Insider Guide to Perfect Air Canada Seat Selection


Planning to travel to your desired destination with Air Canada? Want complete information regarding seat selection? This comprehensive blog guide will provide essential information about the same. Get to know everything about Air Canada seat selection and select the seat according to your preference. 

Once you have made the reservation with Air Canada, you can choose the Air Canada preferred seats within 24 hours of booking for a small fee or choose from the leftover standard seats. The seat selection procedure gives travelers several choices, improving the overall journey. Employing a professional approach and careful seat design, you can choose different seating options and make your journey more comfortable.

Travelers can choose from economy, premium economy, and business class seats; every cabin accompanies various features. Passengers can expect generous legroom, in-seat power sockets, and complimentary food and beverages. In addition, Air Canada's pick seats benefit lets passengers pre-book the seats in advance, ensuring complete peace of mind and avoiding last-minute uncertainties. The airline emphasizes passenger satisfaction by providing seat selection advantages.

With the feature, travelers can modify the journey according to their requirements while engaging with professional ethics.

What is Air Canada's seat selection policy?

The airline has designed a customer-oriented seat selection policy. However, Air Canada's Seat Selection policy allows passengers to choose their preferred seat easily. Select the preferred seat to be confident about the journey and travel hassle-free. Passengers can change their seats 24 hours before the flight departure by paying the applicable charges. '

Well, there are some situations where you need help changing the seats.

  • If you have already selected the seat and finished the check-in process, you must pay the applicable charges if the flight is affected by overbooking.
  • If the aircraft has been changed for the specific flight route
  • If there is a change in the seat configuration.
  • There was a change in the aircraft configuration during the booking and check-in of the flight.

The Air Canada seat selection policy was created to offer travelers various options to fulfill their requirements for choosing their preferred seats. Air Canada business class and Air Canada premium economy seats are available to choose from, while seat selection is available when booking for extra charges until the passenger does not hold the elite status or is traveling in the premium cabin.

Air Canada offers complimentary seat selection for families with children above 11 years or younger flying along on the same flight. Travelers can choose the preferred seats on the official website or use the mobile app to check out the seat map showing availability and features such as legroom and in-flight amenities. The policy directs the airline’s dedication to offering a customized travel experience while assuring travelers can control their seating arrangements. 

Air Canada seat selection fee

The airline levied the Air Canada Advance seat selection fee for passengers who select their seats before their flight. This service allows individuals to secure Air Canada preferred seats, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience during their journey. The fee varies depending on the seating class and route, typically from $20 to $50 per person per flight segment. 

It is important to note that this fee is separate from the ticket price and applies to all passengers, including frequent fliers and premium cabin users. While some may view this as an additional expense, it is a valuable investment for those with specific seating preferences or requirements. By offering priority boarding, extra legroom options, or aisle/window seats, Air Canada aims to enhance passenger satisfaction while generating ancillary revenue. Overall, the Air Canada seat selection benefit provides a tailored experience for travelers seeking greater comfort and control over their in-flight experience.

Rules and Regulations for Air Canada Seat Selection


The charges for seat selection depend on the passenger. Seat Selection and any related charges are applied per passenger to each one-way flight in the itinerary. 

The advanced seat selection charges are refundable in the following situations:

  •  You are allotted a seat other than the selected seat due to airport or flight change. If you are moved to the other seat for such a reason, you can request a refund.
  •  You do not want to travel for a flight for which you have purchased the advanced seat selection. The worth of the advanced seat selection will be stored and utilized for future seat selection with Air Canada. 

Things to consider before choosing seats on Air Canada Flights

If you want to choose a seat on Air Canada, there are certain things to consider to have a comfortable flight experience.

  • It is essential to know the aircraft layout as it will help to find seats with better legroom. Air Canada offers seat maps during the booking process, letting passengers check available options, locations, and extra fees for preferred options. 
  • Passengers who admire generous legroom, Air Canada premium economy seats offer better legroom, broader seats, and other in-flight amenities. Understanding Air Canada’s cabin types can be beneficial as different cabins offer different seating benefits at no additional charges.
  • Passengers who want to travel in silence can choose seats away from the busy sections such as galleys or lavatories. 
  • You can consider window or aisle preference while selecting seats on Air Canada Flights.

What are the benefits of selecting a seat in advance?

Choosing the seat in advance provides different advantages to passengers.

