EVA Air Seat Selection Policy & Guidelines


Welcome travel enthusiasts on a new journey, making air travel more accessible than ever! Many amateur travelers wonder what it's like to travel on EVA Air. This airline reflects the quality of air travel services, meeting excellence to enhance your every flight experience. We understand the matter of choice and comfort regarding your flight journey. That's why the EVA Air seat selection policy was created to meet your needs.

This airline offers a wide range of seating options for your preferences. Whether you desire extra legroom, a window seat with a view, or sitting close to the front for quick disembarkation, this airline has your back. A user-friendly seat selection process lets you pick the seat that best fits your needs and makes your trips remarkable. It is time to begin this journey and learn more about seat selection guidelines, allowances, and other essential details.

EVA Seat Selection Policy Overview

The EVA Air Seat Selection is seamlessly made to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for improving top-notch flight experience. This airline aims to deliver professionally assisted, friendly expertise when choosing your desired seats on EVA flights.

  1. Transparency For All: The policy lucidly sketches simplified seat selection options, fees (if any), and eligibility criteria, ensuring you know what to expect.
  2. Early Selection Option: Passengers can choose their seats while making flight reservations, ensuring you book your preferred spot well in advance.
  3. Total Flexibility: The airline provides vivid seat categories to meet your requirements, from extra-legroom seats to standard ones. Families or groups can sit together, and those with unique needs obtain priority assistance.
  4. Fair Pricing: EVA Air strives to maintain fair seat selection fees, with valuable discounts for passengers like elite members.
  5. Seamless Online Management: Manage your seat selection efficiently online or through the website or official mobile app, making it fuss-free.

The Seat Selection Policy aspires to sweeten your expedition experience by presenting convenience and affordability.

Understanding Seat Selection Terms & Conditions Of Eva Air

EVA Air seating terms and conditions may differ depending on the fare class, route, and detailed booking details.

  1. Generally, passengers can pick seats while booking their reservations online or at the airport check-in counter. 
  2. Extra charges may be charged for selected desired seats, extra-legroom seats, or those in premium cabins. 
  3. Some passengers, like those with particular needs or specific frequent flier status, may have seat selection rights without extra fees. 
  4. The airline holds the authority to alter seat assignments for specific reasons, and particular terms and conditions can be seen on their official website or in the reservation process. 
  5. Every traveler should check the airline's policies and eligible fees for seat selection when making their reservations.

How Can You Choose A Desired Seat On EVA Air?

Is your mind constantly annoying you with only one question: Can you choose seats on EVA Air? This airline offers numerous options for travelers to pick their desired seat for a comforting travel experience. 

During the booking process, travelers can pay an extra fee to choose a window, aisle, or bulkhead seat. If travelers have already reserved their flight tickets, they can log into the official website using their frequent flier number or booking reference details to choose or modify their seats. 

Similarly, passengers may contact customer care service or visit their ticketing counter at the airport to request a desired seat. It is significant to note that seat selection options may differ based on the fare class and availability. Hence, travelers are instructed to reserve early for the best seat selection.

How do you select a seat For an EVA Air Flight through the website?

To select your seat on an EVA Air flight through their official website, follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the EVA Air official website.
  • Click on the "Manage Your Trip" or "My Booking" section.
  • Enter your booking reference or e-ticket number and the passenger's last name.
  • Access your reservation.
  • Navigate to the seat selection option.
  • Browse the available seats on the seat map.
  • Choose your desired seat by clicking on it.
  • Confirm your selection and complete any payment if applicable.
  • Save or print your updated itinerary with the selected seat.

Ensure you review any additional fees associated with seat upgrade.

How do you select a seat For an EVA Air Flight via call?

