A Comprehensive Look at Air France Seat Selection


Traveling is a great way to escape from the humdrum schedule and create new memories. However, if your next destination is overseas and you want to choose a preferred seat on Air France, you can follow a few tips to score the ideal seat. Before making the reservation, knowing about the Air France seat selection process is necessary. It is advantageous to understand the seat selection policy.

When traveling with Air France, you can expect a premium journey with various amenities. The airlines operate an extensive flight network for both domestic and international destinations. You can choose from a range of
Air France seating options for a seamless journey.

Being a reputed airline, Air France understands the concerns of its valued passengers and ensures they experience a best-in-class journey. Continue to read this blog guide to obtain the latest information. There are a lot of international destinations; Air France provides a segment of options with their seating policy for flying comfortably. The seat selection policy will help choose appropriate seats without complications. To make things easier, Air France seat selection permits the passengers to edit and upgrade their options. The seating policy shares complete cabin details so you can choose the right one.

Air France has outlined passenger-oriented features allowing travelers to manage their booking per their requirements. With many amenities provided, the seat selection feature is one of them. You will get the required details about Air France's preferred seats.

Get to Know about Air France's Seating Policy

According to the Air France seat selection regulations, check the essential information that every passenger should know about:

  • Passengers can select the seats at the time of making a flight reservation.
  • You are allowed to choose seats even after the booking has been confirmed.
  • There are many options, such as Air France business class seats, Air France premium economy, and First Class.
  • Selecting the window or front-row seat will incur additional charges.
  • Submit the requested documents and fulfill the eligibility criteria for booking the emergency row seat.
  • No changes can be made after obtaining the boarding pass.
  • Being a premium member, you will get exceptional privileges. 

After knowing the important aspects of the seat selection policy, you can choose the appropriate seat, letting you travel stress-free.

Is there an Air France seat selection fee?

You must pay additional charges for choosing the desired seats on different bookings. Air France will charge extra fees for the seats selected, the fare bought, and the flying route. In addition, the costs are non-refundable and will depend on the kind of flight and type of fare bought. It is essential to read the reservations' terms and conditions and check if seat selection charges are applied to the chosen seats.

  • Flying on short-haul Air France Economy Class, the fees will be 5 to 15 Euros.
  •  For long-haul Economy Class flights will cost 20 to 40 Euros.
  • Air France business class and Air France premium economy class flights, the fees are 50 to 100 Euros.

Air France’s Seat Reservation Options

Air France is committed to making the journey comfier for every valued passenger. However, the passengers may need clear information because of the broad selection of cabins. The Air France seating option lets you make an informed decision when making the reservation. According to the flexible policy, the airline provides diverse seating options such as solo seats, Air France duo seats, and more. Passengers can expect first-grade experience in any cabin they travel in with Air France.

i) Air France Economy Class

The cabin is perfect for the ones with a low budget. Passengers can expect a top-notch travel experience without paying any extra charges. The benefit of baggage allowance, instant boarding, free snacks, beverages, and access to premium business lounges. The cabin is no less than promising a comfier travel time. Travelers can benefit from a broad range of entertainment options on board and sumptuous meals prepared by culinary experts.

ii) Air France Premium Economy Class

Travelers can choose this cabin during the reservations or after managing booking from the My Bookings tab on the official website. The cabin allows you to experience a remarkable flying time with many in-flight amenities, making it the ideal option for passengers seeking convenience. Get the benefits such as generous legroom. Reclined seats, meal options, and faster check-in. You will get additional perks such as extra baggage allowance, faster boarding, and Air France lounge access.

iii) Air France Business Class

The cabin stands for its luxury and assortment of in-flight amenities provided. If you are flying for business or leisure, the cabin will elevate your travel experience in the best way possible. You can expect a lot of advantages, such as faster check-in, ample baggage allowance, fully lie-bed seats, gourmet meals, and a separate boarding lane. Air France offers customized assistance accompanied by a professional cabin crew, ensuring passengers experience first-grade travel.

iv) Air France First Class

It is known for offering premium and unmatched travel experience. When you board, you will be served quality services and a range of in-flight amenities. Air France’s seat selection policy states that first-class travelers can access lounge services such as spas, showers, and other facilities. The generous private cabins give access to many entertainment and meal options. By choosing the first-class cabin, you can expect the topmost flying experience.