  • The seat selection permits travelers to get their preferred seating, specifically for long-haul flights, assuring complete comfort and satisfaction throughout the journey.
  • Passengers having particular requirements such as generous legroom and instant access to lavatories due to medical conditions, pre-selecting the seat keeps the uncertainty away.
  • Selecting seats in advance offers peace of mind by not indulging in a last-minute rush and the potential disappointment of getting undesirable seats at check-in.

Air Canada provides specific benefits related to seat selection in advance, such as faster boarding and loyalty program points that will enhance the whole journey experience.

What is the difference between preferred seating and Air Canada premium economy seats?

There are a few differences, such as preferred seating, which is the regular economy seat in a good position. Air Canada Premium Economy is a different cabin with other amenities.

The benefits offered in this cabin include emergency exit rows, in-seat power sockets, USB ports, and spacious seats. Most preferred seats provide better legroom than standard seats. They are expressly offered for extra charges of less than $100 or complimentary for travelers with frequent flier status.

Seats are situated in the different cabins between executive and economy seats. Passengers get access to seats that are bigger than the ones present in the economy but not lie-flat beds provided in executive class; dining options are limited, and you will get a travel amenity kit with the essentials to make the journey stress-free. Not all aircraft provide premium economy class- it is specifically present on the bigger ones operating international flight routes. Premium Economy Tickets will cost hundreds of dollars more than the regular economy or are available through the use of credits by frequent fliers.

What do you mean by Air Canada Seat Selection?

The term Air Canada seat selection determines finding the seat near the front of the plane or the aisle if you want additional legroom for traveling. You can fly in comfort by selecting the seat of your preference with the Air Canada seats options. While making the reservation and finishing the seat selection process, you can choose the seat of your choice. Check out the steps to follow to do so.

  •  To finish the seat selection process accurately, you must keep the essential things in mind.
  • Passengers can choose a seat of their preference without paying extra charges during check-in.
  • You have to pay additional charges for the service if you select the seat before check-in, whether at the time of booking or any other time between booking and check-in.
  • Considering the fare type, Air Canada will charge $20 to $100 extra for seat selection. The ticket with the standard rate will be $20.

Process for choosing seats according to Air Canada Policy

Passengers traveling with Air Canada will get access to a segment of services, including the ones making it easier to manage flight reservations and lower stress. The best way to finish the Air Canada Seat selection procedure is to go to the official website if you want to choose Air Canada’s preferred seats.

What are the steps to choose My Seat when making an Advance Reservation?

  • Go to the official website and follow the guidelines to reserve the seat.
  • Click the Check-In option from the main menu on the official website to finish the process.
  • Submit the reservation details and last name. You will get the confirmation code via mail after completing the reservation with Air Canada.
  • You can find the option for selecting seats on the Air Canada website. Select the seats available from
  • You will get the boarding pass if the process is completed correctly. It is your choice to print it or use it in digital form.
  • Once on the payment page, select the preferred mode of payment to pay for selected seats.

What are the options to choose preferred seats with Air Canada when making the reservation?

Check out the options below for reserving the seats on the official website of Air Canada.


Passengers buying the ticket or completing the check-in process can select the seat. This will only be if you finish the steps mentioned below:

  • Make the reservation by clicking on plan a flight option on the official website.
  • The departure and arrival location, trip date, and number of travelers.
  • Flights available will be displayed on the screen. Visit the official website and click on seat selection after choosing the flight you want to travel to make the reservation.
  • To finish, reach the payment page, where you must pay for the ticket and seat.

      In case passengers have booked the flight:

      You can reserve the seat after making the final bookings but before finishing the check-in:

      • Go to the official website.
      •  Select from the menu showing when you choose to manage your flight. You can select the seat.
      •  Passengers can choose the seat they require by clicking on the option.
      •  Follow the checkout page to pay for the expenses related to the seats you selected.
      • The seat of your preference will be set aside for you.

      Tips for choosing the best Air Canada seats

      If you want to choose the best Air Canada seats, you can follow a few tips to make the right choice.

      • It is essential to select seats according to your requirements. For example, choose the exit row or bulkhead seat if you want more space.
      • Inspecting the aircraft seating layout for best seat selection. Visit the official website of Air Canada or use the online seat map chart to choose seats with features such as reclining and extra storage space.
      • Get to know about the benefits of particular seats in the aircraft. Seats neat to the front offer faster deplaning accompanied by many amenities. 
      • Consider factors such as flight duration and purpose of visit that will help to find the comfier spot, such as window seats for long-haul flights or aisle seats for instant access off aircraft on short-haul flights. 