To select an EVA Air seats on the flight via phone call, follow these steps:

    • Ping EVA Air's customer service number can be found on their official website or your booking confirmation.
    • Carefully listen to the automated menu and choose the option for seat reservations or changes.
    • Wait for a customer service agent to assist you. Be prepared to provide your booking reference or ticket number for verification.
    • If available, inform the agent of your seat preference, such as window, aisle, or seat numbers.
    • The agent will review the availability and give you a seat according to your preference or offer options if your choice is unavailable.
    • Confirm your seat choice with the agent and ask any questions you may have about your booking.
    • Review your flight reservation details to ensure accuracy before ending the call.

    EVA Air Seating Options: Tailoring Your Trip's Comfort

    EVA Air seat map offers various seating options for passenger's tastes and needs for comfortable air travel. Here's an outline of the different seat categories available by Eva Air:

    1. Royal Laurel Class : Set as Eva Air's first-class seating, the Royal Laurel Class is the pioneer of extravagance. Passengers can enjoy big flatbed seats with direct aisle access, private entertainment screens, and a luxurious fine dining experience.
    2. Premium Laurel Class : Like the Royal Laurel Class, the Premium Laurel Class provides EVA Air business class luxury with seats that recline into fully flat plush beds. Passengers can appreciate the worthwhile personal entertainment options and savor fine dining during their journey.
    3. Premium Economy Class : Eva Air's Premium Economy Class is perfect for travelers desiring a more relaxed and spacious experience than standard Economy Class. Passengers can enjoy extra legroom, enhanced seating comfort, personal entertainment screens, and various amenities.
    4. Economy Class : Eva Air's standard economy class offers simple, comfortable seating and personal entertainment screens. Passengers in this class are also treated to a selection of meals and snacks to sweeten their in-flight experience.

    Eva Air's seat selection policy offers desired seats for an extra fee, including extra legroom, window or aisle seats, and front cabin seats. These options provide a more personalized and flexible flying experience. 

    EVA Air's Seat Selection Fees

    Eva Air provides a flexible seat selection fee structure, which depends on the class of service and the type of seat passengers desire. For Economy class tickets, passengers can select their seats free of charge during the check-in process, which starts 48 hours before the scheduled departure of their flight. However, if passengers prefer to choose their seats in advance or have exact seating preferences, they must pay a seat selection fee to the airline. The EVA Air seat selection fees are categorized into three main types: Standard seats, Preferred seats, and Extra Legroom seats.

    1. Standard Seats : The seat selection fee for Standard seats ranges from $15 to $40 approximately. Travelers who opt for these seats will be subject to this fee, depending on their seat choice and flight route.
    2. Preferred Seats : The selection fee varies from $20 to $50 for passengers who wish to secure Preferred seats. This fee is suitable when passengers have specific preferences for their seating configurations.
    3. Extra Legroom Seats : Extra legroom seating, presenting additional space and comfort, comes with seat selection fees that start from $50 and go up to approximately $160. Passengers who want extra legroom must pay this fee, which differs based on the seat's location and availability.
    4. Important Note: These fees are in addition to the flight ticket cost. Therefore, passengers should assume seat selection preferences when budgeting for their Eva Air flights. The seat selection fees depend on the type of seat and class of service, with Standard, Preferred, and Extra Legroom seats each having their respective fee ranges.

    How do you select an EVA Air seat for free?

    To select EVA Air's seat for free, take a quick look at the information listed below:

    1. Booking Early: Book your flight ticket as early as possible. Airlines often release seats for free selection during the booking procedure.
    2. Online Booking: Reserve your flight ticket using EVA Air's official website or mobile app. Online bookings usually qualify the passenger to pick desired seats for free during the reservation.
    3. Check-in Online: Finish the online check-in process 48-24 hours before your flight. This is when many free seat choices become available.
    4. Frequent Flier Programs: Join EVA Air's loyalty program to gain status and enjoy complimentary seat selection rewards.
    5. Travel Classes: Higher fare classes usually include free-seat preferences. Consider elevating if this is crucial to you.
    6. Ask at the Airport Counter: If all else fails, ask at the airport check-in counter for accessible seating options.