What is the process of choosing preferred seats with Air France?


If you are done with the reservation but forgot to choose seats, don’t stress. According to the seat selection policy, travelers can select their preferred seats after finishing the booking. You must sign in to the Air France account; you can select the flight reserved, and choose the preferred seat. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn the seat selection process.

To select the preferred seat option, you must visit the official website of Air France.

  •  Click on the Manage My Flight option.
  •  Choose the seat selection option for booking Air France Preferred seats.
  • Select the option and choose the seat from the available seats on the Air France Flight.

What should be done if seat selection is not available on Air France?

The seat you have selected is no longer available; you can opt out of the refund by visiting the website or telephonically. If you do not have a chair according to the reservation, you can pay the charges according to the airline’s regulations. Most of the time, the airline seat assignment map does not show and display the unavailable seats. In addition, the airline will not allow you to choose pre-booked seats.

How can passengers check seat availability on their Air France flight?

To check the seats available with Air France, you can contact the customer care team or rely on the airline fare calendar to compare fares. In addition, the airline will let their passengers choose the desired seats during Air France manage booking

What is the procedure to change the selected seat on Air France?

Suppose you want to change the flight itinerary or the departing dates. It would help if you shared a preselected standard, premium, or business seat to the rescheduled flight via the My Bookings option.

If the seat you selected is unavailable on the booking, you can expect a refund via the official website or a telephone conversation. For making changes in Air France flight itineraries, you can do by completing the steps:

  • Make Changes to the My Bookings option on the official website.
  • Get a complete refund for the complaint mentioned in the Contact Us section on the official website.

Follow the steps mentioned below for Air France Change Seat:

  • Start by visiting the official website of Air France.
  • Click on the My Bookings tab on the homepage.
  • Submit the booking number and passenger’s name to complete the reservation.
  • To complete the process, click on the search tab.
  • Tap on change seat in the seat map section.
  • Select the preferred change seat option to replace the previous option.
  • Click on the Confirm tab.
  • Pay the charges for changing seats.

Getting a Free Seat with Air France

If you hold a Flying Blue member status or bought tickets in different fare types, you are eligible for free seat selection with Air France. You can select the preferred seat even if you do not have the Flying Blue membership by buying the ticket from the specific cabin. You will often get free seat selection by upgrading the ticket before or after completing the check-in process and getting the boarding pass.

Air France Business Class Seats Classification

i) Air France's a350 Business class: This cabin offers passengers a remarkable travel experience. This state-of-the-art aircraft's sleek and modern design provides unparalleled comfort and luxury. The spacious seating features lie-flat beds that guarantee a restful journey, ensuring passengers feel refreshed at their destination. The cabin showcases innovative lighting systems that create an ambiance good for relaxation or productivity, depending on individual preferences. An intuitive seat control panel allows travelers to adjust their positions effortlessly and find the most comfortable arrangement for work or leisure activities. 

Conveniently located power outlets and USB ports offer seamless connectivity throughout the flight, enabling uninterrupted work or entertainment. Additionally, Air France's renowned culinary expertise shines through in their selection of gourmet meals prepared by world-class chefs, complemented by a curated selection of top-quality wines. The attentive and professional crew ensures that every journey is tailored to each passenger's needs, further elevating the overall flying experience.

ii) Air France Business Class 777 300: Passengers can expect a premium travel experience that offers passengers exceptional comfort and luxury. This aircraft boasts a spacious and elegantly designed cabin, providing ample legroom and privacy for each passenger. The seats are comfortable and convertible into fully flat beds, allowing travelers to rest and rejuvenate during long-haul flights.

Passengers in this class are also treated to delectable meals prepared by world-class chefs, accompanied by a wide selection of fine wines and champagne. Furthermore, the attentive and dedicated staff ensure that every need is met promptly throughout the journey. Onboard amenities include personal entertainment screens with an extensive library of movies, TV shows, music, games, and noise-canceling headphones for maximum enjoyment. The
Air France Business Class 777 300 offers an elevated travel experience with luxurious comfort and exceptional service.

iii) Air France Airbus a350 900 Business Class: Passengers can expect a luxury travel experience tailored to discerning business travelers’ needs. With its state-of-the-art cabin design, passengers can expect exceptional comfort and privacy. The spacious seating arrangement ensures ample legroom, with each seat boasting direct aisle access for added convenience. Business-class passengers will also enjoy a range of high-tech amenities, including a personal entertainment system with an extensive selection of movies, TV shows, and music. The gourmet dining options on board are crafted by renowned chefs, offering an exquisite culinary experience at 30,000 feet.