      What are the ways to change seats on Air Canada?

      Is there a requirement to change seats on your upcoming Air Canada Flight? Do you want to know the ideal methods for changing the seats? If you want to know about the methods, you must follow the below process to make the alterations.

      Online Method:

      •  To start the process, you must visit the official website on your laptop or mobile phone.
      • You must submit the login details for accessing the account.
      • Select Manage My Bookings from the drop-down menu.
      • The details about the reservation must be provided in this section.
      • Once you find the ticket, you can choose the Edit icon from the toolbar.
      • Use the seat selection map to choose the Air Canada preferred seats.
      • To find the best seat, you must open it. After completing it, you can start searching.
      • Choose the preferred seats if you have found one.
      • You must finish the payment process for confirming the seats.

      Offline Method:

      • Call the customer care number to connect you with an experienced client care executive. It is the initial step you must take if you want to change the seat on Air Canada and can rely on the offline option. 
      • It will be beneficial if you contact the client care team or Airlines Help Desk for instant seat change on Air Canada Flight.
      • You need to dial the number and follow the on-screen steps to find the relevant phone number for the preferred language. 
      • To talk with the live agent, follow the automated system guidelines and click the relevant button. 
      • One of the experienced client care executives will help you find reservation details and choose the seat you want.
      • Ask for exchanging seats, but be ready to pay the extra charges if applicable.
      • You can reach the airline’s client care support to learn more about changing seats on Air Canada Flights. Passengers must go through the seat change instructions on the Air Canada official website.

      Special seating options for passengers with specific needs or preferences

      Air Canada offers a range of unique seating options for passengers with specific needs or preferences, ensuring that every individual can travel comfortably and conveniently. 

      •  For passengers requiring extra legroom, you can choose Air Canada premium economy seats with an increased pitch in select aircraft, allowing for a more relaxed and spacious journey. 
      •  Air Canada acknowledges the needs of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility by offering designated seats equipped with movable armrests and removable fixed aisle wheelchair armrests. These seating options are thoughtfully designed to ease boarding and ensure ease of movement during the flight. 
      • Air Canada recognizes the importance of privacy and peace during long-haul flights; hence, Air Canada business class seating features lie-flat beds, enabling passengers to rest and relax effectively.

       Overall, Air Canada’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is exemplified through its specially tailored seating options, ensuring that all passengers receive personalized comfort suited to their unique requirements.

      Conclusion on Air Canada seat selection

      In conclusion, Air Canada's seat selection process offers travelers both pros and cons. On the positive side, selecting seats in advance ensures peace of mind and gives passengers control over their comfort during the flight. The availability of different classes and extra legroom options caters to various needs and preferences. However, it is essential to consider the additional fees associated with seat selection, especially for some advanced or premium seats.

      Furthermore, the limited availability of preferred seats may occasionally trouble passengers who need help to secure their desired spot. Overall, while Air Canada's seat selection process provides a certain level of convenience and customization, travelers need to weigh the benefits against the potential costs and understand that preferences are only sometimes guaranteed due to limited availability. If you need more information or are looking for instant assistance with bookings, managing flights, or any other, contact the Airlines Help Desk now!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can you choose seats on Air Canada Flight?

      Select the standard or preferred seat upon finishing the booking process. Within 24 hours of flight, you can complete the check-in process online or on your mobile device. You can choose from the remaining standard seats without paying any fees. You might have to pay additional charges for Air Canada Preferred Seats.

      Passengers can buy preferred seats on Air Canada flights, depending on the seat's availability. The preferred seats on the same aircraft are situated in the exit rows, particular bulkhead rows, and the first few seats of the cabin. Preferred Seats are unavailable on flights managed by Air Canada's airline partners on Star Alliance codeshare agreements.


      The charges for choosing a preferred seat selection on Air Canada vary depending on the flight and fare class. The fees for select seat selection can range from around $10 to $100 per seat, with higher fees typically associated with longer flights or premium cabins. Additionally, passengers who are members of Air Canada's loyalty program may receive discounted or complimentary access to preferred seating options. 

      The airline offers different fare classes. Depending on the fare class chosen, there may be restrictions on seat selection. For example, passengers who have purchased an Economy Basic fare may not have the option to select a seat until check-in or could incur an additional fee. On the other hand, passengers flying in Premium Economy or Business Class generally enjoy more flexibility and can choose their desired seat at any time without extra charges. 


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