In’s and Out’s of Allegiant Airlines Priority Access


Allegiant Airlines is a scheduled carrier operating in North America. Founded in 1997, Allegiant Airlines has headquarters in  Summerlin, Nevada, Suburban Las Vegas. The airlines offer fantastic options to provide an expedited experience to the passengers with the Allegiant airlines priority access. The leisure airline offers vacationists its service, primarily traveling from colder to warmer regions. Allegiant Airlines uses secondary airports to keep its operational costs low. The airline has a significant presence in Orlando Airport, Phoenix Airport, Cincinnati Airport, Denver Airport, Newark Airport, San Antonio, and more.

Allegiant Airlines is an ultra-low-cost airline with some of the cheapest flight tickets in the continental United States. The airline flies to smaller and less popular airports across America. Despite being a budget airline, it flies to more than 110 destinations. The airline offers multiple other methods to keep the ticket cost low, such as assigning seats at check-in, and if passengers want to book a seat of their choice, they have to pay a fee. The airline offers no inflight amenities to keep operational costs even lower. Passengers are only given a small backpack, and if any passenger wants to carry their baggage, they need to purchase a baggage allowance. 

Keeping costs low for the flight is an excellent option for passengers traveling on a budget, as they can use the saved money to spend on activities at their destinations. Allegiant Airlines still ensures passengers are relaxed and comfortable during their trip despite the low-cost carrier. 

Boarding an Allegiant Airlines Flight

Allegiant Airlines uses the zoning method for its boarding process. They begin their boarding process by first boarding the primary 4 zones. Upon completing the basic 4-zone boarding, they move on to the 6-zone boarding. 

Passengers are given their zone status based on various factors. The significant factors behind the boarding process are whether they are traveling with any baggage or whether they have selected any seat prior. The first passengers to board are the ones who are traveling with carry-on baggage and need to use the overhead bins to stow away their stuff. The boarding is completed from the back to the front.

Allegiant Airlines assigns passengers to their boarding zones based on their assigned seats. The foremost priority is given to the passengers who purchased baggage allowance to carry a piece of carry-on baggage. After them, the passengers who booked their seats in advance when booking their ticket by paying an additional fee are next to board. After that, passengers are allotted the zones from the seats going back to the front of the aircraft. 

Several factors are taken into consideration while assigning passengers to their respective zones. There are various classes: 

  1. Priority Boarding
  2. Military Boarding
  3. Family Boarding
  4. Zone 1
  5. Zone 2
  6. Zone 3
  7. Zone 4
  8. Zone 5
  9. Zone 6
  1. Priority Boarding: This is the first group to board an Allegiant Airlines flight. Passengers can enter this group if they purchased the priority boarding pass or are part of Allegiant Airlines with sufficient credits. 
  2. Military Boarding: Military personnel get access to free additional baggage allowance; hence, they are boarded in the second group to store their additional gear or baggage in the overhead cabins. 
  3. Family Boarding: It is understandable that families traveling must be seated together, considering that Allegiant Airlines boards them in this group. Families traveling with infants or toddlers are given additional preference and board first inside this group. 
  4. Zone 1: Zone 1 is assigned to passengers given exit row seats.
  5. Zone 2: In Zone 2, passengers are traveling without carry-on baggage. They are usually seated in seats from 25 to 40. 
  6. Zone 3: This zone is assigned to passengers who have some amount of carry-on baggage with them. They are given seats between 1 and 9.
  7. Zone 4: Passengers traveling with a single carry-on bag will board in this zone. They are given seats 10-24, usually the aisle row, so they can easily access the overhead bins. 
  8. Zone 5: Passengers who request accelerated baggage are assigned to this zone, as their baggage is the first to be deplaned. 
  9. Zone 6: This zone is assigned to passengers who booked the quick deboarding service, so they are the first to deboard the flight, and because of this, they are seated in the front or the very last row of the plane.

Essential Things to Count in About Allegiant Boarding


Allegiant Airlines is strict with its boarding policy, including seating and zones. It is often stated that you will not be placed in the family boarding zone if you travel with a companion who is not your family. Suppose you plan to sit alone with that companion on your Allegiant Airlines flight. In that case, it is recommended that you purchase a reserved seat at the time of booking by paying an additional fee to ensure you are not sitting separately from your companion. Allegiant Airlines does not guarantee that you will be seated next to your companion if your seats are assigned at boarding time using the free seat allotment method. 

Allegiant Airlines’ zone allotment is different as well. At the same time, mostly the passengers with baggage in the first group to board the plane. Passengers with carry-on baggage on Allegiant Airlines flights are placed in the later zones to board. Passengers must familiarize themselves with all these rules and regulations to prevent surprises. 

Allegiant Airlines has a dedicated agent at the airport to print a boarding pass, which is charged to the passengers. To avoid these charges, passengers can print a boarding pass at home by downloading it from the Allegiant Airlines website or store a digital copy in their mobile app.

