A Closer Look at Frontier Unaccompanied Minor Policy


All of us know that adults can secure themselves without any assistance. However, parents need more time to be ready to take risks when considering their kid's security. Young travelers have several factors to consider, from safety to comfort. If your kid is flying along with Frontier Airlines within the guidelines of Frontier unaccompanied minor policy, then there is nothing to stress over. 

Being the foremost airline, Frontier follows every preventive measure to ensure their young travelers experience a more comfortable travel time. In case your child has never flown alone with Frontier Airlines, it is essential to go through this comprehensive blog guide to know every aspect of the Frontier Airlines minor policy.

Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Rules

Frontier Airlines has its primary hubs in Denver and Orlando. It offers pocket-friendly airlines serving millions of passengers globally. The la carte fee-formulate pricing model allows the airlines to provide amazing fares to their esteemed passengers.

If the airfares are expensive and you are running short on budget, booking with a low-cost carrier such as Frontier Airlines is the best decision for saving extra bucks and traveling in style. Suppose you are stuck in a circumstance where you must buy a ticket for your kid, niece, sibling, or any young traveler so they can securely reach their destination. In that case, it becomes mandatory to understand Frontier’s unaccompanied minor policy.

Please note that the terms and conditions of policy for minors differ from airline to airline.

Will Frontier Airlines acknowledge unaccompanied minors?

Frontier is known for offering low-cost airfare. However, there is a Frontier minor policy that you must follow before your kid flies with the airline. Providing low-cost airfare is because Frontier Airlines focuses on lowering operational expenses. The airline's revenue is then wiped off to the traveling public through low fares.

What to know about Frontier Airlines minor policy?

The core focus on reducing operational expenses determines that Frontier Airlines has no active minor program. There are a few alterations from the older policy for those who do not fly frequently. Besides, Children cannot fly alone on Frontier and must travel with their guardians for the same reservations.

The Outline of Frontier Airlines minor policy


Frontier Airlines understands the requirements of young passengers who want to travel without guardians. The budget-friendly airline has designed a flexible unaccompanied minor policy to ensure security, convenience, and the best travel experience. The policy is outlined for supporting kids aged 5 to 14 flying alone. Frontier's unaccompanied minor policy offers a segment of processes and benefits that fulfill the requirements of young travelers, letting them fly with assurance and letting parents feel free when their adorable kids fly with Frontier.

Essential Factors of Frontier Airlines minor policy:

  • The Minor service is readily available for children aged 5 to 14. Kids above the age of 15 are recognized as adults for air travel.
  • Parents and Guardians can reserve the Frontier Air unaccompanied minor service when making the reservations. One can opt for an online option or reach the airline’s client care service.
  • Submitting the requested documents, such as a valid ID, contact details, and any medical certification, is necessary.
  • There are particular procedures to follow at the airport, such as check-in, document verification, monitoring, and assistance when boarding.
  • Unaccompanied Minors will get seats in the aircraft areas with easy access to cabin crew to provide instant support. They will get the required care from the cabin crew, access to entertainment, and complimentary food.
  • The security measures followed by the airline are professional, and they need to employ the latest security standards. Consistent conversation, screen monitoring, and experienced staff are there to curate a safe journey.
  • Parents Play a vital role in preparing their kids for the journey, imposing safety measures, and sharing contact details for thorough communication.
  • Once they reach the destination, Frontier Airlines will follow the rules mentioned in the Frontier unaccompanied minor policy. The staff will accompany the minor to the designated meeting point where the guardian waits.
  • The policy assures quality travel and motivates kids to experience independence, confidence, and a sense of achievement.

Unaccompanied minor fee Frontier Airlines

  • Parents or guardians have to bear the fees of $110 for unaccompanied minors according to Frontier’s unaccompanied minor fee regulations.
  • Online options are available for young travelers to make reservations.
  • According to the minor policy, children aged 5 to 14 are considered minors.
  • Minors are not permitted on connecting flights.
  • Frontier Airlines will offer gate passes to keep parents secure when picking up their kids at the airport.
  • There are special seats for minors.
  • Minors will sit in seats 25 of E190 and E190srow 32 of A321s.
  • Frontier Airlines provides complimentary food and beverages to younger travelers.
  • Children aged 5 to 14 flying alone should be accompanied by adults aged at least 15 years old.
  • Minors between the ages of 13 and 17 are allowed to travel alone.

Rules for Frontier Infant Policy

You should know about the conditions if you have a lap infant and want to travel with Frontier Airlines. Check out the rules outlined for lap infants.