    EVA seat selection availability may deviate, so book early to reserve your preferred seat for free.

    Can You Check EVA Air Seat Maps Before Booking Flight Tickets?

    You can check the airline's seat maps before reserving the flight tickets. Like many other airlines, EVA Air provides seat maps on its official website during the booking procedure. Whether you want to check the EVA Air Boeing 777 300er seat map or any other flight map, this airline makes it more accessible. These maps allow travelers to view the aircraft's seating layout, including the arrangement of seats in different classes (economy, business, first class) and the location of emergency exits and lavatories. 

    Passengers can pick their preferred seats based on their choices, such as window or aisle seats, closeness to exits, or extra legroom options. It's a helpful feature that helps travelers make savvy decisions and improves their travel experience.

    What can happen if you miss the seat selection?

    If you choose to skip seat selection on EVA Air, several things can occur depending on the airline's policies and the availability of seats:

    1. Random Seat Assignment: The airline will generally assign you a seat at random when you check in, either at the airport or online. This implies you may not get your desired seat, and it could be anywhere on the aircraft.
    2. Separated Travel: If you're flying with family or friends and skip seat selection, you may be allotted different seats from your companions, especially on a busy flight.
    3. Limited Choice: You may have restricted choices when selecting seats with desirable features, like extra legroom, window seats, or aisle seats. These choices may be taken by passengers who choose their seats earlier.
    4. Comfort Concerns: You might end up in a less comfortable seat near the restrooms or the galley, which could result in more noise and disruption during the flight.
    5. Last-Minute Changes: Airlines sometimes make last-minute changes to seat assignments for various operational reasons, so your assigned seat may alter even if you initially missed the selection.
    6. Extra Costs: If you have specific seat choices and want to dodge the uncertainty of unexpected seat assignments, you may need to spend an additional fee to choose your seat when you check-in.

    Can You Select Seat On The Day Of EVA Air Flight Departure?

    When flying with EVA Air, travelers can select their desired seats in advance through the airline's website or customer service. However, seat availability may vary and depends on the flight's occupancy and your selected fare class. The airline will allocate one for you at check-in if you need to pre-select a seat. 

    It's recommended to reserve early if you have desired seat preferences, particularly on popular routes or during peak trip times. Suppose you need to alter your seat on the day of departure. In that case, you can request a seat change at the airport, but keep in mind that it's subject to availability and may incur additional charges depending on your fare type and membership status.

    Important Note: The option to EVA Air select seating arrangements is available up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. Please note that seat selection pertains solely to international flights conducted by EVA Air/UNI Air, especially those with ticket numbers beginning with 695 or 525. This requirement does not grow to codeshare arrangements with other airlines. It is crucial to recognize that EVA Air/UNI Air has the priority to assign passenger seats or make seat reassignments as necessitated by operational imperatives or safety concerns.

    EVA Air Seat Selection Benefits For Infinity MileageLands Members


    This airline provides a kaleidoscopic range of benefits to its Infinity MileageLands members regarding seat selection. Infinity MileageLands is the airline's frequent flier program. Members enjoy several advantages, including selecting seats in advance at no added cost. 

    This privilege assures that members can reserve their desired seating options, whether a window, aisle, or extra legroom seat, offering a more enjoyable flight experience. Furthermore, Infinity MileageLands members often receive priority access to preferred seats, even in dynamic travel seasons. These benefits enhance travel comfort and convenience for loyal EVA Air passengers, making their journeys more personalized and enjoyable.

    What Is The Cost Of Eva Air's Seat Selection On An International Flight?

    This top-notch Taiwanese airline provides flexible seat selection choices for international flights, with prices varying based on several factors. The EVA Air seat selection price can depend on the class of service, route, and when you make the selection. Generally, for economy class passengers, the cost might range from $10 to $50 per seat. Premium economy and business class travelers may have complimentary seat selections or lower fees.