Allegiant Airlines Priority Pass

Allegiant Airlines' priority access is a fantastic tool for passengers to get priority boarding access just by doing some simple steps. Passengers also get additional perks and benefits with priority access, such as baggage handling, free lounge access, priority deboarding, and much more. 

Passengers can purchase Allegiant Airlines priority access by paying a small fee. They can also access the priority pass by enrolling in the Allegiant Airlines frequent flyer program. Allegiant Airlines also offers other options to get priority pass service, and purchasing Allegiant’s World Mastercard is one of them.

How to enroll in Allegiant Airlines Priority Pass

  1. The first step to enrolling for the Allegiant Airlines priority pass is to visit the Allegiant Airlines website using your preferred browser. 
  2. Upon landing on the website, click “Manage Travel Option”.
  3. You will have multiple options to choose from after clicking on manage travel options such as “Allegiant Air seat chart, flight cancellation, and more.” you will also find the opinion for “priority boarding pass,” select that!
  4. After clicking on that, the website will offer two options: to enroll in the frequent flier program or to select the priority pass. 
  5. After selecting the priority pass, pay the applicable fees, and you will get a notification and email informing you that you have purchased the Allegiant Airlines priority pass for your next flight.

Benefits of Allegiant Airlines Priority Pass

The priority pass of Allegiant Airlines offers multiple perks and benefits to passengers. The pass is designed to cater to passengers and provide comfortable travel by taking care of their convenience and needs. The Allegiant Airlines priority pass is available and a fantastic choice for all passengers, whether you are venturing on a getaway or going on a vacation with your family. 

The Allegiant Airlines Priority Pass has additional amenities that passengers can enjoy at the airport and on air. Passengers can enjoy access to the fascinating lounges at Las Vegas airport, which offer the ultimate relaxing and quiet space that passengers can use to work or unwind. Priority Pass passengers also enjoy pre-flight snacks. During the flight priority pass, passengers enjoy complimentary food and beverages to satisfy their hunger. The highlights of Allegiant Airlines Priority Pass are: 

  1. Lounge Access: Passengers with Allegiant Airlines priority passes enjoy access to lounges at the most significant airport in North America. Passengers can visit more than 1300 airport lounges in the United States alone, with new lounges added yearly. Lounge access is a valid reason to get a priority pass from Allegiant Airlines. 
  2. Larger Seats: On every Allegiant flight, the first three rows have bigger seats, and priority pass passengers can reserve those seats by getting massive discounts. The seats are broader and bigger, with additional legroom to offer maximum comfort to the passengers. Passengers are also offered complimentary meals and beverages to provide an enhanced experience for the rest of the flight. 
  3. Complimentary Wi-Fi: Passengers with Priority Pass enjoy complimentary access to Wi-Fi in the lounges and on the flight. Priority pass passengers can access this network to stay connected to the internet to work or contact their families. 
  4. Add-On Discounts: The priority pass of Allegiant Airlines discounts entries to various outlets that have a partnership with Allegiant Airlines. There are several places to enjoy these discounts, like spa discounts, in-airport dining, and retail shopping.
  5. 24/7 Customer Support: All Allegiant Airlines passengers have a customer support line that can be used to contact the airline to resolve any of their issues. However, the passengers with priority passes have access to a dedicated customer support line that is operational 24/7 and handles queries of only priority pass members within minutes. 
  6. Family & Friends Benefits: The Allegiant Airlines Priority Pass holders have the opportunity to share their status to get one of their family members or friends to visit the Allegiant Airlines lounges without paying any additional cost. They can get 1 other member access to the lounge every time they fly. The accompanying passengers can enjoy all the services for the longest.

How to Book an Allegiant Airlines Flight with Priority Pass

Checking In on an Allegiant Airlines flight using the priority pass is a simple and quick process offered by the airlines to ensure passengers' comfort. Passengers need to follow a few simple steps to get their ticket linked with their priority pass, and then they can experience all the luxuries of Allegiant Airlines.

  1. If you have not signed in on Allegiant Airlines, visit the Allegiant Airlines website and click on the “account” option. 
  2. After clicking that, you must click the “Priority Pass” option. You will find the “enroll” option. 
  3. After selecting the enroll option, fill in all the details the website may ask you. Upon completing the details selection, click on the next option. 
  4. You will land on a page asking you to upload your Allegiant Airlines MasterCard number. If you possess this card, upload the details, and you will be enrolled in the program without paying any fee.
  5. If you don’t have the MasterCard, simply press skip, and you will see a portal to pay the required fee to get the Priority pass.
  6. Enter your payment details and pay the fee, after which you will get your priority pass number. 
  7. The next time you book a flight with Allegiant Airlines using their website, your priority pass will be automatically attached. If you book your ticket from a third party, call customer support and ask them to add the premium pass number to your reservation.