  • The paid seat should be booked for minors below the age of two.
  • You need to pay the seat price if the child is not above the age of two and flying in a car seat.
  • Passengers can bring one infant during the journey.
  • If you want to bring one more infant, you must book the adjacent seat by paying the fees.
  • When traveling with Frontier Airlines with an infant, you must use the car seat and follow the Frontier car seat policy rules.

Baggage Policy for Lap Infants

It is right to say that one cannot leave the baggage behind when flying with kids. To simplify things, check out the essential terms of the baggage policy for Lap Infants mentioned below.

As we know, if we travel with children, their luggage will be there. We provide the Frontier airlines baggage policy for lap infants below to make it easy. 

  • According to Frontier’s diaper bag policy, one small bag is allowed for carrying diapers.
  • Parents can bring one infant restraint system.
  •   You can bring one stroller per the terms mentioned in Frontier stroller policy. Parents have to leave it at the terminal once they reach the airport.

What are the Eligibility Criteria and Booking procedure for Frontier Airlines unaccompanied minors?

Frontier Airlines allows children between the ages of 5 and 14 to be unaccompanied minors. Considering the air travel, canceling the flight is the right decision if the children are above 15. The age limit and policy will differ from airline to airline.

The Complete Procedure:

It is right to say that one cannot leave the baggage behind when flying with kids. To simplify things, check out the essential terms of the baggage policy for Lap Infants mentioned below.

  • Start by making the reservation for your kid with Frontier Airlines. Completing the process will let you know whether your child can travel as a minor. This can be finished online when making the bookings or reaching client care support.
  • You must submit the requested documents regarding the kid flying as an unaccompanied minor. The details will include the kid’s name, age, date of birth, and contact details of the parent/guardian dropping the child, and the concerned person will pick up the child from the destination. Also, it is crucial to submit medical documents if the kid has unique requirements.
  • Frontier Airlines will offer complete information about unaccompanied minor regulations, such as fees, terms, and more. Make sure to go through each term and the costs associated with availing of the services without facing complications.
  • Complete the steps for finishing the flight reservations involving the fees and additional expenses. In this step, you must pay the cost that is worthwhile for the care offered by the airline to young passengers.
  • Before boarding the flight, ensure you have the necessary documentation. This incorporates the kid’s proof of ID, medical history, and contact information. Ensure you have original documents for completing the verification process.
  • During the flight day, reach the departure airport on time. Ensure you follow the check-in procedure, where the experienced cabin crew will process the documentation and share the information on the Unaccompanied Minor Service process.
  • Completing the check-in, the airline’s experienced staff will take the child through the monitoring procedure. This will help in boarding, ensuring the child has been seated in the allotted seat.
  •  When in the aircraft, the experienced cabin crew will inform that the unaccompanied minor is traveling. According to the policy of Frontier airline seating chart, the child has a specific seat on the plane where the experienced crew will supervise and help them.
  • Once reached the destination airport, the child will be escorted by Frontier Airlines staff to the meeting point. The experienced Guardian whose details were submitted during the booking must be there to pick up the child.

How do you inform Frontier Airlines of special needs or medical history?

If the kid has special conditions, allergies, or particular medical requirements, it becomes necessary to inform Frontier Airlines. In this manner, the airline's staff will prepare themselves to address any complications and take care of the child during the journey hours. Pack the essential medications and share transparent guidelines with the airline staff. 

Get your child ready emotionally for the journey ahead. Communicate with them about the procedure, including check-in to landing, so they know what to expect throughout the traveling hours. The experienced cabin crew will care for them; traveling alone is the first step to experiencing independence. If you have any queries, you can contact Frontier Airlines to address your concerns.

You must check the necessary documentation, essential items, and personal details when leaving the airport. Checking the itinerary with the child will boost their confidence.

Are there security measures for Frontier minor policy?

Frontier Airlines has particular measures for unaccompanied minors to protect security while traveling to your desired destination. Check out the

Guidelines mentioned below:

  •  Frontier Airlines acknowledges the unaccompanied kids aged 5 and 14 on flights. Children under five should be accompanied by an adult and not permitted to travel alone.
  • The low-cost airfare airline charges additional fees for the services offered to unaccompanied minors. The cost during the booking will depend on the flight routes.
  • Parents must submit the requested documentation. This includes ID proof of the child and anyone dropping or picking up the child from the airport.
  • The parent and authorized guardian must carry the children to check-in on arrival at the airport. The unique tag or wristband will allow cabin crew to identify the kid as an unaccompanied minor.

