A, B, C) and Row 6 (A-F), whereas exit seats have 6 Rows 12 13, and the rest have 120 rows.

            Airbus A320 comes with 182 seats. The big front seats have a width of 18.5-22.8 inches with a pitch size of 36 inches. It has 8 Rows 1,2. Deluxe leather seats have 174 seats with a 16in/15in width. In addition, priority seats have 12 rows 4, 5. The exit seats are 12 rows 12 and 13, and the pending seats have 150 remaining rows.

            The Airbus A321 consists of 228 seats, and the front seats have a width of 18.5-22 inches, whereas the seat pitch is 36 inches. Big Front seats have 8 Rows: 1, 2. The deluxe leather seats have 220 seats with a 17-inch in/15.5-inch width. In addition, the priority seats have 12 rows, 4, and 5, whereas the exit seats are 12 rows, 11, 25, and the rest have 196 remaining rows.

            Where are the seating areas on Spirit Airlines?

            The Spirit Airlines plane seating chart states that big front seats are in the aircraft's first 2 or 3 rows. In addition, priority seats for physically challenged travelers are behind the Big Front Seats. Exit seats are in rows 12 and 13 (A319 and A320) or rows 11 and 25. Simultaneously, the deluxe leather seats are in the remaining sections.

            How does the Spirit seating chart work?

            Passengers flying on bare fare must know that the seat assignment at check-in will receive the seats randomly. Moreover, the regular fare of the Seat starts at USD 5, and purchasing seats in advance will get you the seats you prefer. You can select the seat cost-free if you fly at a higher fare.

            How are seats assigned for Bare/Economy fares on Spirit Airlines?

            Travelers flying in the Economy class must purchase the seating assignment, or they will get a random seat. Moreover, the standard fare for the Economy seats comes at USD 5. When completing the check-in process, travelers who do not purchase the seating assignment will get a random Seat. The charges for deluxe leather seats are USD 5-50. Considering the Big Front Seat, charges are 12-250 USD per Seat. If you upgrade the Seat onboard, the charges are USD 25-250 for passengers who want to avoid buying the seating assignment; USD 0 is the fare.

            What is the selection process for Spirit Airlines seat map?

            You will learn about the complete process of choosing the preferred seats on the Spirit Airlines seating chart. Web innovations are allowing to select the seats. Passengers must follow the steps to determine the Seat:

            • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines
            • Find and click on the check-in tab on the homepage
            • You must choose the check-in option before choosing the Seat
            • Submit your last name and booking reference number
            • Passengers will get flight information and the option of a Spirit Airline seating chart
            • You can choose the preferred seating from the selection option.
            • Once selected, you can print the boarding pass. It will keep you away from the long queues at the airport.

            Need instant assistance? Take your phone and contact for your queries at any time of day or night.

            Choosing Seat Select after making the reservation.

            Passengers must follow the steps below to select the seats using Spirit Airlines managed booking:

            • Sign in to your Spirit Airlines account on the official website or mobile app.
            • Choose My Trips from the menu.
            • Submit the reservation details.
            • Click the seat selection tab for the available seats.
            • Please choose the desired seats by clicking on them. You can select a standard Seat, a big front Seat available on some flights, or an exit row seat if you follow the eligibility criteria.
            • Inspect the seat selection for extra charges.
            • Finish the checkout procedure and pay the applicable charges.

                    If you do not have the preferred Seat on the Spirit Airlines seat map when making the reservation, you will get a random seat when you finish the check-in process. The suggestion is to choose the Seat in advance so you can travel with your family.

                    Selecting the seats when completing the check-in process.

                    You must follow the steps mentioned below to get the desired seats when finishing the check-in process.

                    • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
                    • Choose the check-in option at the top of the page.
                    • To access the reservation, submit the confirmation code or log into your Spirit Airlines account.
                    • You must choose the Seat from the available selection by completing the on-screen instructions. Some seats, such as those with generous legroom or in front of the plane, must pay for the price.
                    • When you have selected the Seat, find the reservation details and complete the check-in process.
                    • If you have any issues or queries regarding the check-in procedure, contact Spirit Airlines or for precise assistance.

                    It is essential to know that if you do not choose the Seat during Spirit Airlines check in then the airline will allot you the Seat at the terminal gate. However, this will result in a less preferred seat or even being away from family members.