Check-in on an Allegiant Airlines Flight with Priority Pass

Passengers have different options for checking in on an Allegiant Airlines flight using multiple options.

  1. The check-in process for checking on Allegiant Airlines starts 24 hours before the flight’s departure time.
  2. Passengers can check-in for their flight by visiting the Allegiant Airlines website. The website also offers options for other services such as seat selection, baggage allowance, meal choice, and more. 
  3. After checking on the flight, pay for any additional service you might have chosen. 
  4. After paying the fees, you will receive your boarding pass in your email or download it from the website. 
  5. You can keep a digital copy on your electronic devices or print it. 
  6. If you don’t want to use the website, you can check in at the airport by visiting the Allegiant Airlines counter.
  7. They will complete your checking-in process but charge a small fee for printing your boarding pass at the airport. 

How to get Discounts with the Allegiant Airlines MasterCard

The Allegiant Airlines MasterCard offers many offers and discounts to passengers enrolled in the Allegiant Airlines Priority Pass. Passengers can use it at thousands of establishments and when traveling with Allegiant Airlines to get astonishing discounts.

  1. You can use the MasterCard at various establishments. You simply need to pay using your Allegiant Airlines MasterCard, and you will get a discount automatically.
  2. When booking an Allegiant Airlines, you must select to pay with the Allegiant Airlines MasterCard at checkout, and you will enjoy a great discount on your flight ticket.
  3. If you wish to purchase any facility or service while traveling on an Allegiant Airlines flight, simply pay with the Allegiant Airlines MasterCard. You will get discounts on your bill, and you will also get additional credit points that you can redeem during your next Allegiant Airlines flight. 

Contact Allegiant Airlines for a Priority Pass

Allegiant Airlines is very considerate of its priority pass passengers, and considering this, they have a dedicated 24/7 customer support line to tackle any issue that the passenger might have. You can contact Allegiant Airlines using their dedicated priority pass customer support number. The process of resolving an issue by calling Allegiant Airlines is quite simple. 

  1. If you wish to get an Allegiant Airlines Priority Pass, call customer support at 505-8888 and enroll as an Allegiant Airlines Priority Pass member.
  2. Then, whenever you face any issue with Allegiant Airlines, call them, listen to the automated voice, and select the relevant issue to get connected with a specially trained agent who is trained to solve your issue.
  3. Upon getting connected with the agent, explain your concern to the agent, and they will promptly provide you with a solution suitable for your issue.

Final Thought

Allegiant Airlines is an exceptional airline that offers passengers the joy of traveling anywhere in the Continental United States without burning a hole in their pocket. Passengers can save a lot of money when they travel with Allegiant Airlines, which they can use elsewhere. The airline ensures that passengers feel welcome and comfortable during their traveling experience. The airline is cherished by many as it offers every kind of option to keep its passengers. 

We at Airlines Help Desk offer various services related to Allegiant Airlines, such as flight booking, flight cancellations, flight rescheduling, refund processing, seat upgrades, name changes, and much more. Our professional team of industry-leading travel excerpts will provide you with the best Allegiant Airlines fare and resolve any other issue. We have partnerships with all the major airlines worldwide to provide you with the smoothest and most comfortable travel experience. So call us at +1-855-738-4315, and please fasten your seat belts for your next adventure with Allegiant Airlines!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get priority boarding on an Allegiant Airlines flight?

Passengers who have purchased the priority pass are the first to board the flight. After they have boarded, any military personnel board the flight. The next to board the flight are people traveling with their families. Upon completing these classes, the next boarding is sorted into zones ranging from zone 1 to zone 2. 

Allegiant Airlines has 9 distinctive zones in which they board their passengers into the flight. The first one is priority boarding, which is reserved for priority pass holders; the second one is reserved for military personnel; the third one is reserved for families, and the rest are assigned based on the seats that are assigned to the passengers.

The Allegiant Airlines MasterCard could be more efficient when giving redeemable credit points to passengers. Every dollar spent equals only one point on the card, which some might say is insufficient. However, the main benefit of the Allegiant Airlines MasterCard is that passengers can access the priority pass without paying any fee, and the card offers multiple benefits in retail stores.

Yes, passengers can reserve flight seats at the time of their booking. While conforming to the booking reservation, you will find the option to select your seat. Upon choosing that option, you will land on a page with the plane’s seating map from which you can choose the seat, after which you will have to pay a fee for your seat. After completing all these steps, you can download your ticket from the website. 


 When traveling on Allegiant Airlines, you can carry a small personal item like a laptop, duffle bag, or purse. If you wish to carry a carry-on bag on the flight, you must purchase an additional carry-on baggage allowance while booking your flight. You can also buy the baggage allowance while checking on your flight. But most of the time it is expensive to buy it at the end moment. Thus, booking the alliance at the time of reservation is advised.

Yes, you can change a United domestic flight on the same day of departure. United offers this service for a fee. Contact customer service for assistance with your United same-day flight change request.

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