The Complete procedure to make the reservations for Unaccompanied Minor

i) The Online Method

To book the flight for an unaccompanied minor without any stress, you must follow the guidelines mentioned below:

To finish the process, you must visit the official website of Frontier Airlines:

  • Sign in to the website by inputting the account credentials.
  • Once you reach the website, you have to choose the Advance Option.
  • Follow the particular assistance option.
  • You must submit location details where you travel with your adorable kid.
  • Select the flight that matches your comfort and budget.
  • Once the flight is chosen, the request will need some essential details for the adult and infant.
  • Submit the requested documents.
  • You must check the booking and finish the payment process.
  • Once the booking is complete and you forgot to choose an additional essential service, you must rely on the Frontier Airlines Manage Booking option.

ii) The Offline Method

  • Call the toll-free number and contact Frontier Airlines client care support team.
  • Carefully listen to the IVR voice main menu.
  • According to the IVR menu, you must select the right key.
  • Choose the right button to connect with the Live client care executive available 24/7.
  • Share the essential information with the representatives for paying the charges to avail of special services.

Tips to Follow for Frontier Airlines unaccompanied minor service

If you rely on Frontier Airlines minor policy for secured traveling, your role as guardian is essential for a smoother and hassle-free journey. The tips mentioned will help you guide the child best and ensure that the airline will make the journey fruitful and stress-free.

  • Communicate clearly with your child and airline for a smoother journey.
  • Tell your child about the journey and reassure them of the airline’s support.
  • Focus on the security measures and guidelines shared by Cabin Crew.
  • It is essential to help your child pack clothes and entertainment stuff for a convenient trip.
  • Check documentation and flight details for transparency.
  • Reaching the airport earlier will allow you to finish the check-in process without trouble.
  • If the guardian won’t be picking up the child, it is essential to inform the cabin crew so that they can make the necessary arrangements.
  • Give your child’s feedback to the airline so that they can enhance their services for unaccompanied minors.

The ways for a smoother arrival with Frontier Airlines unaccompanied minor service!

When your unaccompanied minor journey ends with Frontier Airlines, they must experience a hassle-free journey. Check out how to make your child travel from the flight to the final destination without complications. 

Communicating the flight details and arrival time with the authorized pickup person is essential. Assure the authorized person reaches the destination airport in advance. Bring valid ID proof for verification during the pickup and talk with Frontier Airlines Representatives, who will help finish the procedure. The cabin crew will verify the pickup person's identity before dropping the child.

Frontier Airlines' minor policy provides the service and a dedication to ensuring a secure and hassle-free journey for their young travelers. Employing carefulness and attention to cater to young passengers' requirements, Frontier Airlines welcomes the kids and works beyond the limits to make their journey remarkable and filled with joyous moments.

What should you know about Frontier's car seat policy?

Frontier Airlines allows passengers to bring their FAA-approved child seats for infants and toddlers. According to the Frontier car seat policy, the seat should be appropriately labeled with a visible sticker indicating it is certified for use on an aircraft. 

If you decide to use your car seat during the flight, remember that it must comply with the airline's size and weight guidelines. Additionally, you'll need to book a separate seat for your child if they are between 2 and 14 years old and require a car seat onboard. 

It is great that Frontier values the safety of your little ones by allowing car seats on their flights - ensuring a comfortable journey for everyone involved!

The insights of Frontier stroller policy

When you're traveling with little ones, a good stroller becomes essential. Thankfully, Frontier Airlines understands this and allows you to bring your child's stroller on board for free. There are no extra fees involved. However, it's important to note that the stroller must be checked at the gate if it exceeds their specific size restrictions (available on their website). Don't worry; they'll take good care of it and even return it to you as you deplane. Besides, if you want to keep your kid in the stroller until boarding, you can do so without any issues. Just make sure you fold it up before entering the cabin. With the Frontier Stroller Policy, traveling with children has become less stressful.


The information mentioned in this blog guide will give you assurance when your kids travel with Frontier Airlines. Frontier minor policy offers facilities allowing your children to travel stress-free and conveniently. Before making the reservations, you must be informed of any policy alterations or updates. If you require professional help with bookings, last-minute flights, name changes, lost baggage, or any other, feel free to reach the Airlines Help Desk, your reliable travel partner, for the best support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can unaccompanied minors fly with Frontier Airlines?

Young travelers between the age group of 5 to 14 are allowed to fly with Frontier Airlines. Frontier unaccompanied minors state that children above 18 years are not considered minors. You can use the service online by visiting the official website or the mobile app.


The one-way trip with Frontier Airlines will cost you approximately $110. Moreover, the price can be low or high depending on the distance between departure and arrival locations, fare type, and cabin class chosen.

Frontier Airlines accepts minors with medical history and requests complete documentation to address such concerns. This will allow the airlines to serve better and ensure the child reaches their destinations without trouble.

No, you cannot track the flight accurately; Frontier Airline's cabin crew will share the essential updates regarding your kid's progress and journey distance covered.


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