Furthermore, Air France goes beyond the in-flight experience by providing seamless ground services such as priority check-in and boarding and access to exclusive lounges equipped with complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi connectivity. With Airbus’ innovative engineering capabilities, this flagship aircraft guarantees a smooth ride and reduced noise levels for optimal relaxation onboard. As one of the leaders in aviation excellence, Air France continually strives to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled service in its A350-900 Business Class.

iv) Air France 777 300er Business Class: The cabin offers a luxurious and comfortable travel experience, ensuring passengers have a memorable journey. The seats are designed with utmost attention to detail and provide ample legroom, converting into fully flat beds for ultimate relaxation during long-haul flights. The cabin exudes an elegant ambiance, with refined colors and sophisticated finishes creating a restful environment.

Passengers are welcomed with personalized service, including amenity kits filled with high-quality products to enhance their in-flight experience. Gourmet cuisine of the highest standard is served on fine Chinese tableware, and top sommeliers curate an extensive selection of wines. The on-demand entertainment system allows passengers to choose from various movies, TV shows, and music to keep them entertained throughout the flight.

Additionally, business-class passengers enjoy exclusive access to premium lounges at airports worldwide, offering amenities such as showers and workstations for maximum convenience before or after their flight. Overall,
Air France 777 300ER business class benchmarks comfort, style, and service for discerning travelers seeking an exceptional flying experience.

Benefits of selecting a seat in advance

Selecting a seat in advance with Air France’s offers several distinct benefits for travelers.

  • It allows passengers to control their seating arrangements and ensures they can secure their preferred spot on the aircraft. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who prefer specific areas, such as near the aisle for easy access or by the window to enjoy stunning sky views. 
  • Selecting a seat in advance eliminates the potential stress and time-consuming process of searching for available seats during check-in, especially on busy flights. 
  • Passengers can save valuable time by avoiding long queues and ensuring a smoother boarding experience. Additionally, advanced seat selection allows families or groups to travel together to secure adjacent seats, facilitating better communication and a more comfortable journey. 

Opting for this option enhances travel convenience and contributes positively to passengers’ overall comfort and satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

When maximizing your comfort and convenience during your journey with Air France, carefully considering seat selection is a crucial tangent.

The conclusion is clear: selecting the right seat can significantly enhance your travel experience. You can make an informed decision that aligns with your priorities by assessing your needs and preferences, such as legroom, proximity to amenities, or ease of disembarking. Moreover, taking advantage of Air France's advanced seat booking system allows you to secure preferred seats in advance and avoid last-minute disappointments.

Whether you are a business traveler seeking privacy and productivity or a family looking for seats together, conducting thorough research on Air France's seat options enables you to make an educated choice that ensures maximum enjoyment and relaxation throughout your flight. You can contact the Airlines Help Desk regarding the Air France seat selection process if you require professional assistance. Our professionals are available 24/7 to help you with any concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there charges for Seat Selection on Air France?

Air France provides free seat selection for Silver, Gold, and Platinum members for standard and premium economy seats. Regular travelers must bear the seat selection charges except for business class cabins. Fees will depend on certain factors such as flight routes, cabin type, and arrival destination.

If you have booked the flights, you can choose a seat via the My Booking tab on the official website of Air France for up to 30 hours. Just submit the essential details and choose a seat map to select the preferred seats.


You can reach the airline directly to change or upgrade the cabin. Also, you can visit the official website to upgrade the cabin. For the online procedure, you must click on the Check-in option. Verify the booking by providing the requested information and choosing the change seat option. At last, you need to follow on-screen instructions for cabin upgrade.

Preferred seats are the ones that are located at the front or rear end of the aircraft. The primary reason for its location is to allow faster exit from the plane on reaching the destination. Air France Preferred Seats are known as the Front Section Seats. Passengers will get all the advantages of the Standard Economy Cabin, making the journey easier.


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