How Does United Airlines FareLock Prevent Fluctuations?


Traveling is a great way to escape stress and create memories with your loved ones. However, some situations can change travel plans. It can be due to essential work tasks, personal reasons, or family urgency. United Airlines has made things easier for passengers by introducing the United airlines farelock feature. Moreover, it allows passengers to change their flight schedules without complications.

The farelock United is a benefit that allows passengers to hold a desired travel plan and price for a certain amount of time before buying it. This will enable passengers to experience the flexibility to purchase favorable fares without making the final decision instantly.

The Farelock feature lets passengers lock their selected flights and fares for up to 7 days by paying the extra charges. This is a fantastic way to overcome unknown travel emergencies or to make a firm decision for the upcoming vacations. The user-friendly algorithms of this program improve passenger booking experience.

The feature of farelock on United Airlines determines the commitment to fulfill traveler's needs alongside offering one-of-a-kind service and advantages.

United Airlines Farelock Terms and Conditions

The farelock United Airline feature permits passengers to hold the price of a United Flight for a specific duration. This is only applicable if you have made the reservation through their official website, mobile application, or by calling customer care. The farelock guarantee price depends on the reservation managed by United and United Express.

Passengers won't get any refund for the farelock in case of flight cancellation or delay.

  1. Flyers can reserve the fare with the United Airlines farelock feature and complete the transaction by visiting United Airlines official website or calling customer care any time before the farelock duration ends
  2. The duration of the Farelock Program is only valid for up to 7 days without purchasing the flight ticket.
  3. If the reservation is not purchased before the farelock expires, it will get canceled. Passengers who choose the future reservation automatic purchase, then the reservation will remain the same, and the price will be paid automatically.
  4. Farelock is available for the flights arriving from/to the selective airports across the United States and Canada.
  5. Passengers cannot change their reservations if they have bought a farelock guarantee.
  6. The farelock program does not ensure the availability of seats until a ticket is not bought. The suggestion is to finish the transaction within the time duration of the reservation.

How do you use United Airlines farelock to secure your ticket?


Any person can rely on the United Airlines Farelock feature to secure a reservation for a particular flight while taking time to make the final decision. To benefit from this feature, the traveler should be part of the MileagePlus frequent flyer program and must choose the Farelock option while making the reservations.

Once they have chosen Farelock, passengers must pay the fees depending on the journey duration, which can differ for up to 7 days. During the locked time, passengers cannot change the selected fare and flights even if the price increases. This allows passengers to make firm decisions without stressing over the sudden price hike.

If the plans are decided during the Farelock duration, travelers can finish the purchase using the locked price. The procedure is easy, specifically when waiting for the approvals or finalizing the arrangements before making the final reservations.

Step-by-step guide on booking with farelock on United Airlines

When making a flight reservation with United Airlines, the Farelock program will add convenience and a quick booking experience. The process starts with choosing the preferred United fare class and adding them to the travel itinerary on the official website. Once the details are checked on the payment page, passengers will get the option to select Farelock by paying extra charges.

With the benefit of Farelock, the passenger is provided 72 hours to proceed with the bookings without worrying over the price hikes. To finish the reservation during this time, passengers can log in to their account anytime to make the final payment. It is important to know that Farelock charges are not eligible for refund and are different from the actual ticket price. Also, if alternative flights are available within 72 hours, passengers can cancel the reservation without paying extra fees.

Lastly, the United Airlines Farelock program lets passengers choose the desired flights alongside the added flexibility, making the booking process quick.

Get to Know about the cost and fees of the Farelock program

It is vital to know the charges for the Farelock Program to book flight tickets in advance. Passengers have the allowance to hold the flight for a particular time duration. The airline will charge a farelock fee that will differ on duration and ticket cost. Moreover, the suggestion is to read the terms and conditions before making the final decision. Passengers can make a better choice for future flights without paying further charges by having complete information.

i) Holding United fare for Free

  1. To obtain a freehold, do not select United Farelock; instead, proceed to the payment page and select the phone order page link.
  2. You will see the confirmation number on the phone page link.
  3. Go to the reservation drop menu, view/edit current reservations, and check the hold reservations. If you held the reservation at midnight, then you can hold the reservation for 48 hours until the next day, midnight.
  4. Click on More to purchase online.
  5. After clicking on More, you can complete the purchase online without paying additional fees.