                    Seat Selection Charges on Spirit Airlines

                    The Spirit Airlines plane seat charges start from USD 5. However, it will change according to the situation and settings. The big front seats offer outstanding legroom that will cost $40, while seats in the emergency rows will charge $20. Passengers should pay $12 to book middle seats at the back. Spirit Travelers can call to get the latest cost structure quotes.

                    The Ticket Policy: Organize your journey per the Latest Travel Rules.

                    Air Travel is a simple task now. Spirit Airlines has achieved great success in recent years; passengers can choose preferred seats and a range of in-flight amenities. Relying on the airline's ticket policy, passengers can organize the journey with the assistance of industry experts. They will share the trick with different options such as offers and getting the cheapest airfares. Passengers can reach for quick aid and updates on the Spirit Airlines plane seating chart.

                    Spirit seating chart Baggage

                    You must know the baggage details when choosing the preferred Seat. Spirit Airlines has outlined the prices and different offers.

                    Seat selection after finishing the booking:

                    In a few situations, choosing the Seat after booking flight tickets is not advisable. It depends on airline to airline; if the airline lets to change the seats, then follow the steps mentioned below:

                    • You can choose the Seat after making the reservations.
                    • Passengers must check-in online 24 hours before the flight departure.
                    • Choose the Seat from the options.
                    • Submit the form and make payment for the preferred seats.
                    • At last, your Seat has been booked.

                    Seating Together with Spirit Airlines

                    Do you travel in groups? Want to know about Spirit Airlines Allot Seats? Spirit Airlines allot seats randomly. This is optional for individuals booking the tickets together to fly together. Spirit provides exclusive offers to choose the Seat with your co-travelers. The regular seat size of Spirit Airlines is 28 inches. This also depends on the aircraft; every aircraft offers different legroom. They have seats of varying sizes, such as big front seats, big middle seats, etc.

                    Types of Spirit Airlines Seat

                    Spirit Airlines has a broad segment of seat types and in-flight service, unlike any other airline. There is nothing hidden, and passengers have three options to select from.


                    i) Basic Seats: These seats are present in a wide range on the aircraft. Passengers can purchase the standard seat a la carte or buy it as part of a bundle. Being a low-cost airfare airline, Spirit airlines baggage policy means you must pay for anything else you want, from beverages to light snacks to carry-on baggage and other facilities.

                    ii) Premium Seats: The seats are premium and present on the exit row, offering outstanding legroom and needing passengers to help during emergencies. This means passengers below the age of 15 cannot select seats according to federal guidelines.

                    iii) Big Front Seats: Spirit does not have first-class seats but offers broader seats with generous legroom at the front of the aircraft. The cabin has eight or ten seats available on every flight, depending on the aircraft. Passengers can expect 32% more legroom when differentiated to standard seats. There is no middle seat as all Big Front seats are window or aisle seats.

                    How to choose seats on Spirit Airlines?

                    You will have three main options when choosing seats on Spirit.

                    • Passengers must pay for selecting a la carte seats while making the reservation or when completing the check-in.
                    • You must pay for a bundle including seat selection, baggage, and other advantages such as faster boarding.
                    • There is no seat selection process, and you pay nothing. This option will result in the airline assigning seats randomly during check-in.

                    Elite Members Seat Selection with Spirit Airlines

                    The advantage of having Spirit Airlines Elite Status is the ability to choose a seat for free.  The Spirit Airlines plane seating chart benefits for elite status members are mentioned below:

                    • Silver members will get free selection during check-in and can move to the exit row at no cost before flight departure.
                    • The gold members will get the benefit of seat selection while booking including exit rows.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    How can passengers reserve seats with Spirit Airlines?

                    Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines and choose My Trips from the top of the page. Sign in to your account by submitting the credentials and confirmation code. To finish the procedure, follow the on-screen prompts.

                    Spirit Airlines charges fees for seat selection, and the amount will depend on factors such as route, seat type, and time of booking.


                    Travelers can check the Spirit Airline Seating Chart on the seats page when making reservations online. Spirit A320 aircraft have one class seat configuration with 8 big front seats and 174 Deluxe Leather Economy Class seats.


                    Spirit Airlines does not have a standard business-class cabin. Besides, the airlines offer a premium cabin known as the Big Front Seat that offers ample space and greater comfort than a primary standard seat or economy class.

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