Terms And Conditions

It is essential to read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before using any aspect of the website. The use of the website entirely depends on acknowledging the Terms and Conditions. You should leave the website if you do not recognize the Terms and Conditions. Airlines Help Desk has the authority to alter the Terms and Conditions regularly.

General Terms and Conditions

When understanding and navigating the world of air travel, familiarizing oneself with the Airlines Help Desk’s basic terms and conditions is essential. These terms outline the rules and regulations that govern ticketing, cancellations, refunds, baggage allowances, and other important aspects of air travel. They are a crucial guide for passengers to understand their rights and obligations when dealing with a particular airline. 

The terms and conditions cover various scenarios, such as flight delays or cancellations due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, compensation policies, and restrictions on changing flights or adding special services. Moreover, they also provide information about the airlines’ liability in case of lost or damaged luggage and outline protocols for handling customer complaints or grievances. Familiarizing oneself with these basic terms and conditions enables passengers to make informed decisions while booking tickets, ensuring a smooth travel experience with minimal stress or inconvenience.

Airlines Help Desk holds the right for any reason and at any time:

Apart from Airlines Help Desk, no other individual has the right to add, change, or revoke any presentation, description, Terms, and Conditions over here or in the company’s brochure or other terms alongside the condition associated with the tour being booked by the Traveler.

The charges mentioned in the Organization Brochure are in USD or equal to the foreign currency. Airlines Help Desk has the authority to change the costs in case of changed currency value and due to the changes in different exchange rates or fuel costs before flight departure and to the additional charges accordingly. The increased price must be paid if there is a hike in the cost.

Airlines Help Desk is not accountable for any refund, compensation, or claim to reduce the tour days or cancellation of any particular transport service for any reason, such as worst weather conditions. The conditions associated with the cancellation charges/refund will be imposed.

What to expect if there's a dispute?

Airlines Help Desk is a vital resource airline provide to address any dispute that may arise concerning their terms and conditions. This specialized department serves as a point of contact for passengers who encounter conflicts or misunderstandings with airlines regarding ticket purchases, flight changes, baggage claims, or other related issues.

Airlines Help Desk ensures transparency and fairness by providing professional assistance in resolving customer and airline disputes. This service helps to streamline the resolution process through prompt communication, efficient problem-solving techniques, and adherence to established guidelines set by regulatory authorities such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) or local civil aviation bodies. 

By upholding high customer service standards, empathy, and expertise, Airlines Help Desk is crucial in maintaining positive relationships between airlines and their valued passengers while striving for mutual satisfaction and trust.

Forbidden Activities

Airlines Help Desk terms and conditions prohibit various activities aimed at maintaining a safe and secure environment for all passengers. These prohibitions typically include misusing the website, possessing or transporting dangerous goods, engaging in disruptive behavior, wrong usage of electronic devices, and interfering with the aircraft’s systems or crew members’ duties. 

Furthermore, the terms and conditions may also highlight the consequences of engaging in these prohibited activities, including immediate removal from the flight, financial penalties, legal prosecution, and even being banned from future travel. 

By clearly outlining these restrictions, airlines aim to create an atmosphere of professionalism on board their flights, ensuring that every passenger can enjoy a comfortable journey while upholding the utmost safety standards. Consequently, passengers must familiarize themselves with these terms and conditions before traveling to promote compliance and contribute to a seamless flying experience for everyone involved.

General Guidelines

Airlines Help Desk terms and conditions general guidelines are devised to ensure the smooth functioning of airline services and clarify passengers’ rights and obligations. These guidelines outline the process for making reservations, modifying or canceling bookings, and seeking refunds or compensation in case of flight disruptions or delays. 

They also establish protocols for baggage allowances, including limitations on size, weight, and restricted items. Additionally, these terms and conditions define the airline’s and passengers’ responsibilities in cases involving lost luggage, damaged goods, or personal injuries during travel. 

The guidelines elucidate the procedures for check-in, security screenings, and the use of electronic devices onboard aircraft. Moreover, they address issues related to passenger behavior, such as the prohibition of disruptive conduct or instances that could threaten other travelers’ safety. These clear terms and conditions ensure a harmonious experience for all airline passengers while maintaining adherence to aviation regulations.


Individuals below the age of 18 years cannot buy, alter, or cancel the services through Airlines Help Desk.