For further discussion, call United Airlines at (833) 844-1239 or 1-800-864-8331.

ii) What are the ways to connect with Live United Airlines?

Getting in touch with Live United Airlines is easy and fast. There are a few ways to do so.

  1. Live Chat: Visit the official website of United Airlines and talk with their representative. You can use the option to change flight reservations, learn details about United Airlines fare codes, etc.
  2. Email: Compose the mail to their official email address with the complete details such as booking reference number, date of travel, and name so that they can help you in the best way possible.
  3.  Call: Call 1-800-864-8331 and talk with customer care executives who are available 24/7 to settle your queries regarding flight reservations, united airlines cancellation policy, or changes to travel plans.

Tips to keep in mind when using Farelock on United Airlines

If you hold the reservations for a longer time before making changes or cancellations, it will help you if the airline delays, cancels, or changes the flight.

If United Airlines does so, then you are eligible for a complete refund without any fees. The policy is helpful for the passenger wanting to book in advance, and the fees for the same-day reservations are 75$.

If you are planning a trip and want to avoid paying cancellation charges, then it is essential to check the fees for one-way flights rather than round-trip flights. The United change/cancel flight fee is up to $200 for paid domestic flights, $350-$400 for international flights, and around $100 for award fights.

In case you have to change/cancel a domestic round-trip flight, you will pay $200, while you cancel/change two one-way flights, then you have to pay $200 each. Passengers who met with an emergency or sudden death of their close ones then let United Airlines know about that. They will look into the matter and will waive the fees.

Farelock is a great option when you are still deciding about travel plans or want enough time to make the right decision. Moreover, it is essential to know the farelock charges are entitled to non-refundable. Another tip is to keep an eye on the expiration date of the farelock as if it expires, the hold won't be active any longer, flights won't be available, or prices might change.

Passengers should know that not all flights are eligible for the Farelock, so check before you get your hopes up. These easy-to-follow tips will help you to pursue a smoother journey with United Airlines.

Real-life experiences of travelers using the farelock feature from United Airlines


The farelock option from United Airlines improves the travel experience for their passengers. Passengers who use United Airlines Farelock service have found it very convenient to book a flight immediately.

With the benefit of securing fares for up to seven days, passengers can take enough time to finalize their travel plans or get approval from other travel partners without worrying about price changes. Passengers who use United Airlines' Farelock service have found it very convenient to book a flight immediately. With the benefit of securing fares for up to seven days, passengers can take enough time to finalize their travel plans or get approval from other travel partners without worrying about price changes.

This program has dramatically helped working professionals facing last-minute changes to their flight schedules or needing extra time to manage complicated itineraries. Passengers have mentioned that Farelock not only provides the ability to lock in prices but also offers the flexibility to compare alternative options before making a decision. The user-friendly interface allows travelers to manage and upgrade Farelock easily and ensures they receive support.

Overall, travelers' experiences confirm that United Airlines' Farelock service is an invaluable resource for business travelers looking for affordable and flexible flight deals

Changes, Holds, and Cancellations for Paid Tickets

  1. The United Airlines flexible 24-hour booking policy allows passengers to change their reservations within 24 hours without paying any fees. This excludes group bookings or purchases made with Western unions, cash, or e-certificates.
  2. The fee to hold for your flight is $9.99 for 72 hours, whereas $14.99 for 7 days of hold per reservation for the flights reserved with United Airlines.
  3. United Farelock fees are not eligible for a refund even if you try to cancel or change it within 24 hours. If the price increases, the farelock charges won't be entitled to a refund.
  4. Farelock is only applicable for reservations done with United Airlines or United Express. This excludes all the partner segments or any third-party travel portal.
  5. The farelock log will appear on the eligible flights when you buy it from the official website of United Airlines.
  6. You can purchase Farelock after selecting the flights, if available in the purchase option on the review itinerary pages.
  7. The farelock hold can be added to the flight before two hours of departure. Holds are subject to the flight cancellation policy that determines that a hold can be canceled at any time within 2 hours of the departure. If you do not buy the fare or change the itinerary within this timeframe, your flight will get canceled and the ticket refunded.
  8. The change or cancellation of the paid ticket will cost $200-$400 depending on the flight route, domestic or international. Change fees on Paid tickets are not waived for elite members.
  9. If the non-refundable ticket is changed or canceled, the excess value will be authorized as credit and must used by the same person within 12 months. The refundable ticket is eligible for refund but in the same mode of payment used when buying it.