    Early selection, done at the time of booking, often comes at a lower price than selecting seats closer to the departure date. EVA Air's website or customer service can provide the latest details for your flight, ensuring a more relaxing and personalized travel experience.

    Perks Of EVA Air Seat Selection Policy For Travelers

    1. Firstly, it provides flexibility, allowing passengers to pick their desired seats during the reservation procedure or even after buying flight tickets. This flexibility is essential for those who have precise seating preferences, such as extra legroom, window views, or proximity to restrooms.
    2. Secondly, EVA Air's policy allows families or groups to sit together, securing a more relaxed and lively flight journey. This is particularly helpful for parents flying with young children or groups of friends who like to share their travel experiences
    3. Additionally, EVA Air offers premium economy and business class passengers the opportunity to select seats with top-notch features like lie-flat beds and expanded privacy, enhancing the overall air travel experience.
    4. Furthermore, the airline's online seat selection tool streamlines the procedure, making it easier for passengers to alter travel arrangements. Overall, EVA Air's seat selection policy gathers passenger satisfaction by catering to various needs and preferences, contributing to a more enjoyable flying experience.

    Do EVA Air Offers Seat Selection Services For Minors?

    Traveling solo can be a puzzling experience, particularly for minors. However, seat upgrade services on EVA air are available for unaccompanied minors to ensure their safety and comfort during the journey. Parents and guardians can have peace of mind by traveling with EVA Air, knowing their child is in good hands. 

    To make the most of this service, staying informed about the airline's policies regarding unaccompanied minors and their seat selection is essential. By visiting their official website or contacting their customer service team, you can get all the necessary information and plan your child's journey accordingly. Your child's solo travel experience can be positive and empowering with EVA Air.

    Tips For Eva Air Seat Selection For Travelers

    • Download the Eva Air app for easy seat selection on your mobile phone.
    • Check-in online 48 hours before your flight to get better seat options.
    • Opt for the "Extra Legroom" seats if you're tall or need more space.
    • Consider the "Window Seat" for scenic views or "Aisle Seat" for easy access.
    • Use Eva Air's interactive seat map to see available seats and their features.
    • Research seat reviews on social media or travel forums for accurate insights.
    • Look for empty rows for added comfort, but act fast to snag them.
    • If you're a solo traveler, choose a single seat for more privacy.
    • Pay attention to seat fees and upgrades during booking to make an informed choice.
    • Be mindful of your preferences and needs for a smooth and enjoyable flight experience.

    Pick Your Seat with Confidence With EVA Air!

    Understanding EVA Air Seat Selection Policy can significantly refine your relaxing travel experience. Whether you prefer extra legroom, a window seat, or to sit with a travel companion, this airline presents options to suit your needs. For personalized assistance or any queries regarding seat selection, feel free to contact the Airlines Help Desk. We're here to ensure your journey stays as comfortably seamless as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us for expert guidance for air travel

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Select a Seat 2 Hours Before My EVA Air Flight Departure?

    EVA Air allows travelers to select seats up to 24 hours before the flight departure time. However, availability may vary based on flight ticket type and route. It's advisable to check with EVA Air's website or customer service for specific details and to secure your preferred seat.

    Option options vary based on ticket type and loyalty program status to select an EVA Air seat without fees. Passengers with elite groups or certain fare classes may have complimentary seat selections. For others, checking in within 24 hours of departure often allows free seat assignment, though availability may be limited.

    When booking a ticket with EVA Air, passengers are usually given the option to select their preferred seats, including the choice of two adjacent seats. Seat selection may only sometimes be guaranteed and could be subject to availability. Also, additional charges might apply depending on the ticket type and fare class.

    Typically, EVA Air passengers with Economy Class tickets can only choose Business Class seats if they upgrade their ticket and pay the extra fare difference. Business Class seats are commonly reserved for passengers who have purchased tickets or have elite status in EVA Air's frequent flier program.

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