United Airlines Cancellation, Booking, Change Charges for Award Tickets.

The saver and standard tickets with the terms mentioned above for paid tickets are available for 72 hours to 7 days farelock hold. There are charges for the flight reservation done with customer care support, and passengers have to bear $25 while this is waived for Global Services, Premier 1k, and Premier Platinum Members. Besides, there won't be any charges for the reservations made online.

i) If you book the award flight from any channel within 21 days of travel, it will result in the following:​

  1. General Members- $75
  2. Premier Silver Members- $50
  3. Premier Gold Members- $25

The fee is waived for Global Services, Premier 1k, and Premier Platinum Members. For canceling the award ticket or want to upgrade with the miles in your account within 1 year:

  • General Members- $200
  • Premier Silver Members- $125
  • Premier Gold Members- $100

United Airlines Same Day Changes for Paid Flights

  1. The same-day changes for routing and departure timings within the same origin and destination can be done for the fee of $75. This will be waived for Mileageplus Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, and Premier 1k members.
  2. United or United Express must operate the itinerary, and the flight number should start with 016.
  3. Passengers can change the flight 24 hours before the flight departure. This United airlines change flight policy adds the flexibility to travel one day before or after the departure timings.
  4. If the original ticket fare class is not available, you can shift to the available class by paying the same-day change fee, pay the difference, or get a refund for the price difference.

Why United Airlines farelock is a valuable tool for travelers

United Farelock lets travelers reserve their desired flight for 3 to 7 days, considering their preference. Within this duration, the fare and flight important things remain untouched, saving travelers from paying potential price hikes or flight availability troubles. It is the carrier offered by United Airlines, allowing travelers to hold the reservation for a specific duration without paying for the tickets directly. This feature is ideal for vacationers who select secure fares and flight alternatives.

How much farelock will be helpful depends on the passenger requirements and travel plans. Moreover, check out the reasons that make Farelock a valuable tool.

  1. Flexible Traveling: If you need more time to coordinate the trip, Farelock can help you overcome the issues of increased fares.
  2. Stress-Free Reservations: Farelock keeps the stress away, particularly for the fluctuating duration of airfare prices. This ensures that you have locked in the fare of your preferred itinerary.
  3. Price: The Farelock feature is not refundable, so there may be more expensive options for passengers. I suggest weighing the rate compared to the financial savings on the fare.
  4. Availability: Farelock is unavailable for the flights so the usefulness will depend on the specific travel route.

Contact Airlines Help Desk for Instant Client Support

Getting in touch with the Airlines Help Desk can be your helping hand to get dependable customer support. Our team of expert technicians works hard and ensures you settle your issues by the end of the conversation. If you are booking a ticket, want to modify your current reservations, or want professional help with any travel-associated query, the Airlines Help Desk answers every question and provides the best support.

Our commitment to offering the topmost service can be seen via the technique of our working and instant problem-solving characteristics. By considering the requirements of our valued clients, we offer the best solutions catering to their queries. Call us to address your travel-related query and begin your journey securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any benefit of using the United Airlines Farelock Feature?

The prime benefit of United Airlines Farelock Service is that it allows passengers to hold their desired itinerary for three, seven, or up to fourteen days. This keeps the worries away, such as the fast filling of the flight or the sudden price hike.

Yes, Farelock is available for both saver and everyday award tickets for the flights operated by United and United Express.

Farelock aims to help passengers hold the price specifically for those who have sudden changes in their plans. Besides, the flight ticket bought with Farelock is non-refundable. The price lock fee and expiry duration will differ for every flight, booking, date of travel, and passenger carried.

Passengers can purchase Farelock by visiting United Airlines' official website or can download the United Airlines app. You can buy and hold for 3,7 or 14 days. To purchase the ticket that you want to hold, check the flight in the My Trips section before the hold validity comes to an end.

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